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Recently to talk about that I'd like to know how to see her hair and I know how to start and started and they hit me. You're ready I'm ready okay well you were just telling me that it's you don't know what if you for Christmas. One at CE. And because at C if you don't know this is people make things cells they're creations. Hands. I just saw the best thing ever. It's a list of hand me. Racked beings one. And most of these are available on at seed but there's lake handmade Croat stayed. Beanie is one is just Shrek we fear is here's there's one that's Fiona it's like crazy has the right there. Ears and a little ER there's the donkey one and and then there's like telephone all these little means that they are button there like attractive love affair quiet. And I I just know what I. Several people out for Christmas so. At C stretch just look up threatened on energy heading for several people but I also feel like you're actually just bought. And for your health up really gonna get stuff for myself apps I think that's definitely happening Eric puts buying for several people. While one of those developing for letting me okay. Like three of those several people being out ahead. On the OK at lake yeah so that's actually really good start to Christmas. Shopping on down the track things for everyone in my family and all be really confused look like. Who would you distract beanie. I used to be any day I'm excited now because housed in the same like I want to get people for Christmas. Like it on the strike things can't go wrong Aaron shock is uncharted life. Absolutely Africa's lunch records like. And it's beautiful version. Of was generous and cutting onions with a knife that has electric light if there's like a button that says and I have to have a button. If it knows how to make buttons you can use may mean one that school at rock that mean she would actually Wear it everywhere Boris tighter. I don't think you're kidding like no it's actually wearing all the time dude I'm not kidding trek is a novelty. Trek it's classic. Fairy tale and love story. And it's the best so I keep noticing on its noxious fees but they keep posting things archer peanuts actually acts all that is that they really. Not sure really obsessive. I yeah I don't. Yeah that. Alan I just saw that annals lake house mosh and denounced Marshall school I did do pairings yet either running track. But that's like all their day. I'm babble all you need to do check out Shaq is like a cutting into an. Aviary. And he are cutting onions with my extract as much light you okay. I will never forget that being on top all live fire meeting super excited. Really and it. If you don't believe it's a great. Not been known as like we knotty areas but I got out. That little man and she now that I know has in their right before she posted its. You Renny on the jock ball Whittier I use scenes there's chalk and the chalkboard seniority sit on a bit lately. And it's like this is a perfect opportunity. To spread the word about her. On the cell you might think that this is distract podcast which it kind it and I'll but it's actually eat podcasts. But with. He people that just like not an appreciation for Shaq yeah. This is that Diego. I even now we're not really. Lot of sad but nothing US track and sent about a lot I'm sad about a lot of things. Lake I am actually so email today that I'm wearing my make America's attic and had even though Americans like planes that have. I eighties to be just a little more sad to be on the level that yet because. Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. An announcer I dive so I don't know what we're to talk about first there's so much going on out how much sad news. OK well first say yes let's do the most precious thing that's like and on a sad note. A week to keep the status thing worked our net. The end of the edge. Selves but last night we went to follow up play. And sad in its own way but also very happy because they were very dead. They've got an offense that Cathy the soccer mom as John pop the strawberry does in front of us we had all of the races yelling in. So definitely realize that demographic mean changed. I don't know where to start with on their feelings. Mean that I've been having since last night. My first. Feeling I guess it's just noticing how many little hits and how many older parents. And these. It's like I guess that's the big heroes six. Because they had that sun for the soundtrack for the movie. And I was like OK it whenever and then I guess that the biggest thing for me was when we noticed there was no pain it was a seated and it. And down like a paid cell I saw them like three years ago. When he won pilot and panic at this open then there was a gay people are moshing people or dance scene. There were not. Lake middle school kids that are right but it's there were definitely high school kids there but any way it's. I can't believe how much. The demographic change in small. Period of time namely the ligament I mean like I never an unexpected the gamut of you what why is. I really liked my sisters and it just happened so fat cats yeah I like not on my little Sissy to be steeper and Q. Follow up boy and she's like sixteen announced she is cheaper and fourteen. And I got hurt I was like why it's like follow up boys now banned for preteens and from other areas. I don't know it just happens