San Diego Craft Beer

Brad Beren of Rouluer Brewing Co.

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Rouleur Brewing Co.

Check out the big brain on Brad! He got us some beer after all!
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North Park Beer Co. San Diego, CA


ALT 949 Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featured Beer for Mid-Winter 2020 is North Park Beer Co.'s Cashmere Colada Coconut Double IPA
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Harland Head Brewer Ryan Alvarez and Koda share a Harland Export Lager

Featured Beer for the New Year: Harland Brewing Export Lager

Happy 2020, friends! We’re kicking of the new year by going old school. And by “old school,” this time we don’t mean a circa 1999 West Coast Style IPA (much as we love that style). No, we’re taking it all the way back to the old country with an old school-style lager that is so delicious you’ll be...
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ROCK & ROLL HAPPY HOUR: North Park Beer Co.

Kelsey McNair is one of the most celebrated homebrewers in the history of the world. So it’s no surprise that when North Park Beer Co. opened a couple of years ago, it was one of San Diego’s most highly anticipated newcomers. Always pursuing new and exciting beers and tasting room projects, Kelsey...
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Featured “Dog Days of Summer” Beer: Pariah Brewing’s My Cat From Helles Lager

News flash for locals who live west of I-5: it’s HOT! Jeremy and Ken, who live among the toasty, hilly hinterlands of inland San Diego County know this all too well. Good thing they had Pariah Brewing on the show last week. It’s an even better thing that Pariah head brewer/founder Brian Mitchell...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pariah Brewing Co.

Pariah Brewing, hailed as San Diego’s Best New Brewery by San Diego Magazine when it first opened a couple of years ago, has recently ramped up its canning to two runs a month. People DEMAND it, according to Head Brewer Brian Mitchell. And just who are these people? Well, Jeremy and Ken for...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pure Project Brewing

Here at Rock & Roll Happy Hour we try not to play favorites when it comes to inviting breweries on the show. Of course, we don’t really try all that hard. That explains why Mike and Chris from Pure Project Brewing are joining us (again) for another show. We absolutely LOVE their beers. Plus,...
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Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, there’s no denying that hazy brews are the “It Pint” right now. Well, you know how much we love jumping on the bandwagon around here, so without further ado, let us introduce to you our latest featured beverage: Fuji La La La! It’s crisp, juicy, and oh-so hazy. It’s a...
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Featured Beer: Pizza Port Palapa IPA

If you’re wondering where the hell the sun went and May Gray has you feelin’ ho-hum, get your hands on a six-pack of liquid sunshine: Pizza Port Palapa IPA! We guarantee you it’ll make you feel like summer is finally here, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. The first thing you’ll notice is the...
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Featured Beer: Second Chance Beer Co Over-The-Line Lager

A San Diego craft beer dedicated to this only-in-San Diego (ahem) “athletic tradition?” Why has nobody done this yet? Well, finally they have, and it’s another first from our friends at Second Chance Beer Co : Over-The-Line Lager! For those San Diego transplants not familiar with the storied sport...
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