Monday, August 7th

tyDi was out at Parq this past weekend, and we had a little chance to talk to him backstage about his music! The Australian DJ and producer is doing some things in the industry that hasn't been done before, and his passion is pretty clear when he talks about his work. 



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Sam closed San Diego wants to introduce you to some of them it's artists in the season. Hey everybody that this mammogram and you are now Angola NE AL and I experience the game we it high eighty. Felt I did today I'm doing fantastic. My car I think he's so much for economy and you know coming out of hearts is this your first time in San Diego. Obviously look I've been to San Diego area probably about twelve times. But this is my very first time playing it hot and thanks to that very in as an American accent. Sick ever listening and an Australian and my ascent would usually be hawk hawk but. He's vessel airplane heart. Really cute. And I'm very excited about it. Part of that he'll and that idea I think inning with Titanic for assignment that you get back a lot cellular and heat it. Anything. Okay when I was a kid so they Hodgson he lasso and and when I was a kid in school. People used to call me ideas in the name. So I kind of stuck his tidy. I guess. We are really felt that the Imus and publishing and it was the idea black men one game winner sixteen and did DJ competition. And I won and I want competition. And they saw my name. As the winner and they spoke to T lagging. Yes. That is just. Ridiculous it's ridiculous that it stopped so yeah so I want this DJ competition may sixteenth. We dispelling TYD. I kept it. And what's crazy is they didn't know that he competitions. And I end up winning as well. And I just kept the name. I don't sell you wine and eating competition you're sixteen minute you start on the theme when you start. Far ranging Catholic. Fat. On Saturday whenever. Like when I was little kid in school. I. Always think my friends went ahead and then. It in their music and suicide I was actually drawer rock bands. But. In my spare time I was listening to me BBC Radio One 1002 decently wanted to do with electronic music. And back when I was sixteen that was really crazy. I listened and thought. Well I can make that our own laptop on my blue and don't need like. Five and members who have Holstein king and senator Heidi started deleting myself and post time finished high school while ever and this is true when I was in high school people with our community and he really teasing me it was believed. Lake I just. Nothing went right for me is how I remembered just not wanting to school but during that time and made an album and electronic house. And it was very calm though but it was all myself and has done a lot. And when I release it in high school in west number one in Australia to dance music and once in a war and America in Finland and Canada and the US. Somehow. That as a loser high school police. Just. Idiot and I still land Ney and still in and these albums went number one worldwide. And so I ate some me go off is it to the planet. And those flu cases 20000 people an accident and 45000 people in. Melbourne in Australia and I was traveling every that say. For just a guess for him. Being just and Eddy Cue to the left well I got the opportunity today and made some easy to laugh. And then GAAP and just stunning turn on the planet and then it started to forget about pollution to be gay. So autism rates being well they haven't. That's amazing thought I think you think has been a huge inspiration he is just in your personal play. Academically and then it also helps you with your career so it and they hope a lot of meaning tier and then you also have a background and instruments in the end I can't commute he gave me is that it is that you recently put out of production aren't as off the year pretty certain and it DJ right. Yes I've always think Jesus. What was I ain't her. A degree in classical music and theory because I wanted to learn how to write every instrument possible. And I didn't use it for a long time because opted. Fastow who plays and you know we shootings is that out this weekend and no one in many countries. And it was a few years later that I decided ads being run to make an album that embraces an entitled extra. So I know I feel that the last three years. Releases so Google's reader finds. And this the refund is it had about 6816. Places are bootstrap. Term. It was the first time ever cooperated life instruments industry. Country music and I want to show you would think about it. But I but I am what I mean Ann Arbor. I incorporated. And costs for our fate is from people in the world that I'm not from say. When those kids in school used to listen Dashboard Confessional. Taking Back Sunday the yeast. It turns out these people fans of me which is crazy because when Yahoo! can and I Dashboard Confessional frequently to have these I'm working with the least. And so you get the record came out and re finally beauty. Being around America not just that this Google that the title track redefined became the number one most played denser cooler in America. So I threw him down. Since then I've truly embrace you're just. Recording instruments and working with. Just app challenge myself as a musician com. News. I hate it when it similarly if you're new outlet not only that still. We are talking so passionately about your music and act as beautiful thing how are you content so. As I can lay out this coming now what isn't being that you really want to accomplish with your music but it's useful free ill. And they make you feel like you haven't done yet since you've been growing so drastically. In such a short time certain. Yeah its current suit as you said. When is it coming out lenses alchemy a continuance of loss album was three years ago it is going redefined. And say since spend three years I've been working on this new album and. Source here question it is this new album coming out and I can't release area. Is the absolute epitome of the. Everything I could possibly nine I may have been working so hot. That I did not just. Regrouped in Paris produced it myself that I put on composer who has two grand loose. He's a teacher cruel thing to present a massive films include blockbuster films. Christensen. And errors. We have to get out of me is some hope alive and this out removals. 