fast break and it's true lately why it's. There so there was not that mean mean. I was really disappointing obviously just the fact that I mean leading up to its new ways but I like about them apparently meant we were saying I don't let anything can throwing chairs. Hate little kids are ahead with the chairs. Of there is out here. And I could do is throw my elective repeat that crest and that's the crust does my favorite part of the pizza sub prime throwing that crust. At Pete Wentz. That's making a statement hints like it was a sacrifice if his sacrifice. It's that it's likely had no organized there is no push play there was no pay at all nope. And so the closing that we can do to being seat. Teenage years ago as you throw us trust him he's I was about psychic but I think whoever got back pressed to keep Emily and I really hope aid affidavit adequately. Is first of all happy to let the size of that slice of pizza with the sight of Blake. Three takes place in the heat. And it was very again. Now I'm like how about pizza honestly essentially leeway we saw all blame and do pop punk show me AP. Silly I shouldn't be upset about anything you know. Lake ray Cassie drop offs ivory does on it but I'm at a about a lot of things. Like Elson all played big here as six. Oddly the big screen and they did that song. And look at Al as a little odd that solely in IA it. Shots sell out boy. In my head. Because like they get a year's song is in the soundtrack of that movie putts that I need to watch Jerry. I'll be all and it's just illness I've never felt soul olds like when name. Played the new songs like in New Orleans mean you're like half the time like I'd never heard this hour. And then when their playing older songs even songs like this scene a scene it's an arms race that's. Lightning and people should now but there's kids there who. Blair lake that what is bigs where like in diapers and I'll look like likes I feel like the grandmother rate now. So yeah I felt super olds after that it's a novel but also lake because it was such an estranged. Play like there was parents. That we're like in there late thirties made late thirties. That that has also kids literally like with braces and like still in light their awkward. Stage like a fit when I was losing a pop boy I was in my opry stage. But I wasn't really a person yet either candidate I was just like an eighth seeking eaters and I was like. Via just trying to do any malware and like wearing only so much. Rates did these little children there were even. They arena that we like now I don't know what these Q I have no idea doing. Now by I think that always merge was pretty supreme. Finally some investors that I've seen in a really lie that I was IA. Like talk down shirt and a lot copyright. Issues happening I. Mean it's fine there's a vitamin honor at main bad at a plant fitness wine and like up. Definitely a brain paint. And everybody is wearing purple which I guess we've found out is a follow up waiting to deal. Feed purple that's why I feel. We didn't. Yeah. There wasn't one song they played it's not officially released yet is off a new problem it's called expensive mistakes and it was the most fallout voice sounding song that I've heard from them saints. Ike. Well in a long time. I mean obviously it sounds different sound new by those the most and been pampered but that would flag that wasn't. A studio version right on so what was the other one that they played with like the weird. Dancing thing in the background Pete gave a whole speech about. Basically don't sell out and steer yourself was it. Wasn't there and no it was nine with German which. All why out of all active city can rightists on our name a song after diet I have got this PY what do you duly. I don't know with Alice. But yeah he made a huge speech about weird working hard on this album because we don't want to just throw out an album we wanted to unionize light as Matty is bitterly standing. Mean our seats screaming at the top. It's city not a problem lies because what have they had to make four albums in the lasts three years or something like that. And it's like cocaine knowledge album should take like three years and how it so basically it's crappy about it this plane. Lance. It makes me super sad it's super disappoint mean you're talking about on the walk back to the car how late he said that each album even in New Orleans Alec one RT like jams. I found that I like you can sort of here early deals follow employee in there are some yeah. And that makes me wonder. Blake because it's if it when they or it's just starting out. Wrote so much. That they never actually released only to the ages like dig through like their all and delayed you take this one. And this line because of the heat we already have so many things that you know we never put out. Keep these older fans aren't happy that's. Possible. I just don't understand make. Why bands. So I mean there are artists and man who need to sell out. But I don't understand why it's their doing like it's about money obviously. Because. Now is just like we are talking about this too late. Even if they stayed broken up and never got back together they had enough money at that point to live comfortably for the rest of their life -- there's no way they did and how we ask so I don't know it's just like you have a lot of money and then you just wanna have more money and you just can't stop trying