A 'Life-Size' Godzilla Theme Park Attraction Is Opening Next Year

Attention theme park lovers! You are in luck if you love Godzilla! A Japanese theme park is set to unveil a brand new attraction that will feature a “life-size” replica of the terrifying fictional movie monster, according to CNN . Next summer, the Nijigen no Mori (Awaji Island Anime Park) theme...
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Avengers Endgame Ant-Man Thanos Butt Theory

This week's Capes on Capes Bryce and I talk about the latest in geek culture including a fan theory that Ant-Man is going to fly up Thanos butt, enlarge from the inside, and save the day in Avengers: EndGame. Really? We discuss that and more! "The tension around what “Endgame” is going to bring. I...
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plastic Godzilla

Nerd Talk: The new anime Godzilla trailer looks incredible!

Listen, humans have it easy. We have no natural predators other than ourselves with our guns and drunk driving and whatever other stupid things we do to one another.
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