Friday, February 9th


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What is that. I'm nine and and according hints. Are burning and I'm not singing the luminaries are now. Now this is an email pat at lean on yours and not in you know bay and c'mon man get more sad. It's no word back. On the reason I'm not that sad is your fault because he brought me Starbucks. So all I should of brought her Starbucks you don't know that I was win you'd came in here verses how I am right now Lally have a tournament next amazing difference. Can't see an amazing difference and let some espresso makes the move give it converts your happiness and an espresso book not that. I saw this thing though is like more espresso less the press so in endlessly yet so I knew I was either post that at. That's dramatic. Though I mean I happen we haven't got the season like no married out really sorry for all to view that listens and yeah. Let's you know relating downer the end of the literal we. The reason look for me. And I think he told me was kind of the same thing for you but. And we really there literally just to eat low. Yeah lately actually my cat he's not doing enough podcast but we got out of the house finally we just got okay persons like all the craziness of the holidays so we're like sorry we're too busy to see you rate and then we just are only sat her I was really sad if you say that country's story leg and relate them. Look at text exchange of public scientific teams that he's out. Yeah but now we know that if we have Starbucks before hands we're OK I BO OK it's totally Ryan. But RE two run yeah the two B Ellis now I'd be hand the either dance and hand in hand being in up. I know are different army from Twitter really yeah are you listen to at least two of the use emails we got him on your sound they didn't know he was smuggling. Test foul in the army we didn't get IPO. And I just don't think he's old enough. Because it we're spurs had the elders in my cheap drinks PER and handled the army and yet it still wanna get an elder. The view not elderly we want to get elders view and elders of view on the Enola my music Emo music but we want to meet up completely like. I in the educate my line guys. There are people in this building. Who definitely. I don't. Look at. It hater I don't know. This guy. That I think it's a lot and I. Anybody by Edna ran its new building with like windows everywhere so we're kind of in the arrival and you have people can see at them and and he's. We're not cave anymore republic windows and stuff that's like hard to BC percent. I guess yeah we can see outside I dated men can see from my Olson I am wearing black ripped jeans and I am when I was on the black you look like they usually do that's really just because I'm too lazy to take out. Cute outfits black doesn't lack the I was listening to my email playlist on the plane today it's get myself. In the minds that we haven't. There's not even make coming up seemed okay I'm glad you're not economic drag her to even as she's got to work at it no accent I have to go to that because. It's the one in March rate. No there's gonna be in February of February 27 I think he Mon night Brooklyn. That want art she is yet Ivan is an Myers that it is in the march. So I don't know what day mark I thought it was march 3. But there's a special. Yes indeed shade. Jordin from new found glory hello little on that I couldn't I really want it to dole team and I Brooklyn anyway because I wanna see how it's different. Yeah glad that would be so rad. So we have to do that and the T one is an excellent I definitely saw that there was one coming up we'll Oprah yeah march 3. Yes yeah and I and that's a. That's a Saturday Matt yeah. Yeah the hard sell is not sun on so excited I should be cool so even it's coming up we which we also have a camera though is like for our. We didn't make it said that demon Knight day. My did not go to the special team and ninety days. Event's. Diet and mean so I'm selling mound and carton. Selena her game is Zell. Would she start opening now. Why did you can Tommy your policymakers shut sharp preference. Which we don't make OK while you saw what I saw today when islet dubbed the steel I can't un CAA it was guy theory in a Shrek mask. Probably learn about things I found on the Internet so fired a yeah the economy in my day and not the number one because they think and I found a sponge on video opposed that I daily that is good. Firefly is just playing in real or not believe near name is infused sound guy experience checked Mac it. I couldn't believe it like like. Like what is happening. Well. But I'll go with the other one play don't call it I daddy. And you're trying to be a real freak. Colin all lord part climb out. And I would really weird daddy is so it's like he's seventeen Lorillard are wide yeah it's so disturbing. Ill. We'll turn our and I really think I need something to say yeah I don't want you to Tommy about the movie that you watched that we are both supposed to lodge but I did watch because I suck at being a person I actually yeah I can't