to have. The most money or is just a. Likely get bored I think you would get pricey for portray. Like if he just I have music to do again so like you're saying just. Write music just stirring music yeah not necessary music that. And I also feel like if they were again I guess writing music history music because they elected the way it would sound better. Yeah. CIA. To now. It's. I also like to talk for a second about Pete Wentz is fashion ethnic. Because they still felt he was wearing. What was either. Like athletic. Soccer man playing like tedious on the whites like lack jogger right starter cancer out of it but they had it. Richt sent them like ripped jeans that they looked like jogger I or are they were skinny jeans or about via thing mean Bieber just skinny jeans with White Stripes on the sides pulling everybody. Or just me. That I think one thing too I'll. Okay yes he tells that was huge being with like teen kids and payment and like two years ago so maybe he's trying to bring them back the thing was it was a short tails is salon. Ours is just like a Pete Wentz and I hit it out wanna come back and totally fine at back what I saw how long my tail iiroc stale detail. I get like a big thing I loved entertainment side. Yeah that was actually. 56 years now but violent I totally missed that then. Like the last thing that I really remember there. Being really obscene thing like a slate. The bill is that he had no purpose and I'm nervous state windows clearly they didn't hold here back in its display. Really the one body and that was like holding your entire had a pair together. Here's our thing now and ears are like nine and is seen things like. A popular means strengthening my cat ears yeah my friend has rang and two clubs and Vegas just as. And I yeah whereas now and like few years ago I'd be like your weird you're free quietly cat use okay well I guess we'll go to story time the Segway away first justice acting. Still the cat ears thing was only weird because like there was a girl my high school and memorable in history class telling us. This girl always her cat ears which like it would have been weird. But she did show up in his driveway. A few times like in the morning and lanky guy like what and she just elect. Yeah pat and like to Xperia way. That's why people get dubbed as a weirdo okay ears ad that is it any sick people's driveways. And meow at them. That's how it happened that's speaking of acts. Accidents blamed this. Andy Beers sect had to move. To a different house why he has he had fans showing up. At his house circling his house in cars what label true yeah I guess and heat tweeted about it so let me pull. We wrote it. A case heats who weeded I appreciate the dedication so many have given to meet. And my career over the years however I must insist that finding information about sharing the address and showing up at my home is inappropriate. We will be moved meaning and I hope that going forward personal privacy will be respected. Also I would never want to contact authorities in regards to fans or people who just want to meet meet the circling my home. And a vehicle over and over is simply not acceptable please understand we are just regular people and stop this unnecessary situation. So. People somehow somebody found out where humans and started give his address only the liberal is it's creepy to show up to beat. I'll palaces and do you slow drive past over and over again haven't got it never need that a little bit creepy. But. My guide that sounds awful like this is why. This is why we're not famous because we're not ready for somebody that no other reason you know in this don't want people circling my house I really liked how he addressed that though like saying I appreciate the dedication in the fans and all that unlike me yeah and a jerk about it he handle that pretty well like. Because I do remember it when Brendan hadn't out of his house last year Brian Neary. Blake I remember feeling really bad because you tell from like his statements and stuff that like he is very flustered then and trying to be respectful. Play was hit it it's Celtics in office like stock a lake yeah. I haven't really hard thing to deal. This is a quote from raining eerie ring he had and he says as time progressed so did the amount of letters not just letters and gifts this and it changed into visits and constant harassment from fans it got so bad that I didn't feel safe in my home. I'm wondering if they were ruling cat ears and showing up in howling and mister Utley. I would feel pretty uneasy if somebody up for me if I'm going to be honest now. How people finding meaning gas that's not part of mine now we're. Still it's like. And then why if you have a confirmation Larry and a share that with every one I've got I Big Bang like why if you do it like yourself like asked that. And I also like I show up. Like like fresh house in high school or just have threatening your seats palace like what are you expecting to happen when you show up to bring in Aries how lake have India like I loved you nominally wildlife yeah outcome mean coming housing amounts watch Hudson biscuits and practical jokers and T. Leave it that's not what could happen. Like if somebody came to my door and is just like. Hi. I think you're really cool I'd like you I'd feel like I caught the police I think you're gonna get arrested in like five minutes of you who depending on the call