WhatYou8 - Ramune Soft Drink

Brand new episode of WhatYou8! As you can see through the teaser image we've got a bunch of new stuff on the way that we have tried. This was actually a soda my wife got at a super mega gas station snack shop on the way back from Las Vegas. But she told me my friend Ryan loves these, hence why I...
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WhatYou8 - Citrus Lemon Gummies

WhatYou8 Season 4 continues! This episode I try Citrus Lemon Gummies from.....I don't know! My friends bring me things from overseas sometimes and they sit on a shelf for a few months in between fillming new episodes. So I have no idea the Country of origin on these, help me out if you know!
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WhatYou8 - Asparagus Drink

Welcome back to #WhatYou8! This episode I am taste testing Asparagus Drink, which one of my friends brought home from overseas, I just don't remember where they got it. Surprising taste!
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#WhatYou8 - Egyptian Imports Paprika Stix and Almond Bar

This week's #WhatYou8 we taste test two Egyptian imports. My friend Kelly visited Egpyt last year and brought back these Almond Bar and Paprika Stix.
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#WhatYou8 - Season 4 - Cinnamon Apple Hot Tamales

Welcome back long time viewers of #WhatYou8! We are back! Officially kicking off Season 4 of #WhatYou8, we are out of the studio, in the break room and still trying snacks. First up, Apple Cinnamon Hot Tamales. How are they? What do they taste like? Let's find out!
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WhatYou8 - Mickey's 90th Birthday Celebration Churro at Disneyland

Went to Disneyland this past weekend to take my son to meet Santa for the first time and also check out the Holiday treats at Disney and DCA. This past weekend was also Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday and they had special treats throughout the park to celebrate that as well. This is the 90th Birthday...
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Dec 9, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers are in attendance for the game with the Dallas Mavericks playing against the Indiana Pacers for Star Wars night at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We now have to sell #BlueMilkLemonade for LIFE

Someone pinch us! Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker has been talking to us on Twitter! In case you are behind, get caught up here: What Does #HamillDrive Mean to @HambySanDiego ? A LOT https://t.co/kM4xtqCKYo via @AddThis @chrisjcate @HamillHimself @danaandjayson — FM 949 (@FM949sd) June 21, 2017 And...
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Alyssa Tries Her FIRST Fish Taco!

So proud! Earlier today Alyssa and I were discussing what she had at dinner at one of our favorite taco shops in North Park. Charlie walks and says "Did know Alyssa has never tried a fish taco?" Good to know after a little peer pressure she caved and tried her first fish taco tonight! Yay Alyssa! #...
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#WhatYou8 Pie for Pi Day - Don't be Irrational

So it's Pi Day? What is Pi Day anyway? Pi Day is March 14th, and is reconized as a celebration of Math and the number 3.14..... better known as Pi. Listen Math is really important. You're ability to read this article on a phone on the internet is all thanks to Math. So yeah, we bring a little...
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#NationalPancakeDay #WhatYou8

So it's #NationalPancakeDay, and to be honest, Hamby has nothing to do with the actual charity or event going on today. But someone said Pancake....so......#WhatYou8. I just texted @OntheReg_Greg and @radiomang "do you want a stack of pancakes tonight?" #NationalPancakeDay @FM949sd @kson973 #...
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