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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Golden Coast Mead

In the studio for tonight’s show, we’ve got Co-founder Frank, CEO James, and Operations Dude Chris—who is missing his D&D night just to be with us! Don’t know mead much? Well, simply put, it’s pretty much the world’s oldest fermented beverage being enjoyed universally since time immemorial...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Saint Archer Brewing

This week sees the roll-out of a locally brewed, Coachella-compatible crusher in a can. And it just so happens that Jeremy and Ken (LUCKY!) are some of the first guys in town to get their mitts around one of ‘em. Saint Archer R& D Brewer Greg Garrity, Marketing Man Don Li and Dani from...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Benchmark Brewing

Our good friends Matt and Rachel Akin are back with Jeremy and Ken in the studio this week…and, of course, they’re bringing along PLENTY of beer flavored beer. After all, that’s Benchmark’s specialty—and boy howdy, do they do a fan-#*@%ing-tastic job with it! Here’s a preview of the beers in store...
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Hazy IPA vs Brut IPA? Can’t We All Just Learn To Get Along?

Watch Ken and Jeremy dive into the debate with a custom, collaborative four pack from two of their favoritest brewers. AleSmith Brewing Company and Second Chance Beer Co. teamed up to create the Blendomatic IPA. Second Chance provides the Brut IPA and AleSmith brings the Hazy IPA. We tried them...
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Featured Beer: Societe Brewing's "The Pugilist" Dry Irish Stout

So, what’ll ya have for Saint Patrick’s Day this year? Green beer? WRONG! (Making a cheap beer green doesn’t make it taste any better. Duh.) Irish Coffee? WRONG! (It’s a waste of sweet, sweet whiskey and does nothing to flatter the goodness of a local roast.) Or maybe that famous beer from the Old...
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1 can. 1 glass. 1 dawg. Good times.

Featured Winter Beer: AleSmith Speedway Stout

It seems there are endless versions of coffee stouts on the shelf. Some with chocolate added. Some with vanilla. Some aged in a vintage barrel of Kentucky bourbon. The possibilities are endless and some are pretty damn good. We’ve featured a couple of our favorites during past winters (Port’s Santa...
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