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Capes on Capes Horizon

Capes on Capes | Movies of 2020

Latest episode of Capes on Capes podcast weekly on the RADIO.COM APP with Hamby and Bryce
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Rob Liefeld Is BACK!

Hey guys! Action packed Capes on Capes this week. First Bryce and I review and discuss the possible sale of Fox TV and Movie properties to Disney and what that means for a possible X-Men and Avengers crossover as well as The Simpsons being available for streaming. And THEN surprise interview with...
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Holidays with Deadpool

Turkey tips with Deadpool? Wow! These are amazing! Check out these promotional posters Deadpool just released through PAL Public Relations. Check out the Norman Rockwell-esque Thanksigiving Dinner photo showing the first look at the cast for Deadpool 2!
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Capes on Capes w/ Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman talking 25 Years of Extreme Comics from San Diego Comic Con

Rob Liefeld returns to the Capes on Capes Podcast and this time brought a friend! We talked to Rob back at Wondercon this year about Deadpool Bad Blood which has since become a #1 Best Seller! Now Rob joins us again to discuss 25 Years of Image Comics, Extreme Comics, leaving Marvel to form Image,...
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Hamby Interviews Creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld

Hey guys, over the weekend I attended Wondercon 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center. I had a chance to attend the Rob Liefeld Deadpool "Bad Blood" panel Saturday afternoon and then sit down with Rob and talk about the original graphic novel "Bad Blood" releasing May 17th, what it meant to have...
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