time for the police right out aisles like my kick in keeps staying in my windows. Every morning and I'm about to call the cops on the kick in for being unprepared. Yeah it's creepy like that there's nothing okay about. And I understand I mean even. I was a fan on Tilly the highest degree you know lake back in the day and I still leaving kind of ram but lake I would never do that I league ever. Yeah I felt awkward sometimes even just sliding into an artist DMS. Yeah even telling Nilly you know they don't even read them right how to time and like I felt solid double. Duty night and being like. While I really expect some sort of emotional response from the first picket hundreds of these every day rates like. Don't miss something awful lake. Is nine enough look at the stellar lover. My favorite DIY YouTube where race is like does. DIY stuff on her she wrote a book and I like love the blood and it's cheaper funny definitely really promise spirit then. Lake I message sure she a lot of followers but I was like she still like she's commented on my staff without tiger and yeah I. Does appeal and heartfelt message to compliment like. These stories mean these are happy and my aching L used to great marriage and I think you're great role model she everyday. And I think that's sad. Like it's not even gets legally on the it was like ET DI wire grades. I anyways so yeah I you're not gonna get this gets inch rack from reading hearing or in appears sack is the moral of sorry we have to break the news to you that you can't go to somebody's house Sabrina kids Indian girls tale. It just doesn't work like and unfortunately. And it got it doesn't work if you where can I yours and not somebody from the driver that there. That we knew he doesn't help. What is. I honestly go back to follow buoyant talk about public harassment that what is your next topic. On the cell might next thing I'm still trying to avoid the really sad thing. Lake and I know that's going to be you ate it contending it's coming season. But I guess on one other thing that is not the seekers I think so it Gerard way is Netflix of these wrecking and called umbrella. Yost called ion knowing I'll come lions are in a way I know I'll umbrella academy about it. Nina click show that is happening. And it's all being on my turn away in the past Ellen Page as what it was like me characters. That's tackle. That is cool refused recoil at her. And she it was like. Juno is. Like such an owed she movie I mean she's not really Emo kid but she kind of mayors. And yet she's not that that menu is definitely. It is looking generation along like. India elegantly and like little sunshine and you've all seen. She's really cool so I approve of that casting. All this is cheaper in on the title match you know for just a second Michael Farah 'cause RTC about yesterday which I've never seen and that's really awfully asked. But like he really always rains and rains I'm glad Jennifer Aniston never ages. And like all these people never age. Michael's hair out it's really looks. Exactly even seeing you re talking just for a second that maybe he got ten years ago OK and I was like YA I looked up and out is to make sure that I wasn't crazy you know like. Not all. That is actually really true now that I think about it. And even like Seth Rogen and Jonah Ali they changed yet yet boxing gained wave they cut their hair and their beards. They'll in my life as Sarah's exactly sustainable business capital. Problem appeared. When. He's streets of movement a case I'd give anything else before we get this add staff. Me are you and it Dashboard Confessional. I'm not I did see that. The first Dashboard Confessional album mean eight years that is coming out February 9. And in one another missing element to talk about was OK I not seen this this is not new but it. Apparently he Billie Joseph Armstrong tweeted. On December 30 2015. He said. My goal for Tony sixteen. Is to destroy the phrase hop funk. And I don't know what he means by acts. And I don't know why a he doesn't like that. The facts and you're saying because I've never really. Categorize the day as pop park. So I really like kind of way and I would like old old I was gonna say all the stuff like geeky I'd go with yet. But like. I consider their stuff now to be more actually rock. Well. The reason that comes up it's because Rolling Stones. Top. 100. Pop punk albums. Was just beliefs. And DP is actually number line. No kidding really solid black it's funny because he heats. Did he comment anything about it being number one not that I saw. Well not really Syria and daddy day in all the way back to 2015. Finding some good and I'm only gel. I am turning a fun and it. Me I know that I believe me she's not number two. Man can get between anything like an alarm actually so. And then again yet he only has 561. Tweets total. Billy go come on about it and that. And one of them as a retreat that says your body weight please live forever. I I'm convinced that she is going to live for effort. Don't see that content where and now OK just take it back and bring him back. Cook it down and evidently they actually like fifty of these hard dear Taco Bell please let forever. Here I jagr please let forever. What lake this is what he spent all of these tweet sign their body then. One another one is the Jack and not free tree I believe the strokes will make a great album. Armstrong's Twitter needs some