Scary Stacy

Scary Stacy's Check In Day: February 27th, 2019

Three weeks. Jayson fell off the map on his personal fitness trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster for THREE WEEKS. He started off his latest fitness journey fast and furious, dropping twenty pounds in a matter of weeks, but then the ghosting began. A full three weeks have gone by between Scary...
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Scary Stacy's Super Sunday Tips | Dana & Jayson

​When Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster isn't cracking the whip on Dana & Jayson, she's helping the rest of her clients stay healthy and keep in line with their fitness goals. Super Sunday is even more indulgent than Thanksgiving for most people, and because Stacy knows a whole month's worth of...
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Scary Stacy - Check In Day October 10th | Dana & Jayson

She's scary.... She also happens to be Dana & Jayson's personal trainer, but she's really a fitness monster. Ever since Scary Stacy was put back in action to get Jayson in shape for his wedding, she has been terrorizing both Dana & Jayson about their fitness goals. Each week on Alt 949, we...
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