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Jack [WATCH]: Billie Eilish Animal Crossing Parody

If all you've been doing for the past few weeks is searching for the next brilliant Zoom meeting background image, learning how to bake bread, listening to Alt 949 and playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons , you're in luck. Echoing the plight of so many players, check out this parody of...
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In this June 15, 2019 photo provided by Heritage Auctions, Scott Amos, along with his wife, Kristy, and daughters Grace, left, and Katie, pose in Reno, Nev., with an unopened copy of a 1987 cult-classic video game "Kid Icarus." The boxed game cartridge, s

Download AssetsCopy Story Print ShareClose Unopened 1987 Nintendo video game could sell for $10,000

Unopened 1987 Nintendo video game could sell for $10,000 RENO, Nev. (AP) — An unopened copy of a 1987 cult-classic video game that a Nevada man found in the attic of his childhood home is expected to sell for up to $10,000 at an online auction. The boxed game cartridge of Nintendo's "Kid Icarus"...
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Alyssa Explains It All: Kids Who Win Fish At The Fair

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Sometimes, life needs a little explaining. Alyssa explains it all... Alyssa Explains It All: Kids Who Win Fish At The Fair
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Weed or Adult Toy

This morning on FM 949 , Dana & Jayson debuted a new game called Weed or Adult Toy , which is just as simple and gross as it sounds. Producer Jack reads REAL online reviews of either weed strains or adult toys, and all we asked you to do to snag a pair of WWE Live: The Road to Wrestlemania...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Weed Strain or Porn Star

As part of their ongoing quest to help educate the people of San Diego , Dana & Jayson debuted a new game this morning: Weed Strain or Porn Star? It was pretty simple, our resident 'expert' Producer Jack gave one of our lucky listeners three names, and all YOU had to do was guess if they were...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] This IS A Christmas Movie

When it comes to movies, everyone has their list of traditional holiday favorites, but this morning on FM 949 , Dana & Jayson went for the untraditional. There's a long list of untraditional holiday movies that have become an annual part of family gatherings. We hit the phones to give our...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] BFF True Love Test: Part II

The game so nice, we played it twice. Yesterday, Dana & Jayson debuted a new game inspired by the viral story of a woman in LA who found out her boyfriend was keeping detailed notes on all of her favorite fast food orders. To find out if Dana loves him that much, Jayson put her to the test...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] SUPER Mario

The world's most famous cartoon plumber has hung up his plunger, according to the official Nintento website. It's not that he's going anywhere, it's just that his resume has been updated to suggest he was previously a plumber, but is mainly focused on his other hobbies like tennis and racecar...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] What's All Up In It?

A very famous recipe has been leaked, and Dana & Jayson have it. Rather than just tell you about it, we invited you to play a new game called 'What's All Up In It? ' on FM 949 . Dana gave you a potential ingrediant, and if you could guess if it was 'all up in' the recipe, you were a winner this...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Does Dana Know

FM 949 is kind of a boy's club, with Dana being one of the only females in the workplace, so, naturally, half the time she has no idea what the hell the rest of us are talking about. This gave our afternoon guy Jeremy an idea for a new game, which we premiered this morning on Dana & Jayson -...
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