Things have gotten weird, so what are you watching?

Tuesday, March 24th

Well things have gotten weird, and fast!  Hamby says it best on the podcast this week "it's almost like we survived Thanos snap, all of a sudden everything is different".  We talk about the first week plus of social distancing, being sent home from the office as a precaution and how quickly things have accelerated since last we cast almost two weeks ago.  The Olympics have now postponed a year, how does that affect NBC's plans to launch their streaming network?  Movie theaters have closed and quickly movies like Onward and Bloodshot are available at home.  Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, New Mutants, Mulan, and more have all postponed, when will they just be released on digital?  Diamond Distributors are not delivering comics to retailers during this crisis, is this the unofficial end of brick and mortar stores selling print comics?  Lots of questions this week that we just don't get a chance to discuss, but we set the table for more to come.  Be safe, stay home.