believe I made youthful navy. Last night I was you retired but I did it even in the musical we've talked about this like for months now. But it's on Netflix and it's like an Australian navy. But at the accent are still steeper understandable but it was like a really year. I mean. Not Lincoln I don't know if it was like totally supposed to be funny and gusty apart he Gannett plague. I I wanna hear your explanation that pretty much let us explain senate even in music all. Is that I think the Emo in Australia might be different than email in America. Big it is very lake. That got lover is against the ego is. So like their religious kids and it really is so this your range of well and Lang. I don't know if it doubly funny in lake a very mom likes it's your way. I don't like a movie like that I would never come out of America because of like weight she darkened topics for kids part of it. But Blake can link the very first scene is like a kid. Saying that he wanted to go by razors but his mom when Lennon and and it is like I just want a girl all its genes as tight as my name and that Blake. All this stuff and that eyeliner is very heavy of interesting part that I. Wanted to talk to you about this movie is that not only did the guys have got airliner. But they also had their eyebrows drawn and put it all in your day go I don't remember that it's hard to even things up. And also have a lot to do like the school gets funded by this like anti depressant like serotonin companies. And they're like we're happy schools they're trying shuns. Anti depressants down everyone's throat and really we don't want to be happy and like I mean think about it so. Pretty excited to play get it's like a beer at lake Romeo and Julianne at westside story. Out even now lamb medical. Definitely worth an hour and twenty minutes of your time it's kind of it's more recent movie your right yeah I just can't unfunny seventeen. Oh my god the other part that killed you know so on. And this isn't. This really isn't much of a spoiler to happen like the first five minutes silicon main character can't. Tried to hang himself outside the school and get expelled from that school and get sent to the quote happy school. Thumb and they show he's six. Also in the form. And I had to rewind because his birthday data burn it was in 1999. So they can kill me out let me codeine. On the play I want to light show line Wednesday and we can't and I can confirm that email kids are still I didn't Friday. We thought they might have died off that they totally deny it Ari first of all I wanna know where they Emo kids in San Diego. All are like what I wanna know what schools in San Diego actually have like in Emo scene still because. Even 1000 high school there wasn't really one Steele canyon was kind of like a pet eat jock school more than any name. By and Value Line Deanna and I I don't know. Let schools how the natural Emo scene right now and not and I creek areas I'm not in high school. But I am curious as to where Blake the majority Larry you know I Harare now whole I'm me and the midwest this chop full of them we also dealing a month of sunlight so everybody's pretty sad. That's yeah. But assuming I wanted to say about that movie because it's a recent I feel like. I want someone who's familiar with Australia to confirm this but I feel like maybe it wasn't a thing until recently in Australia. I was wondering is like. OK because the fashion in general and maybe and now I'm not very well educated on Australia eyes is seen that there wake cooler than last. On because they hang out with all of iron and hit areas and their actions are awesome Finding Nemo is made there so it's gotta be played. Blake they'll hold the fashion in this entire maybe not just the Emo kids as like 20072. T plague so even even like. The got Bible numbers flake it was really we hearing. I don't know if there latent trying to mate is late it's a flashback like it's not saying current time that I we are not old enough to have movies that are supposed to be flashbacks yeah and a half now I don't know I feel like. May be Emo is the current trends in Australia. And if that's true. At that almost would make me wanna go to Australia but I never led because of the spiders. That are bigger then African dogs patty is out Australia because met with the despite her is now only much no not dealing in another thing you and now this is clear and notice telling logic is like the make up. Silly guys have their eyebrows drawn in which I certainly didn't Pan American now but Manning and nobody had their eyebrows restaurant and I was at some new help me and my brother John even girls did their now act I don't know when this became a thing but it did in now on self conscious look old pictures. But the guy probably some serious contour going on tail like crazy contour happening. It doesn't it why My Chemical Romance black bill Brad feel like now it was like. It was like oh well dying contour and like a and beauty tutorial contour. I don't know her name in Italy either Emo kids are very different and also challenge is