WE ARE BACK! Hamby, Destiny 2, Fortnite & MORE!

Tuesday, August 7th

Reunited and it feels so good!  Hamby is back in the studio with Jeremy, LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!

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I never thought I. Actually say the casual gamers podcast. Is coming back on a regular basis why. Why you get solo. And you're somebody who wants to say dying I. Loans. And I. It. You can never all an is that the thing. Dude. But I home your home hammy is back in the casual gamers podcasts myself never left it up a nice. Interview it's a lot so dumb I can you read anything into Atlanta and I kind of knew I kind of did you becoming back. So. Just alluding roughly two hours talking about light caves on caves was fully knew off the website. That the public. It was saying lingered is its cars and my stuff was there may be left. I I I really honestly I'll be represented transparent I I tried to keep going as best as possible with. All the tasks I have in this building and running a radio station and venom and I'm pleased I am by no means strapping myself to the cross here I'm just saying that you know. It's hard to get this thing done without a partner and it's hard to sound things off without you and now you're back yeah I could not be happier they get into. This is I'm back in have heard all the buildings are not just here at the station but like every station and I didn't think I was like I'm not come back to podcasts like that's not the reason I mean. I am. It Jeremy next time I am now the digital content producer for in icons and gave us we know that that means this is digital content he's a complete it actually fits under the guise of your job. I I didn't want to be like oh yeah and podcast Billick is there. As my role have a lot of other things they wanted they sure they knew what I was doing so I was only since you'd be. Like ass again yesterday specifically. Paying we were joking we do want you to come back into the cat and aired by asking you make good times and smells like. And then you're like tomorrow on mall. What are we talk to be the one that death row or. Now I am a well you of this this is this hour an hour because just because you and I have not got the dog games now it's February oh not not this way I know what. You know. Yeah so that there let's reestablish the conversation and down and talk about I know you have been doing some casting on FaceBook. I did fund sorry about that I ran into lying to Adam cap for July could pop up. Yeah. Small sorry short launch Richard in incher on the I was doing my FaceBook stuff began in and Hammond plays games has really taken back off. Not like crazy but like there's people who are fans that have do you think I used to do like it's crazy. And they're like die hard we love what you're doing or unique or videos. I got a new computer got a brand new PC in June which. But Wally pull the trigger got a new piece he. And it started streaming Henry stream I know and I was on twitch allows you to announce on mixer and out on FaceBook. And I got a cap for sure. Extra hour nap and Delilah that's not even. Me. So I don't know how to do and I don't know right now a development on my side yeah is that you know since you and I last talked on the casual gamers podcast they not know the others I yet because I've I've kept this completely out I I have not time I've actually. Moved to full time streaming and and I know more than you should listen to that. That's. A full string on makes or gets every night I'm on line from about 9 PM Pacific tomorrow 1 o'clock in the morning. It was your normal gaming time right now I answer people they're wondering oh my god Jeremy like how you doing in the does when he was gaming. Anyway the kids are asleep or they're not sometimes are with you let. That's your time that's always during your time. And I I. I really kind of I felt the need for our community and I was always playing around with you know my my my squads on destiny on PlayStation. And you're a huge network by the way followed it's it's so much fun. You're always the opposite of me whereas I was streaming and being very public. But privately I wasn't letting people a lot through 'cause I'm. The way I play games are extreme. Spirit controlled it's my show it's my thing. And so sometimes and add that my friends come on with me to get the night Stoney voices and I don't be rude sound is not gonna. Yeah I did in my mind and the like. It's as if you're the op SE EU started playing destiny around. Or year after attorney streaming. And you're like quickly Iowa under friends of mine. PlayStation account because they're all best friends and I'll like oh my god I don't I. I got three people I brought up a good at least instantly view instead of me instead. His dad a complete destiny would anybody like I don't just hammered huge would be like any hand Euro fine. You hobos are rating regulate all man to be honest. I really thought I could. I'm very casual I'd be good but I've played very casual I may have to give up I may just leave the computer do you do something like. No I don't wanna be. Slowed. It's so funny dude yeah I remember. Playing night falls with the UN sketch and you'd just like disappear off Mike or you wouldn't even beyond Mike. That's who disappeared