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Stranger Things Alphabet Wall

Dana & Jayson [WATCH] Netflix's Stranger Things 3 Final Trailer

If you're a fan of Netflix's Stranger Things , you've already cleared your schedule for July 4th weekend. The streaming giant will release all episodes of the third season on Independence Day, and fans everywhere will have to work hard to declare their independence from their couches and streaming...
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Heat Wave San Diego Fire Hot

Dana & Jayson: [LOOK + LISTEN] Megan Parry from 10 News

When you pay to live in San Diego , you know part of what your rental costs and gas prices are going to is the so-called "sunshine tax" and this week, we've been getting our dividend with interest. The record-breaking heat that has had America's Finest City firmly in its grasp has fans and air...
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Dana & Jayson [WATCH]: Principal Plagiarizes from Ashton Kutcher

Hopefully, one of the things everyone learns in school is that cheaters never prosper, and that includes plagiarism. Unfortunately for Ken DeMoss , the principal at West Virginia's Parkersburg High School , he must have been absent that day. When speaking in front of the graduating class of 2019...
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Dana & Jayson Shamelessly Need Your Vote!

So, Dana & Jayson are pretty sure this is some kind of oversight made by the good people at the San Diego Union Tribune , but their show is nominated as Best Radio Morning Show in their 2019 Reader's Poll, so we thought before somebody figures out their mistake and pulls it down, we should try...
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Jayson's Food Crush Adventure to Sayulitas in Mira Mesa

Jayson from Dana & Jayson has an Instagram crush on some burritos from Sayulitas in Mira Mesa. He won a free burrito from a contest so we set out today for an Instagram Crush Adventure and took Producer Jack with him. It happened! Video coming soon. @jaysonprim and @JackOfTaylor took an #...
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Dana & Jayson | Workout Excuses

With 2019 barely a few weeks old, Dana & Jayson understand that getting to the gym is hard. Really hard. Considering the majority of people give up on their resolutions by January 12th, and we find ourselves past the point of no return, nobody was surprised people are dropping like flies. To...
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Web M-Dana | Dana & Jayson

On Friday, Dana self-diagnosed herself as having Pink Eye with some help from Web MD. Jayson had to wake up to a text stating such at 4am, because he was about to be picked up for work by an infected person. A large chunk of the morning activities in the Alt 949 studios revolved around her...
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Chad Strokerson gives us our weekend FOMO Report - December 7th

You don't want to miss out. Dana & Jayson know how much it sucks to lose track of your social calendar, and be the only one who missed the fun. Lucky for us, we have our special corespondent Chad Stokerson. As the duly appointed ambassador of all things fun in San Diego, Chad returns to jingle...
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Listen to every interview from our Not So Silent Night artists before the show | Dana & Jayson

Not So Silent Night is quickly approaching! Dana and Jayson had a chance to talk to our artist lineup about thier upcoming performances. We hace them all lined up for you here to get you ready for the show. See you Sunday December 9th! Buy tickets to Not So Silent Night HERE Jared Leto from Thirty...
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Why Mommy Drinks - Reason #59: Math Problems | Dana & Jayson

If there is one thing that will strike fear in the heart of any parent, its HOMEWORK. For Dana, our resident parent and mother of three, as her daughters get older, the homework gets more complicated. After a run-in with some 4th grade math problems, Dana was reaching for the real solution: wine...
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