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Local SD Breweries Offering To-Go + Delivery Beer

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative
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This undated photo provided by Amazon shows a self-driving delivery robot that Amazon is calling Scout. Amazon is expanding the use of its self-driving delivery robots to a second state. The online shopping giant says the six-wheeled robots, about the siz

Amazon's self-driving delivery robots head to California

By JOSEPH PISANI AP Retail Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon's self-driving robots will be roaming the streets of another neighborhood. The online shopping giant said Tuesday that the six-wheeled robots, about the size of a smaller cooler, will begin delivering packages to customers in Irvine,...
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Delivery Drivers Admit to Eating Customer Food

How often do you order food from a delivery app? You might be interested to find that a recent report from US Foods finds that 28 percent of drivers have admitted to sampling the food that they are delivering. The report found that 21 percent of customers suspected drivers of taking food from the...
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Amazon to Sell Live Christmas Trees

For some, purchasing a Christmas Tree is a sentimental event. Come holiday season, the heady, pine-scented aisles of the Christmas tree lot will be congested with families debating the merits of Spruce and Norfolk pines. Unless, that is, you value convenience over tradition and are an Amazon Prime...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request: High Times

How do we keep getting away with this? Every week on Dana & Jayson , Jayson continues his neverending quest for friendship by calling strangers on Craigslist . They're not looking for friendship, they don't want friendship, but he doesn't care. This morning, Jayson called a weed delivery guy...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Amazon Prime NOW

Technology is getting a little bit out of control these days, with Amazon Prime NOW using San Diego as one of their test markets. The new service is debuting in 12 cities in America, and promises to deliver a bottle of wine to your doorstep in just one hour, but Jayson isn't impressed. Over the...
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