work guy let me I believe the strokes will make a great album like are they making and you out. Dying again this is from a couple runs I don't known. I don't know man says he believes there are going to like the happening yet not one in line. Pale of Billie Joseph Armstrong maybe they'll be steeper in his turn out that I now know what's happening. On the hangings I have no problem with the term pop punk and every and the Eagles is edu and Turkmenistan. Yeah I'd just like it's more mainstream. Like him more mainstream form upon can be played on the radio and it's not about late rolling in and yes mine and in lesson by clicks. It. Really improved. Yeah LA. At lake that super pop punk intranet fingered and TG Allen. You don't have any errors Mel who. Got GG Allyn item. Actually maybe. Be pestered. As everybody out this is like teach how idling on the phone I saved then it's. If you don't know about. Me. Mean. You to one of his concerts you. Had to sign. A wavered really. Glad I have not seen okay thank goodness. That now doesn't sound like something I would enjoy. That's actually really terrifying though. He'd be able to sign waivers from Kansas goes. No because I did see Maryland and an open for slip. Acts for that wasn't really at an Emmy Hanson and after seeing him. I of that. Mean you can see them I've heard it just changes your mind about him. Like that's how I've discovered. Some minivans just Francine and open app other bands. Lake Elway they sound live no way you feel you see I've says so much now. Who they bars of music and I get so mad at myself I get into open after the shuttle because ultimately Sebring is on the ray. Couldn't really enjoyed this out I just know about them rallying and finally did pick. But I have the list so. Honesty the top ten Rolling Stones. What is it top 100. No top fifty greatest pop punk albums on number ten miss bits. I don't feel like. Arnold that's popping sound confusing pop punk with yeah now that's it's there's a lot of that on here too so it's like all this list is all over the place. Pair more. Pop punk this out riot that's number nine. At nine and Blink-182 dude ranch is number a and I feel like I should be a little bit more. Closer to number. Yet not to really get on salad out of price thing generation acts. Number sad men. Buzz Cox. Number six. Probably take this to your grave number five a patent that and descend in smiley goes to college number four. The Ramones. Yeah our confusing. Paramount truck it's Arusha number three where it aptly confusing is pop that pop punk I don't I don't feel like it is. I'd link when 82 annum on the states is number two going Green Day is number one. Yeah I use one personally feel like pop punk did not. Become a thing and read saints leave recently implicitly irony in daylight. You know our albums like the seventy easily I have India's I don't think Kiki I think he got totally being out on it's probably my all time even problems and I don't. Generally like green angle I. But I love that album is a really good now I am like completely needs he recently thirsty pearl stopped you look at that date actually nineties and does daylight early to mid nineties like it was starting to people. I CR I changed Malia and she needs you. More of a pop punk setting. But I don't think it existed before in 1998. Q. But the thing in us it's just so weird to classify music because. I feel like nerve on back in the day. Was honk and then they started calling grunge yak and you know. Now actually you could say Sumner honest even pop punk. I I. Run it originally was how south yeah. It's still hard to classify music these days people on how they want. Every just make up your minds okay. Same thing we talked of this up follow blank. Because they're playing mixed only gone old songs and new songs and it's like you need to pay because your not seeing a good job of catering to Europe. All of older fans anti eager sixty old fans to be out there was definitely there was moms there. They need be aware like on the very hearing very outskirts of like dug hole about trends and happening and yeah 2000 straight. They remain be like you know twenty fives and eat most things were happening. And they relate this is kind of OK but I kind of still really like prince. You know have played so like they knew some of the songs. But it like it is definitely one of those things that mom's brother kids to that the flight. Stand doesn't swear that much and like yeah it's totally fine everything's fine now I totally a pre she. Then makes they had because they did play a lot of old songs they played good number of news songs but that he buddy Dan was really we're gonna. We're not dancing to the outside that you look we're getting too old songs were not dandy didn't exactly it wasn't working for how it. Differently. They have two different demographics going to see them you know I think that wasn't working day it would be really. Good for like a throwback to. How about that kind of glad like new found glory all I got out they're being they're claiming full album simply full albums and they're playing columns like I think you get to pick. Everything that they play dude. That's awesome if bobbled it and how would come Friday. But that also reminds me listening out I didn't know list Chad Gilbert from new found glory was on the he is featured in a song on and it. The album from under the accord treat the album. And