very much a possibility. Or. This is supposed to be complete total joke which is very much a possibility. All her. Nobody. On that site was even close to me and he's OK I think it's one of the three options but either way like at that it was. Definitely super funny and Blake it's very it's cheaper over the top silly it's not supposed to be a serious film like at all it's supposed to be like hysterical. Sorry I know watch it. Winning home. I'm actually not messing up because I've said that every day this week he's a Catholic and Nader got sick. I don't have makes excuses not to watch it tonight is I don't have to get up early tomorrow. But I sought on Netflix sounds like. Yeah and I can't legally we mistakes like I'm always looking out what is coming in Catholics that sometimes it cracks and I didn't see the in my musical. Was going to be on there in the very end of the film makes you feel real good and fun because it says thanks for watching this film legalese supported hundreds of creating jobs and like. I'm doing my part in the world bio watching that flags pinky out I'd feel really bad if I have lake. Downloaded that memory and install. It's like night that was maybe our original plan and the mobility and they sent to tell us your member they sent us a link. Oh yeah. So here's a watch like that I got Philly wade daughter knowing that like I pay a subscription fee much without way. Yeah you're welcome Australian team located. I hope this benefits CEO and hopes to you by a more. Skyline her hands eyebrow pencils and. That she was. So and like I am dumbing all of the plays of the plot lines so like you really do need to watch maybe if you want to understand Hollywood I'm talking about. By a non disc flakes kid gets into another school could he got expelled because the happy school and he's like there's email is here. And he joined a band called worst day ever and they're playing like Iraq and rock band competition and whatever. And that they're trying to impress this one night it's like an alumni that was like the ultimate team now and like this guy was so. Hard court. He had his parents are he's like he took his parents coughing to bring them ashes in in the real mall over the crowd they. Well any is like he once painted a picture of his ex girlfriend in his own blood he is the ultimate team now idyllic oh. Allow all so is definitely like a home act. I am and I wonder if that's ever gonna happen name on lane in from Jordan from new found glory will. Dump his parents come in ashes all the crap out. I know I play. You can't even make gets really hot and sticky just blinked the water that you happy sexier body. Okay well speaking of the new found glory parent more. Which forever is related to an offense learning our cover art always connect and are about us just the way things are. Parent or as a new music video. I know you watched it so yeah for his flamboyant yes skewed. And that's really weird it's really weird that way it's also like kind of funny but I don't totally get it I don't give outplayed. They teach you wanna be internal yeah there are OK there's a part. Where Hayley Williams okay so in the Leo they're all off three of them aren't journalists there on the news from like eighties yeah. Or seven meetings tonight you play them in the is sick of I'm not sure it's just really ugly of the coast apparently the hairless ugly everything was ugly. But anyway is. There's a point where she's talking to her younger self it's a little girl playing a little girl version of Hayley Williams. And I'm just like it's okay first off she says she's in Berlin Germany I'm like and why. Yeah this I don't see where no reason for you could be in Berlin hearing now that doesn't mean expand on not so I don't get why they're in Berlin. Or why the little girl is and then it's like what it I don't know it's just haley's really Sadr now we all know that. Play I feel lake it's pretty much the same treatments is the fake happy video. Just like trained at her yeah people think that your happy that your diet but you're not but at the end. She is like Keno that. Forget about this bring it about Chad that's not what she says but you know you know that you or does she think it now. But since the start like throwing things. Calling she drops an F bomb. It is bleak Dow now what I like I'd never heard about from her before she sassy like it where. Blake in the break in the video where she'd like thing in the death unfortunately is let yelling at the predictors of and I'm like oh gosh I hope that's not which are actually like in LA but I doubt it re. Honestly I don't know if I honestly don't know because I remember Eric Josh. Far oh. Wind he left parent or that statement saying that zoo as a diva. Yeah. Still queens stunts he is still hurt fates person in lake I hate her because she is a perfect place apart and she's like a literal goddess. Some home. Even nearly two of these gross asked southern bangs in this video that he's trying to look beautiful how to she's still a good way I'd RIA so this yeah. But no the video is definitely really