Ride With a Kayaker Over a 105 Foot Waterfall

You may have seen video of kayakers taking the plunge over a waterfall, but have you ever seen the fall from the perspective of the kayaker? This spectacular action camera sequence captures the breathtaking moment German kayaker Adrian Mattern paddled off a 32-meter waterfall in Canada at Alexandra...
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• What are the ticket policies? All tickets sales are final and non-refundable.

• Are children permitted/Free? SPF is all ages, Kids 3 and under are free.

• What are the seating arrangements? GA seating is available to all concert goers on a first come first serve basis. That excludes our VIP and handicap seating.   

• Are blankets and chairs allowed? Blankets and “stadium chairs" are allowed. Lawn chairs are not permitted.

June 29, 2017


[LISTEN] Dana & Jayson | Grand Canyon Survivor

You might have already seen the story that has been making national news, Amber VanHecke , the 24 year-old who survived 5 days lost around the rim of the Grand Canyon before being found, thanks to quick thinking, and strong survival instincts. In case you missed it, Dana & Jayson spoke with her...
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FM 94/9 + Glow SD+ McDonalds at the Sungod Festival

FM 94/9 , our sister station Glowsandiego.com and McDonald's snuck into the UCSD Sungod Festival to bring fun, tickets, high fives and McCafe Smoothies to the masses. Check out some pics.
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