Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Woody Off Weed

Just because marijuana is going to be legal in the state of California doesn't mean everyone is jumping ON the bandwagon, in the case of Woody Harrelson , he's quitting his weed-smoking ways, and probably having waaaayyy fewer naked bongo parties with Matthew McConaughey . What a shame. Dana &...
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March MADness

Tournament time is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and between bracket busting and extreme fandom, a lot of people go pretty crazy, but for one coach's wife, things got a little TOO mad. Find out what happened with Dana & Jayson below, or CLICK HERE to check out the original...
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[LISTEN| Dana & Jayson | Toilet to Beer Tap

So the old saying goes you don't buy beer, you just rent it... Stone Brewing Co. has a very special ingredient in their new pale ale, and it's treated sewage water. “This particular water will just help us not require so much natural water to come in and give us a more reliable source,” Stone’s...
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Happy Vasectomy Day!

It's tournament time, and apparently that means everyone is getting vasectomies. Wait... what? Dana & Jayson explain why so many men are going under the knife this week, and it has everything to do with men's hoops. Listen below!
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[LISTEN] Dana & Jayson: Ranch Dressing Fountain

Somehow we've all been living life without a Ranch Dressing Fountain , but luckily just in time for the NCAA tournament, our wildest dreams have come true. Who says you can't have your dip and eat it too?
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[LISTEN] Dana & Jayson: Girl Scout

You've probably heard the story about Leyla, the 12-year-old 7th grade Girl Scout who was robbed outside of a Vons in Clairemont over the weekend. The robber is in custody, and the community did their part by replenishing all of the stolen funds, but Dana & Jayson have another surprise for her...
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