Couple Finds Loaded Gun While Fishing Off Bridge

A Massachusetts couple reeled in a loaded firearm covered in mud as they threw a magnet behind the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain.
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Fishing Crew Reels in Interesting 'Catch of the Day' While Rescuing Kitten From Open Ocean

A fishing crew in Alabama was shocked to see their “catch of the day” when they reeled it into their boat. The fisherman soon realized it was a tiny cat.
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Fishing Sim World for PS4

I can't believe this game exists and I could not be more excited. I saw this pop up on Facebook when Fishing Sim World came to PS4 the other day and had to get my hands on a copy. Now I know I just got Spider-Man and have a newborn that needs my attention, but so does that wide mouthed bass! I'm...
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