Monday, August 7th

VOLAC was just on their way to Hard Summer after playing a special, intimate show at Bang Bang this Saturday! Hear what they have to say about it. 


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Sam closed San Diego wants to introduce you to some of them it's artists in the season. Diego. And I love you and me. And many aren't saying hang your inalienable lack and lack I'm in the ringer in me doesn't Hernandez for a time in any other name. And that's it all out and he's just back San Diego or loses those doing your ass and really excited though cause. South east here's some songs and I did not win many things. Told the long ago blew hard this song. We'll size of the CNN. Guys. Mean even playing very badly. Yet again okay cars I'm are sent that in the end. The stuff from now until I mean I don't they so. There's. And believe me I didn't even you sang it. All around me and I went and congressman Anthony and now I'm glad you didn't write yours now it's here. Karzai on this end of may is now. I'm fine. You pop melody it's. Not so. We've. Ever invents noisy. And spunky. You know every night everybody. Does things yeah it's me. Right now we'll face fascinating it's a forbearance. And there's a 1008 okay this video music and right now it's noble good and a lot of reason needs I don't know I'm behind and caused me so. I think. Okay your day guys so my goal today so. Miles. And ends up and you love for her around. You know need. We have been friends a long time home. Chess board and all started blowing everything dance music and just heard Scott. Did you just kind of put something together. It's it's. That's like in light green sites in the today widened in Atlanta and CNN that bakery here. You know. They can you name Mara did. Like we'll be. Mom the boy years ago. We need him like we don't like it should be tolerant. Knowledge and our most. Our life. Are there because they're low end result may be relief is way. Every bag. Okay people it's okay. They knew they. You can't please. Maybe he let sovereignty is proud line here namely me today. Came in hard numbers blather about one sorry I got him here. You know this hour there's this whole Karzai. Yes he actually played Indian money losing U. Yeah. In his van. Nistelrooy got brand New Yorkers. And it's it's. There will be. Secrets will. Test us you know we. Connection is Danny started. You really enjoy our music kill us for a. Okay let me thank my god you bystander when you're really that's that's not Atlanta movement to win. And I love Larry diet. He's a kid yeah. How did that start Korea. Yes that is imagine the joy we made cookies here right it was inside a ball. NN Saturday yes they its. The idea that day you know as soon play every day by these I didn't need them anymore. Hey shall go and there's only got to be okay. Yeah. Won't be that they're trying everything yes everything look gaming nickname that. Yeah your spare time. Yeah yeah yeah that's just kidding we. Name and you believe when you think they and name and I actually got that. They can blame me. Yeah our mission. OK then I'm an eight race factor in the. Jackson. It's what thing that. This maybe you so much for taking time out I mean name and a heavy guys earlier that and I'm yeah I'm wearing. Thank you vote and that's yeah. Thank you so much it's yeah.