Say Hello to Danny, Handheld Console or Phone Gaming, March Offerings for PS+

Wednesday, February 28th


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It is extended all created the casual gamers podcast and playing for and I can't hear podcasts are like home university given games. Game developers to game development degree program called university San Diego for the komen dot edu for more information is Jeremy and joining. You don't know little I have been you know this guy for many years and sandy eight Danny say hello to the casual gamers audience. HM Jeremy by the way every eight years did you see that FaceBook told us we've been friends for eight years few days ago yet but it is you know it's kind of like my marriage I feel like it's been going on for so much longer. It's not that Akamai. Now a really good marriage and you know it's it's only strengthened by the fact that you know my wife let's me play video games after she goes to bed with a 100%. Debt and if he couldn't do that then while. It just wouldn't work outs are. Well I would drink more she doesn't like that. So you know I. Only three years but no one else knows you I mean what what what are you doing I mean you have actually worked in San Diego at Presidio company for awhile and actually use the term loosely San Diego company to have an office here in San Diego you're full time job is it video games you work for Sony. X ray gets re AMP have a headquarters in San Diego for that might I just do some quality engineering for the months of home theater products it's just kind of at stansted. To show how. Aegon CU. High tech industry I am I look high end electronics. And consumer electronics and and then of course video games I was raised on what would you play growing at what what is your your top three all time video games. You know I think have really fond memory okay so I had an any gifts and and I have fond memories of a much any yes but I agree it really remember that day I got a secret asks and we got. My brother and I got street fighter team that when we I don't know as the title only and with the team with pat. Was slick. A big moments and in our brother beat me all the time is four years older than me excuse is good and I am broke controllers palace that was kind of stage I was 78 years old but that was that was one of the defining games for meat and and and then I switched to PC for a long time and end doom doom too late I'll live its software games those ones like. Just blew my mine and then I don't know at lake but I can say is like. Third but I can definitely say that those those two moments just really ring out and look at bases sexes this is some stuff mini quake three arena back. That's when I was probably first drops the idea armed PS like current styles fiscal. It's funny I never knew this about you bring your. Your video game growing up was a lot like my video game growing up and it sounds like we went to PC about the same time though it what did you come back to console I'm curious. Honestly the entire time I think college hours on PC I was just I was living with a bunch of dudes and where we're just thoroughly and party every night basically and then coming home after college I is a way and I aide just re acquainted myself but console so I almost. That like Xbox and PlayStation 2 generation. How. Had those consoles but they didn't really use them a ton. And then for sixty and PlayStation 3 it just I just got back into it and part of it was just being at home began to end and not having and that like land party. Feel it was a really big NT knee back to like console let's go I thought I think that that that really kind of enclosed community as good and and I don't know if it was necessary live games I think just the community in and and councils are just blowing up. I'll take you one great consoled kind of Lan gaming experience that I remember. My favorite with you know was your bachelor parties it is this is how big game nerds we are your bachelor party we went to. Have a sue India of course we did the drink and in both parties stuff but what was that like a rec room in the garage and house are raining and we all played. Video games that night's forum for a couple of nights and it was Arab there was there was fighting games going on we played a lot of halo it was just you know that to me it was like the ultimate bachelor party ever. I was really fine IE I mean you don't know when Blake says that's what Iowa for a bachelor party and it just happens or organically and it was a great room being like a converted garage it was high grade and eight EC in the bridle is this awesome we stayed up late is because it and then with the. I I think I remember tapping out about 3 o'clock in the morning because I and is only so much you can do there's only so much alcohol NBA games what are the good Terry gets harder Carter at. Yes I've been noticing as a drains queasy and my my late night game sessions have been that I've gone backwards. Because I wasn't getting into destiny to for awhile and then you know the community is kinda turned in on itself and that the developer bunch he's been having some problems. You know it didn't just responding to the community's needs. And they can't seem to do it fast enough and our walk away with positive memories of destiny just you know wait for it to get better I've gone back to an old PS3 game that was really released on. On PS four I've been spending a lot of times and border lands and I forgot how much fun that game is just being a goofy ass. Looter shooter. You know yeah you you spoke about this a few nights ago and and I've been just. Are illustrated click the buy button I have auto and steel on PC and I remember spending is on and on that game it's who really well done yeah I think I'm I'm probably just gonna have to do it so that we can kind of stamp later I can stay at least here on the East Coast poignant song and some shooting and and and whatever clapped out says cliff perhaps. I found the device is far XP are all on a tea that Nazis that offline if we get you into the game but you know as one of those things worked with casual game response hasn't always talked about price point for a fun in you know I wouldn't pay sixty dollars for the handsome Jack collection but. It goes on sale lot and I saw pop up for like an you know thirteen boxes like all right. Now pull the trigger and honest if not regretted it. One bid because it's it's hours of fun. All over again and I never got to explore some of the the deeper characters and their. That the macro Mansur the dislike though I these these are characters that didn't exist. What I originally played border lands and every discoveries of permits a whole brand new game again I highly suggest that. Definitely and I think it really fits quick casual. Gamers like you. They feel if you can get hard core and that game but really it's so easy to just up buying an and play for a little day you know take a breather and and get off and there's not this stiffness and NA NA no we are you used cut a lot about destiny right now on the ups and downs that are going with destiny but I think that so 88 speak. Big challenges eight casual gamer like myself because. Outplayed first few hours here and there and in a fight to. Hiatus and then come back to the game I feel so lots and and and that's frustrates me so so I'm. These days. Why they look for games that allow me tee and it. Jump in at my leisure and and I can just really time to follow on to something new world and then and then turn it off go to better whatever so. You could just just looking at the grand scheme of get the games that are out there right now something like monster underworld is something that's really