Super-Flarrow-of-Tomorrow Finale Reviews

Tuesday, May 30th

A Hamby-less Bryce reviews the finales of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and gives his thoughts on the season as a whole...

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JA. Press two if you Hamdi is not. Mail webmail look podcast this week but I wanted to review. The CW AD CE eight U. But Lance humorous very want caught Allard do reveal while it is fresh in my mind but that was paid doing it like a week later donated. Good of some women words. I basically blew through the mall last night a team I ain't review of the finale is in kind of the season as whole. Now in order to do this Andre come in this the shows I enjoyed. The mouse. There's four shows talking about flash. Legend of tomorrow's super girl and aero now I liked them all bill for earth. Maybe the bottom three in Nevada too not their best sought to skate up but number four. I have super girl now the finale was very good. This season that products mono the story of Jackson. Their sister and kind don't get along. I liked that story a locked in fact take it now I first. It was really exciting that battle between car and mono small whatever her name as. Out that was good lead. I like the president cared a lot in manoa I liked a lot to he him being ban is not banned spent. Spoil alert they get the Dax and solely by putting lead in the atmosphere. Saints kind of dangerous but with one or dialogue in the mets' TV they say it's this very small amount doesn't affect people so. Jackson might have to leave their invasion ands and mono has to go with them because. He's also Dax night and can't take that let so he's god you see him go into a portal. This looks very much like a multi verse type of portal. Could we see him legends of tomorrow next season I certainly up so it's a perfect fit. He's pretty much a super boy so he could take that I think he developed new great character is be ashamed and just go away. And pleasant tomorrow they're not exactly a full house. On the best hands I've been to swap out one character or put him and I'm not to say but overall the season is good. But not core rates. It's I really like Lex Luthor. I'm sorry Leno losers character to me at first it seemed like oh yeah she's going to be another lax can make a woman not the case. A lot of layers in there and so a lot to be deciphered. I would like it's getting rid of Calista Flockhart men know a lot of people disagree with me but. It's gonna senator aggressive but it made it so when she came back. I liked it more I don't know that's a character we need on a daily basis. But it's if she's gonna show up come and go like she does in this I've been used probably this can be. Really really well done what I didn't like it though was. James Olson in in this hold the hold guardians and it really just it felt really forced. And the thing is when you're gonna if you're gonna digit showed up super barrel. You could have either. Other heroes like a marsh managers perfect but you've kind of got to be pretty. Free and powerful. You can be a person in the way that Superman and that may exist. The damage is not a person he's like the ultimate person he is theme we overpower that superhero so much so. Suggest throw a guy who is no reason I think he's good at fighting like you did a background in this you know Jimmy Olsen as we know him before this up. He's there's always the thing you put armor on him and also and he's a super hero so in the scenes to this season where he's like. Car you don't respect me as this hero. For me watching that I was always like dat she shouldn't is too dangerous she shouldn't be doing it I did like the old joke in. It's. The abs of poise in the amount inept. Everything went for it is second the last episode. Close Flockhart see his guardian and immediately knows it's Janus says James I can see your eyes. Quite a funny condi in the Kyra doesn't even Wear a mask and somehow. We I'll let that long ago we had that was probably my least favorite show. No I made it through it I enjoy the ride is what it is number three I can't believe I'm saying this was the flash. It's still had a moment's. Redeeming moments because as the court casts. Cisco Caitlin. Airy. Show last. And not necessarily IRS but those four. That's probably the strongest. Core group of people of any CW show up there dialogue flows most naturally. Their balance of finance jokes but. Seriously needs to be usually. Is the best however this season is way too many donors. There's probably five episodes where at the end of the episode Perry was just defeated. They took way too long teasing let's saboteurs identity basically there's two halves of the so pointless. Just we did you got to show that they accomplish something. And this constant like I'm Dan I get you this is a story about the flash. And he sees his future wife died and try to prevent that how could you make that happy but. I don't know if that's how you should have done it because it left every episode like flesh was to be the final and it was the contrast airline was so good because of that that that. The finale was good. Some Turks who was a decent villain being. He's bear bear he creates. An alternate version of themselves to go leg tool flash it's got to Concord slipping out you'll see units. Basically you he jumped in the past or the future so this to him and they do that to accomplish something where there's two people to fight something. And when that's done one of them is supposed to die out because you'll we have one. And that this bear Gresham buried did not grew angry that why am I just pond to be done away becomes avatar. I like that. Just outplayed out ended up with this really. Dark. Pointless place and it wasn't very fun just northern front. But in its strong. I like what they did Kalin finally just useful killer frost now well. She's not going by the name but she is a frost a woman. Exposing its and at what she does going forward it should be I mean sexy that house select Cisco it development. Full vibe and his relationship with. Got a blank but the girl alive that was really cool HR sacrifice spoiler but nation and that by now is our president at that was really cool. Particularly because he's one of my least favorite wells though in doing that it did add some. Depth and purpose to him because. He didn't he didn't have much during the show it again it he inspired people but should meet me speaking of the Vieira I mainly by that because this is a group of like. Either superheroes or are great detectives. And amazing