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Jack - Over It: Monday Mania

​Playing no commercials on Alt 949 is about the only thing worth celebrating on a Monday in San Diego, and Jack feels your pain. Even when you do something you...
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Jack- Huck Sucks: A BBQ Disaster

You turn your back for two minutes on your adorable wiener dog and you regret it. Sundays are made for eating things you probably shouldn't in preparation for...
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Jack- Grounded: Sick in San Diego

​Being a sick adult in San Diego in February is kind of like a kid being grounded, or at least that's how Jack felt the last few days. Coming down with...
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Jack- Whip It: Under the Influence

​If you thought YOU needed a weekend, just wait until you hear about what happened to one 22 year-old Iowa woman. Earlier this week, cops in the Midwestern...