Are Stimulus Checks Causing Tax Refunds to Be Delayed?

Are you still waiting on your tax refund? You’re not the only one. Many Americans have expressed frustration after waiting months for a tax refund instead of the usual 21 days. Find out what the IRS said about the delays.
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Are You Having Trouble With the IRS Website? Try All Caps

Are you having trouble accessing the IRS stimulus check website? You can try all caps when entering information on the website. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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The IRS Heard Producer Jack Say He's Not Going to Pay His Taxes, They Called Us! | Dana & Jayson

Forget winter, the tax man is coming. On Friday, Dana & Jayson grilled their Producer Jack about his aversion to getting his taxes done on time, but he seemed unphased and unconcerned. Not only was Jack seemingly uninterested in filing on the 15th, he even openly mocked the idea of "the...
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