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Tommy Pham

Padres Tommy Pham in 'good condition' following stabbing

The injury was not life threatening and Pham received stitches to close the wound.
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Woman Told to 'Play Dead' After Bison Chases Her in Yellowstone National Park

A Yellowstone National Park guest who was chased by a charging bison last week is alive to tell her story thanks to heeding the advice a bystander who told her to ‘play dead.’
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Get the GLOW App

Now, San Diego's station for EDM is now on the app. Take GLOW San Diego with you wherever you go! With our app, you can: Listen in to Subculture with Steve West Catch the top dance beats with Hollywood Hamilton Never miss Big Sonic Chill , weeknights at 10PM Wake up to GLOW with our Alarm...
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How To Listen to ALT 949

HOW TO LISTEN TO ALT 949 There are many different ways to hear San Diego's Alternative besides using a standard radio. A desktop computer, your smart phone & smart speakers can all be a radio! Have you heard of HD radio? We’ve got it and you might be surprised what you can hear on it! Plus,...
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