tickling you because that's probably give it it requires way too much time free to play. Well I'd I'm really. This is my challenge right now because I loved games so much and and and maybe this is like something that the developers are aware of is that they're really didn't they know that there's people like us out there and do or now grown up but we were born on video games and they've got us they've got to hold on us and now we have a little bit of money and we go all that's in the game I wanna buy it. But can I. I give my time to it and I don't know if I can reservations about buying gains at this point especially games like that so I haven't actually even spent a lot of time researching. But I know it like people are really into it and and immediately get it but I probably won't buy it at sixty bucks so free of the aren't we ultimately he'll be around that to get a little lower and I just needs CU way to gain goes like is a dumb is it a good. It's a good story is that a good game to just kind of take a tour of essar some challenge to it and it arm I'd jump in Italy MIA EMI just MI behind the curve. LC from what I've seen I don't know if monster hunters is a game that you behind you who you fall behind the curve on at least. Not here in the early days of it because it seems like a game that. Much like destiny you wanna play socially because. Sometimes hunts can take 45 minutes to sit there and just hacked on this beast and work on this this this monster. And you know it Camille looks a little repetitive to watch streamers and do it. But it in terms of lake if you're playing with three other dudes the strategy behind that might be more fun I think he really jump and that any time. And build up in character it just. It's a mean some of the streamers that are playing this game or have. You know hundred plus hours sunken that there is beastly. I probably just have to elect switch on and start watching it and yes I think that one of the great things that twitches you can do get the feel of the game I watch in at two X if you are at this point where I can't get by every game under sonics can't dedicate ten hours dates to the game so what I just put this on passively while it works from home or do whatever else from home so I was. I was like I'll probably end up doing that and then Allen decided later on but it. I don't know if I have enough room in my life for a game that I can just start. Level anon. So what is tickling your fancy are now because you you like the rest of us. Have responsibilities are limited time and do need sleep to function what are you playing right now that's making you happy. I've just I've got to switch few months ago and a for the wild beasts such a great game for her and now I mean first saw it trickles back like that stalled you know growing up by any S and plane in the first sold out in just love scene. Back dollar franchise and Nintendo just. Get sick from me right now they're just so such good story tellers and I have the ability to just gonna go okay what litigated MI got a decent side quests and let's. And Mike and take on 88 defined be like it's just opportunity just choose and edit it and how much time into it and I light like every moment it's been so. I think that's the moment of this switch right now is because you know we wanna take our our games Willis on the road we ought to take them when we're sitting in the officer were killing time in the DMZ or you know if we have jury duty. That is you know a great place to have a switch I know the more commuter towns in the lake like New York people who played their switch on the subway because they've got so long between stops and it's it's it's an easy place to play game like that and I I think Nintendo really has a winning formula like you said. With the story telling with the ease of game play and and the other things to go along with that. And they took something back from the android IOS some of gaining all go to that was too early for a to glean so I'm because the quality really is some there's some. Name a habit. Of on air. And big next to. And put my PSP which way it's ancient I'm ancient and the skit just stops playing and watches me play some old game I don't remember when complain it doesn't really matter it's just is enamored by it slate portable gaming device. And what does this antiquated device you have sir and he just looked so late jealous. He had. This is either real game and and anything that switch brings us back there especially like the portable world and you know I can't work for Sony and we also do PS vita in that was meant. You know OK sorry to say it didn't just didn't work out but. Nintendo is killing it switch and equality it games is just exactly what you would expect from Nintendo. Baird honestly don't know if they've ever really they've had their ups and downs but it's never been at. And right now so good. It's it's it's filling that need because I don't think you and I. As gamers wanna pull out our phone and play games like that I think that that's great if you're sitting on the toilet and you you know. You put it pretty flat from and it's a time while you take care business. But if you're showing your game you know you you possibly more involved you want the production value of you know. Among bigger title and you want that feeling of those real controls what are the things I've always missed about playing iPhone games is the fact that. I want the deep pat I want to buttons to push and and tapping. Touch screen has never. Ever felt natural to me. At that are important. Thumb and be able to cry you and storyline. I think the closest I've seen at a phone game get to that would be like. Transistor or Bastia and where you know that art direction is really good the sound is really amazing. The though the music is just absolutely top notch but in those those games are won in a million there's there's a 100000 new games in the App Store every single week and a lot of an inch off the ship. And be there ray. Again that's casual gaming is by access it's we're at this level like. I'm not early money team or wasting time plaintiffs just garbage and you really want. On Kansas and just goes also show it by a game. At Disney option which difficulty. I don't cheese deceit or whatever you. And scale I have her career or typical team arranged because. Also what if you cheat you or something mildly sweating at all I don't watch on it. But also. Wanna just like a post twelve hours and finish it. Well then. They're a sixty bucks well. I don't wanna. What he'll appreciate this where we're gonna we're gonna wrap things up but big news if you're a PS for a PlayStation plus subscriber march probably has some of the best titles they have ever offered up do you do you know the two games for PS four they they're putting on the chopping block this month. I haven't yet I'm so glad I could. Can elect yesterday I didn't tell you are you ready for this. The pair also grinding game up until monster Connor blood borne is now going to be a free game for PS plus subscribers. And what are the best games. Ratchet and clank. Beautiful game. That is my idea. Final wrap it up. You and I gonna dig morning games next we don't forget casual gamers power Michael when university master the software coding into the gaming industry take your passion. The video game to the next level learn Hague becoming game developer Coleman university classes start. Every ten weeks on their Balboa avenue campus go to komen dot edu for more information Denny thank you take the time to join me on this court all the way from east. Coast and then next week and it's more fun stuff real prayer out trying to blunt about it it keeps us dormant powers under. I think journalists now yeah.