Netflix apps showing on iphone 6s.Netflix is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix in January

Check out all of the movies and television shows heading to Netflix in January 2019.
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Here's what you've been binging on Netflix in 2018! | Dana & Jayson

Netflix has released the list of the MOST BINGE-WATCHED shows for 2018! Among those on the list are Orange is the New Black: Season 6, and 13 Reasons Why: Season 2. Check out the entire list HERE.
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Producer Jack gives a 'high' review of The Christmas Chronicles | Dana & Jayson

Tom and Jerry, peanut butter and jelly, weed and entertainment. Some things just belong together, and Dana & Jayson are all about making sure you have the best possible experience when you're mixing herbal recreation and streaming movies or TV shows. Lucky for them (and for you) their Producer...
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Zach Galifianakis arrives at Disney's "A Wrinkle In Time" World Premiere

Netflix Plots Movie Based on Zach Galifianakis’ ‘Between Two Ferns’

Production for a film version of 'Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis' is underway.
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MONTREAL, CANADA - NOVEMBER 15, 2017: Netflix Sign In and free trial page on LG TV. Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 1997, in CA USA

Here's Everything Leaving Netflix in December

Ever see something on Netflix and think, "I'll just watch that next week," but then you never get around to it? Of course you do, we know it, and that's why we're here for you. With so many amazing new arivals hitting Netflix in December, the streaming giant needs to get rid of a few titles. And...
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January 9, 2018 : Netflix app on Laptop screen. Netflix is an international leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix in December

Here's a complete list of everything coming to Netflix in December 2018.
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Netflix Knows What You Want: A Documentary Series About Dogs

Maybe the best thing ever to happen to Netflix
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Producer Jack give a "High" review of the Netflix film 'Bird Box'

Movie and TV show reviews for those with short attention-spans, courtesy of Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack. He enjoys lots of hobbies, including legal, herbal recreational activities, and streaming a ton of shows and movies. Since that combination doesn't always go together well, every week on...
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Shows leaving Netflix in October.

Here's What's Leaving Netflix in November

'Jurassic Park,' 'Amelie,' 'The Land Before Time' and...
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WROCLAW, POLAND - APRIL 03rd, 2018: Netflix is an american entertainment company specialized in streaming media.

Netflix Goes All-In With 5 New German Series

Netflix has ordered 5 new German-language shows for its global streaming service. Get all the details on the can't-miss shows you'll want to stream soon.
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