Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:Dirty Laundry The Gym Clothes Edition

Some things shouldn't need to be said, but regardless of that, here we are. After a record breaking number of days with little to no regard for those around him, this morning on Alt 949, Dana needed to put her foot down on his off-putting behavior.
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Alyssa Explains It All: Can Soap Get Dirty?

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Sometimes, life needs a little explaining. Alyssa explains it all... Alyssa Explains It All: Can Soap Get Dirty?
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Dana still thinks Jayson & Producer Jack are dirty.. and she has PROOF!

Jayson and Jack are dirty. After Dana & Jayson discussed the appropriate frequency of washing your jeans last week, Dana left the conversation being thoroughly grossed out, and grasping for answers. This morning on Alt 949, she returned with facts , provided by the interweb. What new...
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