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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: 60-Day Sex Challenge Update

​Sixty days is a really long period of time when you're trying to keep up. Bad sex puns aside, Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack have all agreed to take place in a challenge to see which couple can have the most sexual interactions in a sixty day period, and we're barely out of the starting gate.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News TO Us Tuesday, January 14th

On the Mount Rushmore of news broadcasting, you absolutely positively would not find Dana & Jayson. Despite this obvious slight, our dynamic news gathering duo go at it every morning on Alt 949, fishing for a handful of the most intriguing stories of the day, and serving them up like the catch...
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royal theater

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:Angry Queen Theater

The only thing better than one angry Queen, is three angry queens.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Can't Let It Go

The Academy Award nominations are out this morning, and Jayson has a bone to pick with the powers that be.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: 60-Day Sex Challenge of 2020

The challenge is on, and for Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack, Monday means a scoreboard update.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Monday, January 13th

Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson are your chauffeurs on the information super highway, curating the best of the best stories circling the globe and serving them up in something we call NEWS TO US!
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Anxiety 101

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Anxiety 101

Dana's daughter brought home an unusual piece of school work, and she felt she needed to have a conversation about it this morning on Alt 949.
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60 Day sex contest

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The 60 Day Sex CONTEST

The stakes just got raised.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Hypothetical Fights

Raise your hand if you've ever had a hypothetical fight. Yep, that's what we thought.
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angry queen

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: One Angry Queen

​On the surface, it would be reasonable to assume that a segment on the Dana & Jayson radio program with this title would be about our resident queen Jayson Prim, but in this case we're actually talking about the Queen of England.
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