Heat Wave San Diego Fire Hot

Dana & Jayson: [LOOK + LISTEN] Megan Parry from 10 News

When you pay to live in San Diego , you know part of what your rental costs and gas prices are going to is the so-called "sunshine tax" and this week, we've been getting our dividend with interest. The record-breaking heat that has had America's Finest City firmly in its grasp has fans and air...
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Dana is a Heat Diva | Dana & Jayson

Dana is a heat diva. If you aren't familiar with this particular condition, it means Dana is always cold, and regardless of who else is victimized by it, she jacks the heat up wherever she goes. This has already been an issue in the studio, but now her family is experiencing it as well. It was a...
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Excessive Heat and Red Flag Warnings For San Diego County, Some Schools Close Early

Dozens of schools across San Diego County will send students home early on Tuesday because of high temperatures. Here's a list from the San Diego Unified School District . With the area under excessive heat and Red Flag alerts this week, students at some schools were sent home early on Monday. The...
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