he was screaming in it because he does. Historic locals sometimes. But there is what's on his. Internally that this website is so slow by the united yeah I didn't know that he was featured in the song on the album so Balladur and right and big day in a dressing room. Like backstage at a well. What I'd like rocks aren't sounds so cool and that makes. That album just so much. More often to me like that's already like a perfect album that's awesome but. I'm super stoked for new found glory because that is a man actually and Monday and be here you know. So. Yeah I know there is in this month every area in November at that house of blues. It's funny that so it's a Saturday after though not as its next. Did its. I've ax doing. That into right here. Aren't known that they're doing Saturday and Sunday. Both and possibly is I thought I heard about there being teaches that's pretty that's pretty sick. And we really cool. Okay and now I feel like because we keep talking about. It's things Reno lake. When you when you have something to talk about and you're trying to keep it chill and like trying to be normal and act cool. And like it's really hard to them that I feel right now because he die off all boy and you found glory. On the other hand a lot going on and I'm still just like this little cloud over my head. OK you're now ready. We're going where are guiding or what I I giant were diving Hoover bingo. What you are. Is it dying after its toy eighteen Ryan then it will be no long or. And it is so sad it's the end of an air after 23 year is seeing a shot down. And I still many feelings as. I say it did it. Would need as if I needed to feel more wolves and I yeah after last night's. Lake there is gonna be. Now there's gonna be at that opportunity for us to instead of being able to like at tour and some may object I'd never ban and it's like oh he's totally go this summer. I Mila say that can nickel back in my day when worked with the thing. Lake house and you know yeah. So unless. It is sad because it's like word tourists for bands that are not necessarily mainstream hand. This is lake it's like email night how. You describe it as like a happy at little blanket for this group of people and come together and share their love of this music and that's. Seen so I'll. That us like our festival. And it's. It's Sox like Ronald. I don't you don't know where it like our aid I know that only my first. Big music excuse Everest my first mosh pit my percent conserving my first ball of death like my first everything and Blake. There's just so much coming of age about. Yeah not show up every year that I'm just like Howell lake is just because he's been around as long term dislike it's seen its editors and aided in L. And so now this is gonna be Tony he will be the last year foray. On an according to had a line in the founder of war tours so. He put out a statement on Wednesday. I'd say there's a lot different deciding factor in this. A decline error. Eight decreasing the band pool as part of it felt like there's not many bands and and also. A very competitive music festival. Like. Business in the summer which makes sense. I think it would be hard to get a chance to dedicate to something for the entire summer when there's like how many passed laws on our country. That they can also play Nat and finally Q you said that declining. Ticket sales that the teenage demographic was part of it. And I tell thought about as interesting because. Were tour like I have always thought it like gathered like teenagers there because it is. A cheaper things then like a coach Kelly you know like it's fifty bucks now and it used to be like thirty but what I started going now think if you acts. Hangs up like a week cheaper than a lot of things to see a lot of bands. That you wanna see a onetime race but I else would never say that it it was like to show specifically for teenagers. I thought it was kind of interesting that he said the teenage. I read a comment somewhere that this guy was like I've been going since 95. And I started taking my daughter in 2012. And it's like our father daughter bonding time and like that is so cool and that's what it's all about because like he grew up. He grew up going award tour and now his daughter's growing up going award tore and it's like. Do you have a principle that you can't sit seed bands like this like mostly underground bands out. And band's legal here on the radio. It's like it's interesting too because. There's so many different kind of bands like Alan every year there's like a slightly different theme sort of them some years will be really heavy and like more medals than yours will be sort of like weird it like rap hip hop some years will be like Billy bubble gummy. Blake. Sort of pop punk ish this type of stuff. I am like why I like how all in the world so yeah I guess at this last year. But I'm also said he's trying to make the last year really special. Which I guess is sort of a silver lining in that he's trying to get it there really killer lineup for. Too many teen and trying to bring instant dance that he felt like really meet worked for what it has become. Elderly electronic. So I am. Really really hoping that because. I mean they have to have really great lineup for the last line. We got like a peep gonna go now. Like I'm gonna go even if I don't necessarily love the line up Ali act going and go if it's the last line and I would