Dana & Jayson


Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Every Mourning

​If you've been living a non-WiFi-connected rock, you might not be aware that there's an app called Cameo, that allows users to scroll through a list of available celebrities, pay a fee, and have the celebrity of your choice record a special video message for however you choose.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News To Us Tuesday, November 26th

Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson hop into their specially camouflaged news blind and patiently stalk trending events of the day, waiting to take a shot and bag you a handful of their favorites, skinned, cleaned, and ready to consume.
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Dana & Jeffery

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Dana & Jeffery

Jayson is crying. Like, really, really, really crying.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Target Victims Anonymous

It's that time of year, when relationships are tested, and men are pushed to the limits of their mental capacity by one culprit, and one culprit alone: TARGET.
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Musk see tv

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Musk See TV

In case you somehow missed it, during Musk's presentation debuting the new futuristic truck from Tesla, everything that could go wrong did go wrong in regards to showing off the indestructible integrity of the bullet proof glass on his new Cybertruck.
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Jayson's dinner

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Plastic Bag Man

With three days before Thanksgiving, Jayson is working overtime to fill up Dana's dance card with various tandem dinners, activities, and time together, and she's being forced to push back. With all the time Dana & Jayson spend together at work, after work, before work, at home, with Dana's...
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: News To Us Monday, November 25th

Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson break down every morsel of information in the galaxy, and delude it down to a sensible serving size of a handful of their favorites in something we call NEWS TO US!
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no more cowbell

Dana & Jayson [WATCH]: No More Cowbell

Nineteen years ago Saturday Night Live gave us one of the greatest skits ever written. "More Cowbell" stared Christopher Walken as "The Bruce Dickinson" and Will Farrel as an overly enthusiastic cowbell player.
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shattered window

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:The Unbreakable Elon Musk

Sometimes you try your best, but things just don't work out. Not that anyone is actually going to feel bad for him, but that's essentially what happened to Tesla head honcho and aspiring super villain Elon Musk this week.
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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Bad Sport(s)

With so much riding on every game, every pitch, every tackle, and every moment, it's no wonder people go a little crazy about their favorite teams, but at least one person in the Alt 949 studio needs to take a real honest look at themself in the mirror.
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