in your control OB doubted there was or care to would move yeah and then then there'd be a message sorry guys got to deal with something that. Sorry this has come up that can't finish it see you guys later. And that was like that's how I played games I was constantly doing different things so it always gonna laugh when. You had these huge friends list now is very selective like yeah ought to let you know what I'm doing and what a play. On. Now I do that every single night with a us unity of people on mixer which is it's really amazing as as a gamer. And and and natural ham there'd just be the idea of streaming was. If it was always intriguing to me. And even my wife as he sensible how how can you spend 54 hours on the radio come home spasms or with a family and then commit yourself to another 45 hours. On stage again as candidates ready for you know I just it's it's it's a sense of community so dad so we know like I think this in this this is the total makes a community thing depth I got a with a really good group of dudes that are extreme left. And that family we call ourselves the crap pack the crap yes it is is growing so we took on it which are new crap pat member two nights ago. And he had never been featured on the front page. He had never had anything big happen in this channel and he wanted to cross the list. 500 followers and the like that so we we took a mom we we rallied our communities my respected community in the two other streamers that I was playing way. And sure enough within it. Our to have this guy as a front pay. Because Oprah get a front page picture and just people are streaming into his channel eyes hitting the taste is content. It is the coolest feeling to be able to play game you love with people. Who who love the communities much as you do and and and spread that happiness there there's not a lot of trolls that have to deal with one streaming member. Don't mixer if you don't know it may serious is actually Microsoft's. Streaming satellite which is so successful that Microsoft is like wait a minute we have all these X boxes and PCs. And we should just buying our own service. And and stick it on everything on windows as they bought beam. Right about beam immediate mixer right and and me tell you they Xbox community is strong on extra like. Where twitch seems to be more of a like a PC slash. He's been easy lately and I doubt. I I actually have gone full time Xbox away from my PlayStation. It just because that's for the community is and I'm I've had too many go back through and rebuild my characters and that's funny because I've got. 2000 plus our son in the PlayStation out and I've got like 400 hours sunk into your Xbox was your tired your. Ancillary because remember early on idling guys' night Brohm in it and man god. We're streaming destiny in you you were part of that like that grind hook. So I I'll I have all three characters maxed out on PlayStation great I think by the Xbox one person can disagree more. You've got to that point but they're being you also got to the point of. I don't have time for six characters so your Xbox characters did gate yet they have been left behind a certain point they were all Max light. By the end of destiny one and then I was just kind of I was tinkering with them away and destiny to came out because I was focused on everything was happening honestly. Destiny to didn't really get fine Intel recently ran out yet toll warm on that they came out yeah I didn't dived in on employee here here's the thing. With a all the content that's coming out right now destiny has given it away from war mined in there and what's called the solstice of heroes and then now. Hi it is it is basically slash summer event yet. It is it's funny because his destiny players we don't we never really got eighty. A summer contents it's summer content has always been a drought for us that's right they would always doing. Wind turn especially at Christmas is the what do they call it the solstice and. That's that's ever gotten a deal was when it even LaMont faced things the media called the winter solstice is yeah it's my brain is story out of yellow that you and ate it kind of thing anywhere at any summer events is always a drought yet and then it was everything going on last year this is the time that we have played through. The debate and we are getting ready for the launch of the two. In September oh god there was really nothing going on even a year old now son. And it's a dead game its debt that I like I play exactly the words dad. I love that means it's a good. President destroy the debt with little boxes they pixel that let. But these trying to back to my point right. Now as like a revisit. Destiny tees beginning of the way it should have been played the missions have been redone. The grind has changed it's it it feels more rewarding to to put time into this game right now. And it's all setting up for the forsaken drop in September which is being being huge that's the thing that may. Share knowledge streamers and they brought them out right they had the DT summit that was. Bleacher the current stuff get any then they. The beaten some it was more like potato guy VA is those guys knew all the stuff through September they knew about gambit. They about gambit and a lot of this was feedback on all