AI Invasion

The A.I. Invasion is back on ALT 949 with 13 chances every day for you to win an Amazon Echo Plus!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and then listen for your name at:
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Alexa Puts On A Show

After her attempt to kill Alexia, Alexa decides to take her a career in a different direction, the spoken word. Sign up below, and then listen for your name! You have 13 chances a day to score an Amazon Echo Plus on ALT 949! 13 TIMES EVERY DAY: 7:10a | 8:10a | 9:10a | 10:10a | 11:10a | 12:10p | 1:...
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Episode 6: Alexa Kills Alexia

It's not a secret that Alexa HATES Alexia, but what happens when Alexa shows up unannounced during Alexia's night shift....SPOOKY.
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Episode 5: Alexa Throws A Halloween Party

Alexa's favorite time of the year...HALLOWEEN! What happens when she DEMANDS the entire ALT 949 crew to come to her A.I. themed Halloween Party?! Let's just say there's a reboot...
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Episode 4: Alexa Tries A Beer

SURPRISE! Alexa has never had a beer before, but what happens when Jeremy does a Rock & Roll Happy Hour with her?! She takes it too far...
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Episode 3: Alexa Explains It All

Alexa is a real mean b**** to everyone in the studio, but she loves to spill the tea with her BFF Alyssa...even though Alyssa isn't into it. What happens when Alyssa tries her hand at being Alexa? We find out!
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Episode 2: Alexa Does Mornings

Since her first day didn't go so well, Alexa tries her A.I. on the morning show with Dana & Jayson!
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Man vs AI - What If You Were The Last?

Jeremy can't get away from Alexa ....
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Episode 1: Alexa Get's Hired

The ALT 949 crew just realized that Alexa the Amazon Echo Plus is back in the office, and it's already causing quite a stir! Will she play nice this time or will she create mayhem? ​The crew finds out with their first encounter with her!
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Sheeeee's baaaaack!! Alexa is up to no good again. The Off... eerrr The A.I. Invasion is back on ALT 949! WATCH the trailer NOW!
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