Do Not Disturb, illegal drugs & fast cars in Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse | Dana & Jayson

A little bit community service, a little bit street therapy, and a little bit hazing. Every week on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack heads downtown to lurk around the San Diego County Courthouse and ask real people to spill the beans on their personal plights. This week he found out why...
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An annulment, stalker, & a deadly weapon in this week's Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse | Dana & Jayson

At this point, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack has to be half-way to a law degree. If you're ever curious if he ACTUALLY hangs out at the San Diego County Courthouse, just stop by on Mondays around 11am and experience his shame and embarrassment in person. This week, Jack met a couple with a very...
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Stalker, ribs, and an evil twin all chat with Producer Jack outside the Courthouse | Dana & Jayson

Who needs Ice-T when you have Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack. Every week, as some sort of weird torture, D&J find it amusing to send him downtown to lurk around the San Diego County Courthouse to ask complete strangers about their personal business. He calls it hazing, but we call it Whatcha...
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