right. You guys have told us for the last nine months this game is broken gas how do we fix it how do we get you to wanna come back and make this game hobby at the same time we'd like to know we just negative PR game can we just may get this thing about parallel you guys come back in droves cannot happen you know but now with the although it would be fun to be able play battle Royale with my midnight to but he gonna have to find it somewhere and I was just now. I don't know if. I mean I don't think every game means a battle Royale type thing but if destiny had in their PD PM like. Carolina. You know as a 55 B five elimination. Where legged team winds of one guy stays like out of it used torque of a little bit so that. Each of rules a little bit player anyway I'm lying and talking about like a high level PVP playlist where. Elimination is the thing I eat trials of Osiris is that the child. Do you drought that was Cyrus three on three elimination of trials out of it a disposable BR. Where. Doesn't matter whether you win or lose it's just like you can just play you know because the trials and eventually like your outlet oil oil tried to argue your wee hours he going for flawless with trials right OK it's less yeah that that the big joke is you know they keep fluttering around destiny keeps floating around all these these different playlist in these different games -- I'll be -- now crucible labs or you can try a different crucible game times like all right guys you. C whip this up bass for up forsaken we're essentially getting everything we had with destiny one mixed with destiny to. Why not bring back the original trials playlist play and it. Come and pick it but a but the budget employees. Well. What I've I've been playing I've played about tech. Wanna kind of new computer read in June that was. That was I was watching streamers for the end of April all through May and Mayo over into jobs ten hours today. And Haiti life. And at the end of every shift I was like. I'm getting of their computer in general plays him again I can't and I did and I I've exhausted it I played it so much. I hacked into the code I've lot of good things I'd play the game Holler one of the other. Have exhausted the game right now like. Isn't it time for new content like you guys said this is this assassin mark on that was on the way I mean it's August in the game get out of their brawl like I. I would like some kind of equipment. Dead letter well then that. Are randomly I got a code far no I submitted for a magic the gathering beta. Because when we are indication back and February. On my fire tablet I had magic and house playing in an that is far I remember magic being easy in playable. And then I'd elegant and came out there like they were making magic gathering. I'll read out and there's a beta coming out in its everything you're about magic but it's streamlined. More playable easier so that you can just pick it up and play and aisles like us sounds cool I've trying to out. So when battle tank just exhausted itself I want art of magic now I'm holy crap I'm a magic in 25 years might. Public odd I've got a white that and. And I'll always got that there's a bunch of cats that they provided for me and. Maybe oh and there's a legendary cat that I can make a thunder cats like I don't want my themed action or me and they give you like fifteen decks to play with them all the different manna and they have daily and weekly incentives like get five wins they get another pack of cards so it's like it's. And that one more game mentality is right there and like. At first house frustrated that my got to really know the game not military strong and magic. So I'd planned I was just sucking sounds like I'm getting a bad hand. How is like I'll just concede concede Anaheim on probably concede a lot metrics not a game you win. All the time that the game you play in light you'll get real lucky and sometimes you get a batter and then I was like I got adults not. So anxious to bat and they say I want a lot of magic before that. As you know they don't now. I exhaustively played assassin's creed origins on PS where you did to the plate where I have the worst car and smoke in my right hand. This out it's still healing I'm sorry I shouldn't be left with no it's its latest though I mean I turned forty this year and and and all through February into march I think pretty much a month and a half I played that team. I played I was looking for every clue like every seat in that was the percents for a long time and I really loved. Living in the world can't wait for the Greek one which is just kind of warnings the continuation and I'm like me gag a PC. But if it it. I want PS four there's a hundred free games available to a hundred dollars of free games available today. Holy crap. That the monthly so it's the monthly roll out its of the monthly roll out all that yesterday for PS four and a dead by daylight is one of the free games. And another line. But then they had two more free in is gonna put the law my car this morning it's like eight of 99 dollars and three games all the ads don't end actually paid a year that's what I said bluntly yearly subscription for zoning. As beautiful. Speaking of games I am kind of we do we we talked about no man's got a long time ago I first came along time