Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Pariah Brewing

So let’s start with the brewery’s name: Pariah. In the common sense of the word, it describes a despised, social outcast. In the historical sense, it’s a name given to one of India’s lowest social castes. As for Pariah Brewing’s founder and brewmaster Brian Mitchell’s take on his brewery’s name, it...
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Rock and Roll Happy Hour Featuring 3 Punk Ales Brewing Co.

With over a 150 breweries in this fair southland of ours, it’s easy to feel like a golden retriever in a room full of squirrels. Allow us to guide you to a brewhouse that just fired up for the first time this summer: 3 Punk Ales Located on the very happening 3rd Avenue strip in downtown Chula Vista...
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Top 10 San Diego IPAs

Happy National IPA Day! A whole day to celebrate those hoppy wonders that tantalize our taste buds. What a joke! We live in San Diego, EVERY DAY is IPA day. We live in a city that loves its hops just as much as it loves every inch of coastline it sits on. To be honest I could have made this list 50...
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New Brew Alert: Jacked Up Brewery

So you want to start a brewery. In Escondido. In 2017. Good luck, champ. First of all, there’s ONLY one other brewery in town. And it's a doozie: A giant gargoyle sitting astride a hilltop, lord of all he surveys. That casts a mighty big shadow. Second, it seems like everything downtown, true to...
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Featured Craft Beer: Pizza Port Pickleweed Point IPA

May Gray got ya down? No worries, mate. We've got a smooth hoperator (see what we did there) that'll cure ya quick—AND it works for June Gloom too! Introducing the newest Limited Release from our brewing buddies by the beach: Pizza Port Pickleweed IPA! First off, Shaggy, there are no pickles, nor...
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