What's the most inappropriate place you got drunk? | Dana & Jayson

Dana & Jayson are more than just co-workers and show hosts, they're true friends. As everyone who has true friends knows, one of their most important roles of such a friend, is occasionally being a terrible influence. A tip of the cap to Jayson, who turned a semi-normal Friday night outing into...
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#LetsBeHonest: We all hate rejection.. Does it stay with us? | Dana & Jayson

Dana is a drama mom. In more ways than one. Her oldest daughter is auditioning for a Junior Theater production of Moana, and Dana is freaking out. The stakes are high, since this is her 9 year old's first foray into thespianism, and Dana is a little concerned that the potential rejection might...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jagged Little Play

Music is definitely art, but are we getting out of control? Alanis Morissette's has written a theater version of her classic 1995 album Jagged Little Pill, with a potential debut in 2018. Dana & Jayson both LOVE the album, but have different opinions on whether or not this is a good idea...
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