get it just came out I think I'm. Like her just keep up this week. Yeah I think I. It's. Who's the banner now it's hurt it just sack. RO came back say Al one of them came back I came back to be the drummer again and it's. He'll her. What's as well and yeah I don't why Blakey yeah Ireland it's there. Ohio lake. Turnover in that end so it's definitely we are really the ones to blame. Yeah it's confusing they're changing their members like every five minutes gap but I mean it still can step only a lake. Keeping on that track of its. Not supposed to be it doesn't sell only get to be a sad song that played. Still LA in the tempo is upbeat it's soundly gap is song. But and on the laughs and if he actually looking little leery X not actually happy son actually happy song isn't that. Isn't that the premise of even though these day is all that yup. Just trying to make it look like him happy didn't see him be what else gone on ball well worked or. Lineup this mystery dropping on March 1 or last month from new don't have anything more movement that way. I just wanna ask if we can trade Coachella for warped tour. Latest sacrifices can we yeah can you just skit. Warped tour back if we'd be if we return tonight exchanged. Am I crazy Chile anymore. I wanted to get this warped tour because I just decided that I liked it better now it's worth saying and I think we're just a little emotional. Damage. Over the worked for things we do love Coachella. Obviously. I'm never big diet. Better pick. As soldiers like my sad my fatty you know kid and smelling like everyone else aside by the end of the day. Yeah and we're like a second day on our trip this year to to Nazi percent dial using the like the second the last one year old warped tour they where giving away a free tampons and aliens were like good quality. Coats heck. Read holing yeah. And simulate what do kit free. I let him. Well it's like are they just relieve their trip again but then at the same time it's like they can't they get pregnant I don't work but it. Mean they were giving away like full on boxes of moms that reminds me I do wanna talk about your IT Scaife watcher earlier here. I was asked how it too late how does she help the environment a good idea. Is whenever you're gonna take a shower. That's like. Call up one of your friends and relay came about to take showers today maybe you can use to take one over here like take and or I can go over there and take a shower while you take shower and this is how is that Powell conservatives just shower to get there. OK I ended it saying it conserving water by buying cat still kind secular but don't requirements. I'm clearly relieved what's ironic about those is that I get those all the time. And I always end up over a lottery yeah. I think I just got Lyon lake two weeks ago and it's already well hey Lyndon how might kill you guys all the tigers but to be like so easy there's a hero to be invincible cactus is strewn and not kill noble but. But here I am just like it kill them like crazy that's. While if that is in super you know I don't know what is like Kenny and keep the cat missile I can okay cactus alive are you kidding me. And that's that pretty much sums up my life so I've managed to keep a catalog. The meet them. I'm Cali goes outside and insert themselves and keep brings me stuff like. Honestly he should probably be the one taking care of me. Let me bring you present I don't wanna eat in the presence he brings but but he's trying he's being irresponsible. Taking care of me do you suppose I'll I. How narrow when OK so I'll put their album after pushing it back. And you listened I deny it did you and lowdown like. At least the first anyone's sentence in one set days. What the album. Me and it's literal garbage is what it is yeah. But I will say this there's one song I'll lake. I don't love I like it well enough expensive mistakes it's the most Bob Boyd being the most probably sounding song I've heard from the new album. But everything else is just like disposable ranges I don't understand what they meant when he said he homeland where not. Proud of her. What every other statement was when they had to push back the album release yeah his off the mountain like. November I don't understand how that took you so long because it's really disposable. I'm sorry for being mean but I just never been more. Let down by anyone in my life. And I have been let down by fall happily. Follow playing route return any huge hands titans line hello once again dollar. They did. And they out I'll listen to like and not get how they keep it why didn't they can eat featuring all these rappers. On like every other song I don't begin it's like all right we get a Eli to collaborate well okay didn't I just saw another thing out of people and he's dynamic little Gotti. And like his he doesn't telling about this a few months ago how he feels like a rock enroll. Huge night for all of that he's like now I don't think it's dead it's just going somewhere else it's not like traditional what you think is like Ali's going to be. He never gonna get another