Dean Spanos You Have Failed This City #Arrow

Bombshell news tonight that the San Diego Chargers may be announcing their move to Los Angeles tomorrow. Nothing confirmed yet, but it feels like a foregone conclusion. For many this is like the final letting go, if that's what this is, and can't wait to turn the page. Some folks on Facebook...
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FM 949 EXCLUSIVE: Whacking Security Guard UNMASKED

So unless you're just waking up from that coma, you've PROBABLY seen the footage of the Elite Security guard from Qualcomm Stadium playing a little pocket pool within feet of the Charger Girls during Sunday's loss to the Raiders. Well, being the hard hitting news organization that we are, FM 949...
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Chargers Drive 38

San Diego Blood Bank and San Diego Chargers Team Up to Save Lives at Chargers Drive 38 Presented by San Diego County Credit Union The San Diego Blood Bank will host one of San Diego’s longest-running events, Chargers Drive 38, presented by San Diego County Credit Union on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 8 a...
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Poll: Chargers Downtown Stadium

I support Measure C. Build the stadium.
68% (715 votes)
Do not build a new stadium. Let the Chargers go.
20% (206 votes)
I want the Chargers to stay, but find another stadium solution.
10% (107 votes)
I an undecided on the stadium issue.
3% (35 votes)
Total votes: 1052
News broke today that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has thrown his support behind a measure that would keep the San Diego Chargers in San Diego by building the new multi-use stadium facility downtown. Appearing on the November 8th ballot as Measure C, the proposal would raise San Diego hotel...
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