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Top 10 TV Shows of the Last Decade

Which shows from the last decade, 2009 - 2019 made our Top 10 lists?
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Top 10 Movies of the last Decade

As we wind down to the end of the year, it's also the end of another decade. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our Top 10 TV Shows and Top 10 Comics of the last decade 2009 - 2019 but this week Bryce and Hamby countdown their Top 10 movies of the last decade. Or 6 in the case of Hamby. And...
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Cutting the Cord, Choosing Streaming Services on a budget

Capes on Capes podcast, which services would you get for $40.00?
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Capes on Capes - Joker Review w/ Special Guest AJ

Hamby is out, AJ from the the AJ and Sara show on our sister station Sunny 98.1 is in to join Bryce for our semi spoiler review of The Joker! Check out our breakdown and see what we thought!
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Jim Starlin wrote Death in the Family. He KILLED Robin!

This episode of Capes on Capes is a 13 minute interview with comic book legend, Jim Starlin. And Jim is certainly a legend. He created Thanos, Drax and Gamora, but also wrote The Infinity Gauntlet (basis of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War), the storyline Batman: A Death in the Family where famously...
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NBC Announces Peacock Network - Capes on Capes

"I'm a peacock Alan, you gotta let me fly!" We kick off this week's podcast with that quote from The Other Guys to set things off. NBC has announced the Peacock Network, a new premium service for NBC shows, HBO gobbles up another show for their service, plus rumors of what MORE will be available...
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Capes on Capes Interview The Curseborn Saga

The guys at The Curseborn Saga tell their story in this Capes on Capes interview.
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SDCC 2019 Day One with Alyssa

SDCC 2019 was another amazing experience this year. Check out Alyssa's coverage from Day One bumping around the Gaslamp, meeting cosplayers, checking out free off site events and more!
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Dana & Jayson - MARVEL MADNESS - How Marvel Dominated San Diego Comic Con

As we all recover from another amazing San Diego Comic Con this last weekend, Dana & Jayson reflected on just all the news Marvel unleashed on Saturday at their Panel in Hall H. Hamby from our Capes on Capes podcast joins them to break down the big news stories, and what the heck is Phase 4...
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Alyssa and Hamby check out Preview Night at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is upon us and tonight Alyssa and Hamby had a chance to check out the show floor for Preview Night. Stay tuned all this week as Alt949 takes you around the Gaslamp for all the awesome festival like activities happening around the Convention. We'll also have great interviews like...
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