San Diego Craft Beer

Featured Beer: Pizza Port Palapa IPA

If you’re wondering where the hell the sun went and May Gray has you feelin’ ho-hum, get your hands on a six-pack of liquid sunshine: Pizza Port Palapa IPA! We guarantee you it’ll make you feel like summer is finally here, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. The first thing you’ll notice is the...
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Featured Beer: Second Chance Beer Co Over-The-Line Lager

A San Diego craft beer dedicated to this only-in-San Diego (ahem) “athletic tradition?” Why has nobody done this yet? Well, finally they have, and it’s another first from our friends at Second Chance Beer Co : Over-The-Line Lager! For those San Diego transplants not familiar with the storied sport...
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Brewery Stop: Nickel Beer Co. in Julian

After being dragged out to Anza Borrego by the missus for the umpteenth time to see the flowers, there’s a few things I’ve learned over the years: One of the least crowded spots to get calendar worthy shots of the desert lilies is along Pegleg Road. Traipsing around amongst the rocks, sand and...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Saint Archer Brewing

This week sees the roll-out of a locally brewed, Coachella-compatible crusher in a can. And it just so happens that Jeremy and Ken (LUCKY!) are some of the first guys in town to get their mitts around one of ‘em. Saint Archer R& D Brewer Greg Garrity, Marketing Man Don Li and Dani from...
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Featured Beer: Societe Brewing's "The Pugilist" Dry Irish Stout

So, what’ll ya have for Saint Patrick’s Day this year? Green beer? WRONG! (Making a cheap beer green doesn’t make it taste any better. Duh.) Irish Coffee? WRONG! (It’s a waste of sweet, sweet whiskey and does nothing to flatter the goodness of a local roast.) Or maybe that famous beer from the Old...
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1 can. 1 glass. 1 dawg. Good times.

Featured Winter Beer: AleSmith Speedway Stout

It seems there are endless versions of coffee stouts on the shelf. Some with chocolate added. Some with vanilla. Some aged in a vintage barrel of Kentucky bourbon. The possibilities are endless and some are pretty damn good. We’ve featured a couple of our favorites during past winters (Port’s Santa...
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Featured Beer: Council Brewing Co. Bully Pulpit IPA

Remember National IPA Day? If you answered “Yes,” you probably weren’t partaking with as much gusto and Jeremy and Ken, who celebrated the occasion—after a few days of “field research”—by posting their “Top Ten IPA’s” When we made up our lists, however, we overlooked a local gem that we’ve loved...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Bitter Brothers Brewery.

Go West, Young Man! Heck, anybody who likes good beer oughtta go West this Friday, as that’s the point on the compass Jeremy and Ken are landing on this week. We'll be hanging out at Bitter Brothers Brewery, just across the I-5 from lovely Mission Bay, and chatting with our old friend Tucker ( he’s...
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Featured Beer: Mount Crushmore from AleSmith

Hard to believe, but the last days of summer are already dwindlin’ away. Of course, it could be argued that summer never ends around here. But with school starting back up again, Labor Day weekend fast approaching, Halloween haberdasheries sprouting up along the freeways…anyway, you get the point...
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Mark and Grant Papa Marce's Brewing Rock & Roll Happy Hour

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Papa Marce's Brewing

Tonight's hour of power has two of our drinking buddies, Mark and Grant joining us again--and they've got their own brewery now! If you've never heard of Papa Marce's, you're forgiven, as they've only been in business since last week. Given the awesome chuggable excellence that they've been brewing...
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