120. Players. I'm talking over. Martyrs so a line you'll have force Luke. Jolie plays a whole cross section a whole section playing just just to caution violinists these are live instruments these are not. Suits you know this hot day. I have to flood products and just to track the orchestra for themselves. This album that's quietly sticks out with a lot of black. And I really really great comes out that is the best I can do we'll play it right brain. I am really really wanted to create an album that just absolutely should raise the makes intellectual ability that I can. Possibly betray my fans. And it is going to happen or not. Expecting release in January and I'm looking at pretty slim fast singles reality around us September 2 this year. That wind sometimes. She. I really believe it's going to be beaten. Strongest pieces left that I enemy that BR yeah. There's very fast time that EDM or electro music is mixed live in tiles orchestra. Orchestra section. I mean that's never been done so far that's right breaking boundaries. Yeah. Is well that's kind of what next for ill and you're clearly aren't far right now you're traveling I don't know they are even coming from a mile live on eight but earlier today the on the last and not that your little below that ridge and it. Ding you're saying. Where Reid has found a great though things like let's next react. Well this goes on today actually live in Los Angeles say. I got a lucky. Lose my job placement to get media play Jennifer playing and pleasantly. But today I got picked up it's clearly the party bus hearted and funny glasses so I was. Live streaming from that. And I was just thinking to kill the whole way. And that's what I have to have a little nap had there. That I am so from that that was a lot of fun party that's actually brought me here at this venue and then. Tomorrow area. Flight to Phoenix. Arizona and then I play it day club which is like who party. Two days off and then it in the Wednesday night in San and Hulu. Does air it belief thing. Boston. And then from nagging at Portland. And offices that I have DOS and the achievers festival news off so I'm I'm I'm just playing on a lot of plane flights and I am. Traveling alone and pull out of music that everything is leading up to this crazy album. Rain so what do you feel in your spare time when you're not track like traveling in Bahrain are working on music wasn't being that you aside from me that. And I know that's hard because life style is music music is lifestyle. Eagles. That's. How it did hit. Look to hot zone. And I'd like to. And right to get less so the DuPont yeah I guess I the yeah Hudson yes and and and you know what I did lost week. Going to Six Flags and low road cases hey yes simple things big things that he moves delaying. Hey this has to be my friend. Another scene that day. And people are saying prove they re proud Tolkien I would see him is that he's very big musician. And I was trying to catch up to them and he was too busy and I was too busy and we were talking about it Hussein. You know a lot of people think that blew these issues that dream you know. People say it'll Twitter FaceBook and lawlessness is. Here and he made money from making music he traveled the love you love living the dream. What they forget is that. I spends money it Friday making music in front of the computer all day you're on the weekends. It's fantastic moment fans and many different city and I don't know anybody excellent sleep no rain in children's. And grew candidates very very very slowly. So we. We must he leave as musicians we don't get time. Actually have the normal life that people might do and the weekend free and they get to him that friends. So I. Money spent time when I really do get split time is is to pay to do my. You're being awfully cola when my best friends are gay sister tries to go relatives as well let's just in maybe what you Medigap. My Lauren blue bag unless Netflix. So there is nothing too special about my life to be honest everything everybody is special guest is public. But it's not public candidates run to sort out friend went to excellent. Little. We appreciate your leisure time I actually understand that yeah so are there any lap where if you wanna talk listener is there anybody out there could it be at your show or. He's upcoming show. I would say yes I would say to a group rating is my music. Think he's so much for us. Pulling me this fall in my career because I eat very Dennis oddest and I have changed directions life. So on and so grateful to all my fans that believe me this. Anyone here that doesn't hear music. Will come out see shirt and tie each day. Shut your eyes don't expect top quality just. Expect. Nothing you had a thought and I hurt that you walk away with a member Lou that you would never get continuing to cheat DJ. I really believed it was. Take your election I can present to you something that will be memorable. And something that you got to look Lindsay paid that tight Asia it was different it was so about it. That's legal. Yeah that Olympic athletes and a partner you ever he is so much for taking time to tapped it today. Thank you so that they can tell if indeed you meet today. I out.