Dana kids won't stop throwing up, Reason #52 Why Mommy Drinks | Dana & Jayson

If you wake up to a pile of vomit that doesn't belong to you, welcome to parenthood. As either a way to commiserate with fellow parents, or as a deterrent​ to those thinking about diving into the deep end, Dana & Jayson peel back the curtain on Dana's life with another reason Why Mommy Drinks...
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Dana & Jayson | [WATCH] Celtics Star's Gender Reveal

Gender reveals can be a bit of a tricky situation, especially if you're hoping for one or the other. Hiding any disappointment is key, unless you want to see the video go viral. Exhibit A is Celtics forward Gordon Hayward finding out daughter #3 is on the way. We're talking about this AM w/ Dana...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Why Mommy Drinks: Reason #15

Every week on the Dana & Jayson show, Dana peels back the curtains to give another insight to the wonder that is motherhood. Check out the latest reason Why Mommy Drinks, and then go practice your multiplication tables. Dana...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Keaton's Questions

The video below was shot by Keaton Jones' mother after she picked the middle-schooler up from a tough day. Keaton gets bullied at his school, and after the latest round of torment, he has some serious questions to those who look to make others feel bad about themselves. The video has gone crazy...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] 50 Shades Darker

With the holidays on deck, there is going to be a lot of down time, and that's perfect since a new Fifty Shades of Grey book just dropped. Jayson is a fan of everything in the 50 Shades universe, and it doesn't matter if its the books, the movies, or just random fantasy. Rather than let Dana &...
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