Scary Stacy's Check In Day: February 27th, 2019

Three weeks. Jayson fell off the map on his personal fitness trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster for THREE WEEKS. He started off his latest fitness journey fast and furious, dropping twenty pounds in a matter of weeks, but then the ghosting began. A full three weeks have gone by between Scary...
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Jayson's Resolution Dilemma | Dana & Jayson

We're only 9 days into 2019, and Jayson is giving up. He entered the new year as many of us do, flush with confidence and motivation to make a fresh start, but now... Killing himself at the gym, tossing out his old unhealthy eating habits, and still trying to have a social life with his husband is...
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Let's Be Honest: Broken Resolutions

Let's be honest... most people flake on their New Year's Resolutions, and only 22% of people actually follow through with their goals. Jayson plans to fail at losing weight, Dana will most likely not go to more movies as planned, and Producer Jack is just happy failing in all the usual ways. What...
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