hazy IPA

Mother Earth Mystic Alchemy Hazy IPA

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Mother Earth Brew Co

Here's To Ten Years of Loving Your Mother!
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North Park Beer Co. San Diego, CA


ALT 949 Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featured Beer for Mid-Winter 2020 is North Park Beer Co.'s Cashmere Colada Coconut Double IPA
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Here's to three years of growth at Burgeon!

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Burgeon Beer (12/06/19)

One of the first things you notice upon walking into Burgeon’s tap room is the tree. A mascot of sorts, representing the fact that Burgeon is deeply rooted in San Diego and continues to grow great beers. Burgeon hit the ground running astonishingly fast when they started up three years ago and...
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ROCK & ROLL HAPPY HOUR: North Park Beer Co.

Kelsey McNair is one of the most celebrated homebrewers in the history of the world. So it’s no surprise that when North Park Beer Co. opened a couple of years ago, it was one of San Diego’s most highly anticipated newcomers. Always pursuing new and exciting beers and tasting room projects, Kelsey...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pariah Brewing Co.

Pariah Brewing, hailed as San Diego’s Best New Brewery by San Diego Magazine when it first opened a couple of years ago, has recently ramped up its canning to two runs a month. People DEMAND it, according to Head Brewer Brian Mitchell. And just who are these people? Well, Jeremy and Ken for...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Saint Archer Brewing

This week sees the roll-out of a locally brewed, Coachella-compatible crusher in a can. And it just so happens that Jeremy and Ken (LUCKY!) are some of the first guys in town to get their mitts around one of ‘em. Saint Archer R& D Brewer Greg Garrity, Marketing Man Don Li and Dani from...
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Hazy IPA vs Brut IPA? Can’t We All Just Learn To Get Along?

Watch Ken and Jeremy dive into the debate with a custom, collaborative four pack from two of their favoritest brewers. AleSmith Brewing Company and Second Chance Beer Co. teamed up to create the Blendomatic IPA. Second Chance provides the Brut IPA and AleSmith brings the Hazy IPA. We tried them...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Black Plague Brewing Co

Tonight Co-Founder Jordan Hoffart skates his way into the studio along with brewer Aeryk and a cooler full of Black Plague brews. We got the cure for what's ailing (ale-ing?) you! Take a look at the lineup and tune in! Black Light Pilsner Hazy Scandal IPA The Offering IPA Bring Out Your Dead IPA...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Council Brewing

Tonight Jeremy and Ken hit the road and travel to the Far East (i.e., Santee) during a month of pre-gaming for San Diego Beer Week. We'll be hanging out with our favorite couple, Liz and Curtis Chism of Council Brewing, while downing copious amounts of one of our favorite IPA's, Council's Bully...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Burning Beard

Tonight it’s a brewery that local brewing legend/publican Tom Nickel is so obsessed with they’re about to file a restraining order on him. We’re kidding of course (?) It’s perfectly understandable that anyone who loves good beer and rock & roll would be head over heels for Burning Beard. Listen...
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