almost. Satan like be careful about telling now on sale did yeah because like diet. It never sells out and this is one of the shows that any time people get worried about telling how to make a speedy it's not Alec. Knocking a sellout like there'll be a lot of people badly don't worry about it this year I would say actually meet the little worried actually probably be very wary. These are telling. I think it dates already out so we're the second date which is already like that's weird. Yeah that's we're now ready and comfortable and I don't appreciated June 22 so you're always disliked until last day for real and we're never the second day. Are hoping that means they just. Could give all the good bands at the beginning of the tour I'm sure that they don't even though I'm. Almost positive if Ali going public a lot of laid it on now what's going on but what are your predictions for the lineup. So it just based telling the ones I've gone to deal. Com I would say because there's a couple of hands that I see it there every single year that I like in almost noted there in either of them. Celek made it prayed with my big one because up until last year they plead worked for I think like eight years zero. I teammate Adrian. Ilene K. Real big finish. To her and on being our ally and just constantly I would never actually see them but I always be walking past and a sellout unlike. They're here again yeah head on the Memphis may fire they've been out on it. Like a couple of like more than a couple of years in the Catholic and a few aisles and edit my chemical romances like. In talks mail faxes and talks. Leone Q would be so his stellar. It would say I feel like they. There from San Diego on it feel like LaMarcus from like lake. They don't give enough love to San Diego yeah that they should aid if they can do just one day. On the final look to largest do you San Diego's students RS I got that out they see starting. Every video like everybody is happy and not two anonymous. Weird alien with pomp. Yeah all my guy. Had a bout I'm saying like it has to be everybody O out I would. I would be okay that would be okay if I pick and I'm actually got our fantasy though. I'm just now remembering and looking up like. On site in the past lineups so that I can like. It's because there's a few people and LO for your strong is one set your goals as another un and that I would totally and I'll be surprised if they did. I feel like until is always networked and carried Chelsea green is almost always awards yeah Chelsea and is on Hainan. Who holds. My favorites. That I have seen there. I have seen parent power outward to our. And actually parent artwork was a big part of their life starting off an ethnic maid she doing it. Like it said these are fantasies. In my head but I would I did not unrealistic. It's just that would be really really cool. I'd like there's gonna. A lot. At stake there's going to be a lot of gas people on this. Next year's there's any a lot of gas performances a lot of question marks on the line up to them when they put it up every day you know Alec but that's at times there's always that one special percent. I think there's going to be a lot of us. My name favorite. Dance they've seen it where its parent or. Of mice and men. The devil wears Prada. We came his romance. Trying to think who else. I can remember. Where your favorite cities seen. -- Com. I think I. Probably is. I tuck her mar. And I was like me think they weren't with being there they were different that secret special percent follows are some. Iron hammer bringing her eyes and being one of my favorites that's ever exit closed out one of the workers silent hill. And it was like nighttime as memory getting steeper rowdy into reviled by. Those. Hits are always so fun because they always do all of that that link a bunch of mosh pit and stuff. But they're all silly kind of band people hopped up if and when you fall sell Allison if as a little sixteen world. Com. Person emerges like on my Europeans for a long time with us on and there are a couple times. Well I. I think miss pierce the veil and they played work to order appears to bail last time they played worked I think I missed it you're really and I want and then on this Salina. I'll all of their farms an eight I think a leaked he argued yeah ads come in San Diego bands. Peterson in Germany to a and you know I don't know they need to step up for the final tour. It's gonna be lake it's really going to be an interesting. Mix I think he said that lake. He said quote it's not going to be lecture which generally note paddy means. As a means that he sang like he's not trying to make older but that might come out being older and which I'm looking and it would mean about. Like at all yeah I wonder what that means. By Yasser Lola I think. Like every land would be more than OK with the whole I have been through pacs oh yeah like any and go to any festival. To you discovered new bands I mean that's part of you're gonna go all four of the bands the F headlining band yet you know especially warped tour. Because I mean. And that's the only time those bands that are headline anything like if he hits a court order. That's I think he gently you're talking about yesterday is like if this does really well array which it's going it the last portrait and yet. Maya is eight is it gonna continue is this like is it's a pretend farewell. Is this just in building hi