Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Burning Beard

Tonight it’s a brewery that local brewing legend/publican Tom Nickel is so obsessed with they’re about to file a restraining order on him. We’re kidding of course (?) It’s perfectly understandable that anyone who loves good beer and rock & roll would be head over heels for Burning Beard. Listen...
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Mark and Grant Papa Marce's Brewing Rock & Roll Happy Hour

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Papa Marce's Brewing

Tonight's hour of power has two of our drinking buddies, Mark and Grant joining us again--and they've got their own brewery now! If you've never heard of Papa Marce's, you're forgiven, as they've only been in business since last week. Given the awesome chuggable excellence that they've been brewing...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Bagby Beer!

This is San Diego, where beer geeks abound, constantly clamoring away for big, blasting and innovative brews. That’s all well and good, but veteran San Diego brewer Jeff Bagby has a different take, and he doesn’t mince words about it. “Just make drinkable beer,” he says. “Keep it fun and make clean...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Left Coast Brewing Co.

It's about time we had the good folks from Left Coast Brewing back in the studio. First of all, their Hop Juice Triple IPA and Voo Doo American Stout are favorites of ours. Second, Left Coast was born nearly fifteen years ago when the folks at Oggi's realized they needed to build a larger central...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Bay City Brewing Co.

Tonight's show features Bay City Brewing Co., who just happen to be celebrating their Third Anniversary in a few weeks. There'll be great beer, live music, fabulous food, and brand new packaged beers that ya gotta show up for while they last. And there's no admission price! And guess what else: no...
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Ironfire Brewing Co.

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Ironfire Brewing Co.

You know it's going to be a great show when the brewery's sales guy keeps saying, "You can shotgun this one TOO!" Indeed. Straight outta the IE, it's Temecula's Ironfire Brewing Co. storming the studio tonight, six pacs in hand. Gonna be a bumpy ride, partner. So grab one of their brews (their 51/...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Amplified Ale Works, Thunderhawk Alements & The Routine

More fun than a barrel of monkeys, is what this is! Last October we hung out with Jeff and the Amplified gang at the beach. Now it’s their turn to visit us. But they’ve brought along more than just beer, that’s for sure. Also joining us is Jon from Thunderhawk Alements and some funky friends from...
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Featured Beer: Thorn Brewing Co. Hopster Pot New England-style IPA

You know the line: Is that a glass of juice in your hand...or are you just happy to be drinking one of the most delicious NE style IPA's on the market? Um, yeah, that line. Just released in cans (TODAY, in fact), Hopster Pot from Thorn Brewing Co. is everything that drives people to drink a New...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Refuge Brewery

Tonight we’re inviting over our friends from across the county line. Heck, half the folks who commute to downtown live in Temecula these days, so why not feature something in their own backyard, right? The Dynamic Duo—make that DAN -amic?—from Refuge Brewery, brewer Dan K and beer slinger Dan M,...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Mason Ale Works

OK, so we love Grant. If you need to ask “Who the hell is Grant?,” then you’ve got some catching up to do with our archived shows. See, we’ve been inviting Urge Gastropub co-founder Grant Tondro onto the show (usually followed by a morning of disc golf to burn off the next day’s hangover) since the...
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