Dana & Jayson [LISTEN] Nude's Clues

As human beings, we aren't always in control of how we feel. Sometimes we react out of instinct, and not out of logic.
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When your significant other thinks it's sexy, but you don't | Dana & Jayson

Or.... not. Relationships are all about communication and compromise, but there is a limit. Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack has an intimacy problem, but he swears it isn't his fault. Poor Jack is being bullied in the bedroom by inappropriate terminology, and even more inappropriate voices, and he...
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Dana's daughters are watching the weirdest videos on YouTube | Dana & Jayson

It might be time to shut down the internet. YouTube is already a weird place, but Dana's daughters might have gotten hooked on the weirdest of the weird. Her kids' latest addiction has Dana shaking her head, Jayson trying to relate, and Producer Jack updating his LinkedIn account and wondering if...
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