Kate yeah bring work back. Donna I'll maybe people need to snuck up myself included I stopped going renamed it and it's at Qualcomm because I don't like hanging out at Qualcomm. And I wasn't like a huge fan of the line but in LA it's inexperience. It is Atlanta making any reflect on Alec well maybe I should have been going even if it the minute I love that band rationing going for the experience not when I'm. Planning on doing this one and I feel like shady person for skipping out a couple of years any meat soup like maybe that's the point of this maybe he's not exceed. CE EC what's gonna happen how would you pick might feel if this goes away it forever like I'm hoping that's what it is actually. Goal. Here because it. Money back there a K so the war to re line that's eat. We looked at the races that I think dude those first day super expensive and unlike. Yeah may money yes had to let me money. Blake I saw a lot of people even his on my own answer Graham. Going on Nat Bailey yeah and I was like all my guys those were really expensive so we are there people hurt. Buying those tickets. And now I'm I'm I'm sad thing it's the second date I'm upset that it's the last one. And just it's I'm Maureen more than usual. Which is really saying not he can climb in this and he was tired basically and it's like that's cool use a million people you. In its job student in me. Better like if somebody came up to you write down like we take over where you're. That a well yeah. Yeah that's like that's and yeah all the way Ayman yeah I think he should definitely passage. Pass it on somebody. Instead of ending hits I think. I'm just being hopeful here by. And hoping that that's kind of what ends up happening at pianist is that that's. He says that worked well still exist in different assets yell it's sad words ending its cross country Ryan yes. Saw. It. So the Tory self and I like that it might still exist as me he won no big thing year. Like I am freaking Chicago hours some pretty far away mad Mel I feel like. I feel like could be summer at California so we are actually lucky in that instance. But I feel like it would become more of just. I've. I think he did anything it would become morally in these past. Three days in one Indiana. And it got it. I could totally see him doing that selling now. But what matters but I think upset because I was a kid that you know it just like where that is smoothie shop and like gotten allowance for her mom. Lake sixty Oxford ticket was like quite a day men and like that was like I could still afford it fell. And it. Yeah IV Starr if it does become a comedic fassel or something where it's 18 thing that's definitely going to be more than sixty dot lake. Then you definitely and easing the teen age demographic has been knocked ago rain. Sad things happening such things. Egg that. This is so grants. But after diapers worked for ever could flaky guy you always commodity smelling yes like not smelling like BO particularly hard just like. A mix of Blake Selma high and sway cigarettes cigarettes grow up belittled it it's like everything. I illegal they really didn't wash my clothes I was not Merrill really I put them in mind I never work again. I put them in like my work toward Agassi I get it solidly. Put them in there and also my first box of condoms ever was come try hair care. Yeah they just. Also weighing like candy do they didn't wait freaking Tampa bonds Ab work which is awesome like the expensive until ends I didn't they act out one year external lakes deep. Three like a legit blocks. Yeah that would cost you like tin boxes and I think yeah it sounds like it sounds like it's a whole book. Not giving it the way. Did and I came home and publicly the box commonly go to any reprieve but they weren't free read done well that I have gone down. Only sixteen I don't I don't need none diet. They're freeze on the tape. The Yunel then and actually did need them I totally did use those or part on them. And let me there's sell my chew that I I this can't deal. That is a big parts. Of our lives expense so we Summers looking forward about one day late. Of solar Wheeler that is eyewitness seems used every similar to that and it. I don't think he realizes like he strength in my childhood like I went home yesterday. An ice. I cried and I don't cry like. Of all the things like cry about I did not cry about dean but he didn't try not Tom Petty adding cry about prince no musicians ray ray. Like but worked rounds is that it's ending and I went home and it's like. Like feels like your child citizen means this is what my body decides to make tears and there is who worked for calling it quits. And also just never thought I would tell me talking not crying over worked or is probably a Saturn athlete and and that's podcasts that was definitely supersize. It found the clapping them actually you can kind of pay out just just how she cries. OK but if you like any. People that you predictions that they'll play or hurt when he eighteen hours a meteor just like I would love to see that let us known. Who it is that you ninety off head and a message does or comments on like anything on the San Diego is the page. And also Matty look to him on Twitter. At Matty doing now. And I am out Elisa funding for nine so let's get out. In the meantime I mean it's not going to be. To say to stay tad I based Sadr who just sir might there that's your my space that. Stage now.