Nirvana he liked but I think day. He Whitney say Gene Smith can be like demeanor Ghana and I saw and then now he's like saying kind of the same age thing about Michael Yani which it'll actually do one thing if they collaborated with good rappers but. They're collaborating with like Lilly idea and Jeanne incidents. Statements that come I will say though it. Like Will Smith the did like an impersonation of data in and it is pretty much like everything. It was like dads on goals not as all hell oh yap Pete Wentz is Indian data again. Oh he is Mac daddy is his having a daughter of and sold like the idea that so I know OK no final form and BP once his dog got really good. It's so weird to me personally to be having a girl yes to boy is brain courtesy of three knowing has to. And a buddies having a girl with his girlfriend who is on model. I much Holliman who. Dude I feel like Pete Wentz is in goal in life but Nike secretly hates women. So he likes it fine women with good bodies and get them pregnant and who in the block. You. Hit it that's Pete wins his goal in Lye if I mean like how many kids I would have a leg yet we don't don't down different arms. Yes. Yeah that's what he wants to do I don't know why but it. That's what Pete Wentz does well he lands and I'm so wait and hear. Her. You will sacrifice his body for you though. I average two diet plate email article antisense Mir earlier this week Muehlegg crying others in the back in 2007. I'm not email idol like to be defined by labels now in twenty clean. I am the big Emo emailing an even scared. Of a given that Amy only dad. Only got a husband do the peat lands while bottoms of their eyes and looks so pretty though and I do I look like 2005. How do girl do anything about looking like 2005 peat let us not. Honestly I mean that's a only a bad being to look like 2000 by. 2005 Pete Wentz. I mean. That's not bad but if you are lying Nina if you brow and I is and you line means your bottom bottom line of your eyes. That's why eight. Because I really only works if you leak blew up as used in giants I posted to a hill and I like it made my eyes fixed so small and made me look like. If 2005 Pete Wentz had an ugly it made me proud and he isn't good. Upload a picture of me without because like it was my look up until maybe like three years ago lake. It wasn't that long ago that I did stand which is the worst part nobody took only year. You gave up on make up and it our all Green Day Billie Joseph Armstrong and and cap on need there eyeliner Riley came out basket case. I actually wanna try that out. I was feeling like what I makes this eyeliner standouts. Yeah from other islanders. This OK I have always thought about this when celebrities collaborate with like make up. Companies. To make their own like lips stakes are high liners it's lake what makes this more violent and know how all month she'll work the celebrity themselves I actually puts into because it's mostly just like science. And chemistry to act the formula. So I don't know Howell a celebrity would have like how does Billie Joseph Armstrong I don't think he's a Kim missed IQ and a pro like sometime in the not so public key is like. The father of the eyeliner I've still like most. The celebrity can do though is say I want it to be this color and it's like. K I'm sure that color is already exists in some other make up Blakey. There's only so many colors you can and it. In Minsk and then smashed an Aaron like a lab can it be an all scientific link chemists like trying to make things and I and I tried to do that until like I. Oh yeah I am making many of second ranked golfer and you like just hit a but in many were Audi 5000 apps for Ellis that's like you can pick the color. And then they can sail like I won this. Eyeliner to be waterproof or smudge approved for like that's a scientist job. To make it like that I know Billie Joseph Armstrong pinning make the formula himself. So I just don't understand. The day Kat Von deet. I don't think cap and deacon really. Now home may yelling not here maybe she's a sign intense. I don't call cap on U leaders and I figured this out what happens week to make her own. Lipsticks. From pain to me answers yeah I'm always wonder that. This is kind of fun just found this Valentine's Day is next Wayne today. And candidates go just at least he specialty gallant trained feature. It's only available until. Next Wednesday at bell Wednesday. And it does this get a discount and has pink and red five and a couple and I mean I dormant the F I'll take it any pick meaning no I would really like more is like a new album and a public that's him. I'm officially don't fifteen DB thing come out and sell fake English probably never Linksys. Yeah it's. I never say it's a broad latest big boots I know we kept meaning to make it there we did you make it to. DTT Boone. On Broadway I slow watching videos and late for an in Jiri cut burning like. They saw uncovered Billy jewel on utes in the other day and it was Seoul could lead I just love his voice so much use only inform. Broadway and like musical