Dana & Jayson: 'The Office' Scene That Never Was

Any true fan of "The Office" knows what episode this is but what you might not know is that originally 'Niagra' had a completely different ending centered around Dwight, an animal, and a dark twist.
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Dana & Jayson | Help Santa Rosa

The fire that are devestating huge portions of Northern California have touched the lives of a lot of people as brave firefighters and first responders do their best to help fight the fires, and help those displaced all at the same time. This morning, Dana & Jayson spoke with Jim , one of our...
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work friends

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Work Friend Request

If you think it gets awkward when Jayson calls strangers on Craigslist for friendship, just imagine what happens when he does it with someone he works with. Today on Dana & Jayson , Jayson called one of our FM 949 co-workers that he has never actually met, to test the theory that people who...
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