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Jack- Double Trouble

Anytime there is a crisis at hand, Jack knows to turn his eager eyes to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cardi B. Okay, obviously that's not really the case, but as...
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Jack- Don't Be That Guy...

After a few days of completely avoiding the outside world, yesterday Jack had to venture out to his neighborhood grocery store for a few items. As a guy who...
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Jack- The Cowronavirus

In this very strange time in the world, there are a lot of people who think they know the answers everyone is actively searching for. While store shelves are...
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Jack- No Coronavirus Zone

Since you literally and figuratively can't escape it, this morning on Alt 949, Jack decided to create a Coronavirus-Free zone, at least for an hour. Knowing...
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Jack- The Juice is Quarantined

Try to forget that whole double murder thing for a second, and in 2020 O.J. Simpson is just an embarrassing boomer dad trying to do social media in the age of...