ago and one of the last conversations that you and I had. Wise what games do you go back TO and I want a perfect. Way to bring that topic pick up an ominous skies two years old. And they finally get this new free up they everything's been freed but they finally there's adding that makes the game whatever. To be it took them to who years. This this was the game that was delayed. AF that began way out. And then release never was like this is what you said it was this trash in the through an update they brought some people back and made people sample began again which is good it was it was but he's still the the loop the play Lou plot wasn't wasn't all that are wondering might there don't like it there now it's it's it's it's like space corrected it is people love it I mean a lot of jurors are sure when I came. You know and and and that's yup topic annoyance I can you talk about the update that rainbow six each. Lot of people are getting back in the siege and that that scene is start to pick back up again is what three years old two year old so it's just seeing. What else like destiny to now been diamond sold almost a year old that's and also really count that's a living world it is yet living in an and it's and we element afford my world that this appointment with the anti apartheid like that's crazy. And the fact if for no has gotten so big. At their what is it they're their summer shin big they're this this gigantic another one year anniversary this million dollar tournament they're doing yet. That it's it's ridiculous hot since you and I did our last podcast. So back in December. I am I took this the beginning but I interviewed doctor loop out PlayStation experience. And that was the like two days. After he and ninja cat and a stream fort saint. And doctor Lugo made a casual comment on Sunday he got that twitch prime savage hit this describes you like that suite six shat the majors hit. Literally his words in ninja would only 12100. Person sub train for all that said it was like eight hours long he was so lords he could even talk at the end. And I remember interviewing doctor loop on being like what I mean. Obviously. You benefited partly from that but like what was that that's crazy like. What is fort meg doing for you guys and here now. You know an industry news or it could trade. And track every we all these other guys and like clay he's like a 100000 plus concurrence every time he turns on blood. I think there's an article yesterday. How to admit to become the second most followed guy on twitch. In just six months or eight months. And my answer is for a night because that's the kid. I saw at PS facts this young guys that it was like always huge humor we got a huge humors that twister neighbors here don't like always and he too great I follow tweets W two. And now he goes oh org as a star entourage rumbling force things. The second most followed god I'm twitch just like that in eight months of a pathetic isn't what it was like 500 million people Vollmer something stupid like what. Is that it it's so funny because people ask you'll how what what what's with the sport nights freeware stuff it's like. What this generation. They're Saturday morning cartoons just streaming mysteries is streaming in it's it's. It's turning on somebody they like to watch play video games and watching them play for and I are watching them play rim will succeed at whatever whatever their playing. That's that's the cons and here's the best analogies all we knew when you're watching professional football and how close can you get to being on the field. Playing professional football not you never do. In east sports and video games you can go total tote your favorite streamer just randomly I can drop in to afford my match. And be matched up against ninja and loop yeah I am going to lose. But you know what but kids get knots when they lose those guys. Or all I got it or it could CD and or kill off what those guys out it's like. Lola you know in a weird sense to ease. Is clip mentality fed into fort and I very clip bubble until he clip was shot and like I've ever talk on the podcast with you were ninja. It wouldn't be introduced traps span of microwave adapt a microwave that interest away play he'd totally boxed the guy and opened door for the track and trap gonna close the door. I've behind him like that was the scene in light but to the point to the these days where I tune in and ninja is doing sponsored. Red bowl stream in vague able Lollapalooza where yellow lab who's this weekend but the the specifically. I think he was like in Vegas they had a a set right so he's honest that. And there's all these monitors behind him they have this computer set up any sitting in around Andy's. Not an audience there are a small audience of people black he doesn't match and then he gets up any does the knee injury and it goes back and plays. Another match and then between when he's not doing it he had bent or he would look oh there so there's these cameras other people running the camera like. And it. Involved here happening it is becoming falls and I see people coming up bailing on my god my dude like my key widely. I'll sell it beyond man's this. I'm so good I love seeing those guys succeed look closely group of guys I. Yeah succeed because it late. These are my