theater just sent for everything he's so per lake. Asia Hyundai. And it can't get the discounts like one in my hair bands. How is really the same response alike of course they are. And like I like it here actually secured and tell me that bring eerie isn't and does not heavily won most phenomenal voices and lying to yourself and her around hail rain. But some of their bases. Dowling weeks. He was in pain any. For her. Since 2000 and I aim them. Some forms known it from my whole like god they formally 2000. Five was their first album so me so Don weeks as the basis since 2009 and he'd just the last two wouldn't be mean none hints. Ban that he is working on. What is it called Aaron it's I don't know how but they found me they found us that's called something weird like. Underwear long name but he that's his new bands. Actually like I listen to one of their songs it's a life has this old school panic by Abe oh really not. It doesn't they're not bad at all actually pretty good advancement. He laughed panic to perceive that journeyman soap can occurring now it's just like bringing Jiri. Tournament and Vincent how I compare Morrison basically just Hayley Williams. And like whoever else decides I know at some point pair morrow will just be Hayley Williams. Specter still even as Caremark she kind fellows how many times web bucks mean as that the name Perry Mora was from. Josh and Zack and Naimi that manned and many Haley joined it. But now it's like haley's bands. And Josh isn't even in the man's. You know so that's where I get like I don't know about Haley loans I feel like there's some things off. Haley act like he does need to coming out you began to eat Turkey expert I need every single day so you need to come here. And we need to figure out how to Pristina are hanging with us like we wanted to be a bad person because I want to better about my cycle. I mean yap pretty much that help me out a lot if he just be worse if you could says Ollie being imperfect that would make my life so much easier. And that would be incredible. Please do that I'll also TO I talk about this CDs and asked by a are gone by diet and at lake at my big reason for that being so sad because like I mean most lasting about a CD that actually. Wrong time in June same but late. The mood I lived with like a theory can't play out in in my walkman for like months. Like months on months and like I went in at night that thing. Is it had renal advisory and remember being so young like eleven or twelve going into the star. And like freaking out with a look on my guide it says Ronald either right here or not he'll let me buy this album in lonely hold their like I had she's fine. And then I'm running around thing about like well we're just don't. Dream didn't let seed an omelet and why are used seemingly do you know that is. Unlike. And game but I'm like you'd get there never have to. He stressed about buying troubled ITC's mounds and now on my eyelids with plague every year follow the latest CD. In my car like I would just rotate them in my car even when mean you went to see them magnolia hi Betsy 89 and never even heard oh yeah that was their her son Nate out with tear it was. Well girlfriend look it up all up Malays evening out with their girlfriend and it was like who. It was like something that wasn't limited be released Blake yeah. Apparently I didn't even know or got taken better care of it but I mean no I don't have it it's one of those things that lake. There was like no copies of it. Fully know every. There were copies of it but like not near not even close to didn't like math supply well it is my favorite thing in the universe. Yeah I bought that online borders. Borders I don't know if they even have a website anymore as were receiving eggs in their stores are gone I don't know if they have a website anymore. But I used to buy Sony CDs office and orders website for summaries and look at angry at prices that Blake. Things that we miss dealing like that technology like. Kind the odds to be like making XP it's. Can make six TDs. It's the down gives them like funny handling drawl over the CD now. CD's I mean. He might come back finals. No milk seed at the thing now I don't want to come back in like an overpriced Urban Outfitters kind of way yeah that's not I want. Just the best buy isn't selling them maybe best buy is gonna go away actually know anything goes to best buy out that's kind of a spastic and relax. CD ITV OITV. News I have. A lot of it may be best I will become odd so seats. Why don't we just not go there and peace talks telling CE. Is Blake excited because I'm probably gonna need a new laptops in and I lineup going to best buy and so let's knock. Exactly what sells the mechanics. And my mom is telling me to like when her mind out of fight that was like her first thing that she would you shouldn't lake. She's the extremists option they teach you CD's it's like to get tunnel alphabetical order and stick the Roma on the ground. Remembering come down like hokey you being hasty significant. Are. You're taking away crucial part not a life such