Living Better in San Diego

Sundays, 5:30am

Hosted by Gary Lee, and heard Sunday mornings on the Entercom San Diego stations, "Living Better in San Diego" features Information and interviews with San Diego newsmakers, community leaders and citizens. You can get more information and REPLAY any show by selecting the show title below.

Business For Good San Diego

Business for Good San Diego is a nonprofit organization uniting small business owners from around the county who want to create change within our communities. On the show today is Business for Good San Diego Executive Director, Karim Bouris and Business for Good San Diego Treasurer and Owner of...
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GRID Alternatives San Diego

GRID Alternatives is a local nonprofit bringing solar energy to low-income families who couldn't otherwise afford it. They do it all with the help of community volunteers and job trainees. On the show today is GRID Alternatives San Diego Executive Director, Paul Cleary and Community Relations...
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San Diego Blood Bank

The San Diego Blood Bank is a nonprofit organization serving our local hospitals. They are the safety net for our reginal blood needs. On the show today is San Diego Blood Bank Vice President of Marketing, Michele Corbett. Visit the San Diego Blood Bank for more info. LBISD_SDBloodBank
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Mama's Kitchen

Mama's Kitchen prepares and delivers nutritious meals for those in San Diego County with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other critical illnesses who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves. On the show today is Mama's Kitchen Executive Director, Alberto Cortés. Visit Mama's Kitchen for more info...
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International Bipolar Foundation

The International Bipolar Foundation is your one-stop shop for information about Bipolar Disorder. On the show today is International Bipolar Foundation Executive, Director, Debbie Brown. Visit the International Bipolar Foundation for more info. LBISD_InternationalBipolarFoundation
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San Diego Center For Children

The San Diego Center for Children is San Diego's oldest nonprofit serving children and families. They work with children and families dealing with mental, emotional or behavioral problems. On the show today is San Diego Center for Children President and CEO, Dr. Moisés Barón, and Vice President of...
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Sharp HealthCare

Sharp HealthCare is a leader in clinical cancer research, offering access to the latest cancer treatments. Over the years, we have seen so much progress with lung cancer detection and treatment. That is the topic of today's conversation. On the show today is Sharp HealthCare Cardiothoracic Surgeon...
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Little Angels Service Dogs

Little Angels Service Dogs is changing dog at a time! Little Angels is a local nonprofit organization of trainers and volunteers who work to provide highly trained dogs to assist disabled children and adults throughout the United States. On the show today is Little Angels Service Dogs...
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GI Film Festival San Diego

It is that time of year. Time once again for the GI Film Festival San Diego. A festival that brings the stories of America's military to life. On the show today is GI Film Festival San Diego Advisory Committee Member, Nico Marcolongo and Film Director, Susan Davis. Visit the GI Film Festival San...
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Home Start

Home Start is a nonprofit child abuse prevention and treatment agency that is dedicated to strengthening and developing San Diego's families and communities. On the show today is Home Start CEO, Laura Tancredi-Baese. Visit Home Start for more info. LBISD_HomeStart
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