High Review

Producer Jack gives a 'high' review of the live action 'Dumbo' Trailer | Dana & Jayson

Will Elephant OG Kush and the new live-action Dumbo movie keep you high, or bring you low? Dana & Jayson are all about giving the answers to life's important questions, so each week their Producer Jack partakes in a little legal, herbal recreation, and checks out the trailer for a new movie or...
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Producer Jack gives a 'high' review of 'Missing Link' | Dana & Jayson

Entertainment and legal herbal recreation go hand-in-hand, and nobody on the Dana & Jayson show staff know this better than Producer Jack. To help art imitate life, every weekend Jack samples a new marijuana strain and a new movie or TV show trailer, and reviews them both. Before you schedule a...
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Producer Jack give a "High" review of the Netflix film 'Bird Box'

Movie and TV show reviews for those with short attention-spans, courtesy of Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack. He enjoys lots of hobbies, including legal, herbal recreational activities, and streaming a ton of shows and movies. Since that combination doesn't always go together well, every week on...
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