Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: When It Rains...

f you were following along with Dana & Jayson leading up to Turkey Day, you might have assumed we're talking about a weird menu of non-traditional vegan entrees or soul searching question games, but you would be wrong. Part of the preparations to help create a non-stressful Thanksgiving...
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Megan Parry from 10 News joined D&J to talk about all this rain

On this windy, rainy, generally miserable day in San Diego, there is a universal question; WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP?!?!?!?! This is San Diego, America's Finest City, and our citizens are not prepared for this much sustained downpour. Rather than just complain about it and shake our fists at the...
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10 Things to Do In San Diego When It's Raining

If ever there was a city less prone to vitamin D deficiency, it’d be San Diego. With 70 miles of coastline, mild weather, valleys, vistas, and coves why would we ever be inside? Because it’s raining. That’s why. Rain, it happens so little here that we welcome it — It’s, like, one of five times a...
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Alyssa Explains It All: How To Drive In The Rain

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Sometimes, life needs a little explaining. Alyssa explains it all... Alyssa Explains It All: How To Drive In The Rain
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Rain? It's Finally On Its Way!

Hello, rain?? As we all know, it's been an extremely dry start to the water year in San Diego. By this time a year ago, we were thoroughly drenched and had been hit by several storms already. But things may be changing. The National Weather Service in San Diego says we can expect a storm system to...
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San Diego Drivers Ranked 5th Worst In The U.S.

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative It's probably not too surprising to you that San Diego drivers aren't the greatest. But we ranked embarrassingly high on the list of worst drivers in the nation that insurance marketplace, QuoteWizard, just released. The list used data about number of accidents,...
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