Harland Head Brewer Ryan Alvarez and Koda share a Harland Export Lager

Featured Beer for the New Year: Harland Brewing Export Lager

Happy 2020, friends! We’re kicking of the new year by going old school. And by “old school,” this time we don’t mean a circa 1999 West Coast Style IPA (much as we love that style). No, we’re taking it all the way back to the old country with an old school-style lager that is so delicious you’ll be...
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Ken tries to decide if Koda is going to be naughty or nice as his pup eyes a can of Pine Bomb IPA

Featured Beer for the Holidays: Abnormal Beer Co. Pine Bomb IPA

How shall we describe this lovely old school IPA? “TREE-mendous!” “FIR-nominal!” “It’ll leave you PINING away for more!” How’s that for starters? This month’s featured beer comes from the jolly folks at Abnormal Beer Company who recently joined Ken & Jeremy on Rock & Roll Happy Hour . Sure...
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