Check-In Day

Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster Check-In Day, November 28th | Dana & Jayson

Since Thanksgiving (and to be honest the entire months of November and December) aren't kind to the waistband, Dana & Jayson weren't looking forward to today. After almost two weeks without having to check in with their personal trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster, today was the day. Would...
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Scary Stacy has some words for Dana.. | Dana & Jayson

You probably have a lot in common with Dana & Jayson. You probably try to eat healthy. You probably try to get yourself motivated to go to the gym. You might even have enlisted the help of a personal trainer to whip your ass into shape. Where the similarities probably end is getting berated and...
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Scary Stacy - Check In Day October 10th | Dana & Jayson

She's scary.... She also happens to be Dana & Jayson's personal trainer, but she's really a fitness monster. Ever since Scary Stacy was put back in action to get Jayson in shape for his wedding, she has been terrorizing both Dana & Jayson about their fitness goals. Each week on Alt 949, we...
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