scientists. And inventors. Also iris and Schroeder who she does but she's there to. And there's a charities and I get to people who really in the pinched don't do anything except quote. Iris inspires spared because you have there. And vice Versa and then HR who inspires everyone else 'cause he's just positive. I don't know I grew to really like the second HR and hopefully he comes back because I really top cabinet still amazing and don't lose him. And he even mentioned Barry as he's. Banished to speed force once again. Asked and stick around so hopefully will be seeing more of him in season four. Kimberly part of his form flash. Which brings me to the number two favorite show legends of tomorrow and by no means was this now this one actually ended. Couple weeks ago but I'm fitting in and now discuss we're going order but as tomorrow. By no means was this eighty. Great season and anything. By it it had enough redeeming episodes. That are so dead that. Become the number two. It's got slapstick at times. But. The villain teaming up the legion of doom of reverse flash captain calls. Steamy and dark and it's. Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba go Malcolm Merlin. This is what CW does past. We you give us these big characters and no but here's a bunch we're not using they take lemons they turn into lemonade. The last couple episodes were very very good lead. And a couple in the minute middle worked quite good I liked what they did also. We have a hum justice society. That was really fine. I a this year there's a couple things they still have not figured out. What to do with thread. The atom. You know he is motives are he says that the fun loveable guy and that's fine but. Then you introduced as citizens see your captain still have a comment. And he was kind of the same. I didn't mind that. It's almost at the writers realize that and decide bullets make Ambrose. And now it's kind of fun having them paired up but. Overall the season at that it was a really really fine. I like to see more development going forward. We have to re. I really likes. Rick hunter as a villain I don't know if you can keep him a villain are really wanna do that again it might seem a bit redundant but I really like that. Yet I won't do that again but I liked it and then. You know with Martin Stein and jacks as firestorm we lost a little bit near the end of I get. That day it's it's out there fires are as or expense to deal but it. They didn't do a lot of the mine's hockey between each other. I don't know that's obviously it was a forgotten they like to see that come back more in season three but overall really fun season. Bring MS to number one and it gives me such great pleasure. That aero. Has really come back to the wrist now maybe this is because it wasn't launching another show. Maybe it's because the writers saw the insane. Backlash on places like slash. Every blog every anyone can write. Ever was sick of the Alice Citibank we don't mind them together but what Nolan could stand anyone who loves the character truly. Was the dominating. Screen time of a constantly. Trying felicity and whole episodes about. Term calm. And then just him keep fighting meta humans what it's like he is supposed to be the street level guy. They got back to it not only did they get back to street level bidding goes the easy route of main villain has a bomb and he's trying to blow up the city. You don't you know when you really think about it that's a harder to. That's like 80% of story lines and at the more lazy thing to dip. So to avoid that and to give us a villain as complex. As to meet his. That has a motive that you can really. I NF I with he was such a good Villa. And he was. That does when you do the psychological movement that was I would say he is you just go down this path that is the Joker without makeup. And that he men may have things. Like that and sensibly embracing chaos a bit. Any minute now our own give it back with more controls he was is on don't permit from me atheist was a made up from scratch villain that was absolutely fantastic. Leading up to finale we've got to get. Death stroke back. Bush is incredible. At first I was like okay cool I love death stroke NEC's again back. But he did in Irving will he killed his mom subtly but they just run with the hey the Mir crews completely worn off. He knows or is that. I've five. Good enough and I mean more desperate next year because it was so good spoiler alert it leaves us. With. Previous. Agent chase principal in his brain. In his body was one of the bomb triggers. Which. Let the whole island of Lee and you explode. On that ion is the entire. Team now. Do I believe that CW would really kill off the eagle felicity black canary captain Lance Pia. All of the mind that now I doubt the man would be epic if they did match that they just hold. But George RR Martin hey you know the entire cast outs of Oliver. Dead. Gone maybe pulls Roy back in maybe he gets Sarah lands to leave legend in the former ill Tierra that's never gonna happen annoying years. But it's. The finale was so cool getting to see news in this and how cool faceoff. Getting to see. Death stroke back in action getting to see aero. Do you ever every packet was one thing Citic bank. I don't think leading get it was Roy and I was really help for that but I kinda knew it wasn't gonna happen. I can't wait for next season I can overall these next season rosling give black lightning next season now they said it is not going. To cross over and had reversed and it that they believe them this show. They christendom Atlanta. They won't par I don't believe we'll part of the crossover but I think they're telling us and the sense of they want to show to start on its own two feet and I I I if I agree with us it should. It I'm I'm expecting this to be on a different earth from either shows. Earth one. Earth 38 hers too. Nader's fourth five and and we can make as many as you want to do this. But I have high hopes for that show and happy to be great addition to what is very. Could line up I held on channel and the on legends of tomorrow. I help on aero the entire cast is dead. There are gonna happen guys think would be great. Bold move for a plot but that was my thought of all seasons finale is I'm sorry if I rambled a lot or. Jumped around with my words in I'm rambling right now some wrap it up I mean handily back next week. He'll be two reviewing some shows that I know I get to watch at least I didn't watch enough of say agents of shields or a couple of others. And the yet to next to next week.