Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Two in the Bush

They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but what if the bush is actually your sister in disguise to help capture a life changing moment?
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Dana & Jayson: Two In The Bush

This morning on Alt 949, Dana told us about a story of sisterly love. Therese Merkel found out that her sister's boyfriend was going to propose to her in the woods, so Therese did what any of us would do, she dressed up like a bush and hid so she could film the proposal.
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Gavin Rossdale says he's kids are really excited to see 'Captain Marvel'

SCREENSHOTS: Why Gavin Rossdale & Bush Fit Right in With 'Captain Marvel'

Find out why Gavin Rossdale and Bush fit perfectly with Marvel's upcoming "Captain Marvel' film.
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Ed Kowalczyk of Live and Gavin Rossdale of Bush

Live + Bush Announce Joint Tour to Celebrate Iconic Albums

'Throwing Copper' and 'Sixteen Stone' turn 25 this year
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