a good thing to do to your significant other dairy aisle because. That's some knee I still Mathis I had I'll for the ties. Anything and somebody did that and somebody is too small to on the downlink broke them so that is actually. A really good things to do if you're hot as well take they're seated CD collection and approached the concrete. That'll really get down and I'll show you who's boss a way around have you ever played cards against humanity. With your parents. Now. It's terrible lack of my mom a couple times how does that count I mean. With my mom it's not a big deal but it still kind of on Christmas comes hot in the only time. Like I wouldn't play with my dad no way. And a few apples to apples like you do I'd like apples and apples and my mom no problem hedge against humanity and Dick. They gave me that it's pretty could be. To pass on that Marino aren't we should do play currency and humanity. Line. Gone is hi yeah. Yes. One more person to play with lists only gotten out it's so dark dreamy you doubt he's such a dart game I aren't in Indian limo cards against humanity. How does not exist. That have to be I think there needs to be a special because they sell the expansion packs they should make like a suit even Mac Expansion Pack Lee used. I would love lack alibi laps I recently now I finally nabbed the best time named talking about what. So many depressing being miss it. Q I lake OK so I'm not this is what I need to happen that's here thing that I need to have. And funny teens who is our first podcast of the year I need an email edition of card against humanity please gases SP thing. And I need a new pin this column yes he is. I need to go to look we either team and I LA and you're just not Presley got and I could always on Tuesday. Me and slowly shedding your back in time to do this evening show and hatred life. And you're a lot I mean My Chemical Romance get back out there I mean worked hard to say just kidding. Where it's hanging out on April 1 or sort of be like the whole thing was an April fool's. Is the six month April. I am the doctor is like the best April fool's trick double time and let their ticket sales will skyrocket. Even more yeah. I feel like that that need to happen very much so I am trying missing a something that doesn't involve shrank. But we need a shack five. Name. It's I I'll I'll want a shark but actually heard about my Elliott didn't wanted to be room and no I don't need to be ruined but I heard that actually might be a thing really. So all I I don't know because. If they its reliance I'll be really upset but it really get on during the term presidency might be cool. It's. Only if it has all the original home voice cast. And a special guest appearance from guy theory. I love that late in nineteen fine yeah. Like it could guide the area you are looking like stuff that trek would make lake is swamped brats do it exactly. Lotus sold night. Cannot close eye that is mine very reasonable thing to ask for that I see her out in wealthy you're in need and you shut the navy but with specifications of the majority passed plus sky theory in thirteen warm and don't ruin it all. Don't you dare. From room today I'm just gonna start writing. The script for trek five mil to know negotiated digging is touring the very strongly worded letters to the heat and it's. An issue that I just want to overt see it then making a track by a and if they do something I don't I ache. And the bee lake. You know known NN and now this is Ron dollar on his album talk all Rodman is not that the scans for us to saying she would never say die. I know wouldn't ever say and that's all very reasonable or across which I mean teen extremely reasonable and if it doesn't happen in I give up on and the world and life worrying academic happen anyway if yeah constraints but if you want to put like a slight glimmer of a smile on my face as a the little email in email is fear that I am then like just a couple of these things to be great anyway. That's enough soundness for one and I I'm Ned go home and be sad and launch email the musical. Okay cool yes please DOT's live tweet it because I really need to see your reactions here trying to led to it but that's another thing that I've been email about his social media. Well my two my two people actually read my tweets every few feet. But the three people actually read my ugly it's. Mom not I am not ignoring new and I don't respond to you look I'd just been ignoring social media. Indian rolling because I've been so we know lately. And FaceBook and wetter just make me feel Maureen now so. If you want to socialize play yet you can make a Pincher is stick cal. Likes socialize on pens stress otherwise complained. Pocket frogs my favorite game on my phone right well yeah go Blake and Massa really pay interest because at Ellis Josh Richards and then my job here in middle school when so I counter assault on stretchers and in Pete Wentz and this I'm not complaining it's kind of awkward so yeah I can't get up and extra is around big people. Okay IA is CNET kids stay sad good guy scene.