Brad Beren of Rouluer Brewing Co.

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Rouleur Brewing Co.

Check out the big brain on Brad! He got us some beer after all!
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Second Chance is First and Foremost When It Comes to our Favorite Brews

Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Second Chance Beer

Second Chance Beer is First and Foremost When it Comes to our Favorite Brews!
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pure Project Brewing

Here at Rock & Roll Happy Hour we try not to play favorites when it comes to inviting breweries on the show. Of course, we don’t really try all that hard. That explains why Mike and Chris from Pure Project Brewing are joining us (again) for another show. We absolutely LOVE their beers. Plus,...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Wild Barrel Brewing

Tonight we’re up in North County, which means that, for once, we don’t have to listen to Ken whining about his hour and a half commute to the show for once. We’re at Wild Barrel Brewing and the doctor is in—Dr. Bill, that is! Join us as we do some heaving hitting (there are actual batting cages...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Left Coast Brewing Co.

It's about time we had the good folks from Left Coast Brewing back in the studio. First of all, their Hop Juice Triple IPA and Voo Doo American Stout are favorites of ours. Second, Left Coast was born nearly fifteen years ago when the folks at Oggi's realized they needed to build a larger central...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Pariah Brewing

2017. Where DID it go? It was definitely a roller coaster ride, and one of the biggest thrills we got was welcoming Pariah Brewing to San Diego’s craft beer scene. Now, it’s always an attention getter when a new brewery opens up, that’s a given. But when a newly opened brewery offers absolutely...
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