Producer Jack

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News To Us, December, 2nd

Different month, same level of journalistic excellence. Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson do the news the only way they know how, diving deep into the sea of world events and surfacing to bring you a handful of their favorite stories of the day in something we call News to Us!
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Fancy Donuts

Dana & Jayson: Nomad Donuts Responds To A One Star Review

A one-star Yelp review is a nightmare for any small business but one San Deigo business owner decided to address a one-star review.
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Trainer Cory

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Weighting

Even if you have a really strong relationship and fondness for the person keeping you fit, the idea of having the pressure and judgement associated with gluttonous Thanksgiving gorging happening in their presence could get a little overwhelming... right?
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Mark McGrath

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Mark and the Mooch

If you don't know Cameo, it's a site where users pay celebrities on a sliding scale to record personalized videos for themselves, their friends, their significant others, or anyone else that would freak out by getting a message from a celebrity of your choosing.
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the apology

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Apology

Yesterday, Dana & Jayson were discussing the boy's dismay that Dana has a very emotional, honest, Thanksgiving themed game planned, and apparently all the smack talk really got to Dana.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News To Us, Wednesday, November 27th

Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson preheat the interweb, put together a comprehensive shopping list, and stuff your brain bird with a handful of the tastiest news morsels they can find in something we call News to Us!
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Thor Audition

Dana & Jayson [WATCH]: Tom Hiddleston Auditions For Thor

Ripped right from the pages of a Marvel "What If" comic, we ask you what if Tom Hiddleston had been cast as Thor instead of Chris Hemsworth?
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dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:​ Travel Advisory:

This morning on Alt 949, Jayson wielded the power of information like a sword, swashbuckling Dana's husband Kevin with enough bad news to completely overload the overhead compartment.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Thankless

In addition to coloring outside the lines with her menu choices, it turns out Dana also has a few outside-the-box ideas when it comes to activities for her invited guests, and Jayson isn't feeling thankful about it.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News To Us Tuesday, November 26th

Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson hop into their specially camouflaged news blind and patiently stalk trending events of the day, waiting to take a shot and bag you a handful of their favorites, skinned, cleaned, and ready to consume.
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