ideas are mine is they're just great ideas but there and they've got the resource needs to run with good ideas right now there it is doing and like again and backseat while balloons. Only all these artists like delegates met up in ninja legal yeah. I. Well did you know we're to. I don't hurt either ninja. And I I first editors and decay is a broke and now he's brawling act and Brohm and was at the time. He was still. Almost exclusively a border lands to. Speed runner. And a then he got the beta for destiny and like they were like our destiny is gonna be a looter shooter of all our shooters it's the new border is to admit it. Anyways why it's. So he was in the beta and he's like I am going to be planes have PVP live my buddy ninja this guy ninja that he was the halo streamer really excited to play. Some PVP again and and that's how I got exposed ninja who just crush people in the deaths mean beta. If an outlet it's as good I'll watch him and to see this this late for a night what is this late. I guess it's gonna happen with the any video game but insane. I can only to see what happens when Roma or round Royale goes cross platform. Okay I I I've been following a rumbling down and I. I don't dismiss battle royals because it's like it's the biggest thing out there anybody can act. But it was like his are going to be a transformers batter royalties and a lot of transformers game is that what it takes like. QLS immersed batter well it's literally like I'd love to see your release grads worst game he made a sort of got O'Reilly is killing each others were like yeah. Why didn't my bad if you want gets up at a a game. Aiding would niches of midget I like realm Royale because it it it still takes that battle Royale mentality that it changes it up from what was happening way if to afford your take in the building out of it it's got different different mechanics behind it is how it works. And then you know they're in the next pub G in all the rest of them and I think that's what helps fort might be something different at Khartoum any. Available. If I would till I told you this debating this I went to a wedding in March and is march 17 and on Saturday and I think. 49 mobile had dropped on Tuesday he was very near it was it was a couple of days but it was also like I know I was never gonna download for nine on my phone. Well until wedding and I sat down in the kid in a row in front of us is point four Diana's phone and house I am I don't mean to buy you like how does apply. It is I am not gonna play don't mind all your filing made played only one how does that play like yeah I've not played it I hate playing on mobile. Yeah like I did like I would never do that that's not me. But for people would just wanna have it going keep going he didn't put a wedding so they're going port Diana's phone cell. That was like. A different or demonstrate exit its missile deal. Bull. Which is also when that hill. I want you switch dude. Ed that that's one of the reasons I've got to move towards Xbox away from PlayStation because PlayStation has dug their heels in the ground about not playing with other kids about not when the kids they will not allow cross platform saves and that switch hello and and Microsoft cannot arm and arm like hey your. Xbox keep Charlotte plays his worst it's a PlayStation changes their mind to do if they change their mind I would go back to playing more PlayStation because meantime police agents like we have EB million units sold the week here who. Well you know what is you can only think that that attitude for so long acting to sell eighty million of the PlayStation five or did you lose which people may. At this point if there is a new Xbox that comes out before application on the that first. We do you wanna switch she has a Wii U which became. Obsolete demo we had a second fire stick with the crowd. He's not any dollars as she watches shows on her we do. But those new Pokemon that are coming out and with my sign due in September. We're very interest in having like is as a switch in the house because. That would be way better for gaming on the go if I don't now I can be direct computer anything the year because we tell you that having had two kids there is a lot the late night holdings yet I I got a lot of my destiny grind done with that with Griffin here in my arms like this and I appreciate magic as I can hold my son at the desk. And just use the one arm for the house that it's just clicking it's like click click click click like I let. When play. We know a lot of it all right let's wrap this up for this week next who commit violence in new releases give you he might talk. See these old we'll talk more about we will but I mean Elliott that was there there's so much that sketch up on. I'm so glad you're back here at the Spider-Man comes down a few weeks and it also of course are I don't imagine you're gonna get monster under for your PC or you know not a modern guy and I also don't mean another grind Jimmy I. I think you is a fabulous in that I loved to play like I loved to play the game and don't want to griner and were lauded you back when for safe huh. We'll get you back in September Lisa. Yeah oh smattering comes out destiny should forsake yeah I've been in October will get the red dead so you know only average let's yeah. Yeah.