7 Reasons We Miss Luke Perry

The world suffered a devastating loss with the tragic death of Luke Perry nearly eight months ago. On October 11th, the pain of his untimely passing was further exacerbated on what would have been his 53rd birthday. While navigating through their heartache, Perry’s “Riverdale” cast and crew have...
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Does Luke Perry's passing make you more inclined to get checked out? | Dana & Jayson

After the news broke that Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry had passed away after a massive stroke at the age of 52, Dana & Jayson had thoughts, albeit different ones. Dana felt sadness over the passing of a fine actor and seemingly good man taken too soon, and Jayson convinced himself he's...
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Dana is excited about a certain TV show reboot! | Dana & Jayson

Dana and her husband have gone to a pretty extreme length to remove the television temptation in her house (like... removing the television!) but Jayson thinks he may have the antidote. A pair of new reboots. Just because the latest trend of rebooting popular entertainment properties hasn't moved...
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