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Every body. I aim rat. RIA. For it is quite normal to get silly. You get a phone call coming for you don't know. Got no because I actually get married I've been it's so mad I thought Phil mini today and what makes me more mad is that they don't we voicemails and honestly why are you calling me. It's obviously not important enough to leave voicemail so light falling in the first place also who makes phone calls anymore just pets like a normal actors and rate I don't understand why people are still making. And why Eddie Phillips safe I know I'm finally you know I I'd be fine it's just text obviously anything. Uncles yeah I know that late in the worst phrases when he pick up and nobody's there really this is actually my own fault because like all be playing in game mom iPhone. And it'll be excitement for this thing and will. You know we'll give you extra stupid points in this game that I need whatever. And it's all go ahead of my like phone number on. And probably what those are LA it totally is like I did this to myself. From literally just like trying to get money only dusty that like fashion game on my iPhone three years ago. Whenever it's fine totally fine and guide them. I don't know how to make it stop and I've just completed last controller. That. I don't ever answer and I just seen him like after that call it's yet sixteen missed polls from this number in Connecticut light and I'm like why why anti tax flake. I just saw today that on Sunday. It'll actually have been 2.5 years since the first text message ever. I heard that today's crazy I OK I think people or even really taxiing until. I remembered my parents texting until I was like thirteen. They're like yeah it wasn't really mainstream seeing and tell all Ali. We beat it team look at it really hard because. Yeah Riley had yet I think showed Italy like press the fourth three time I think that's how I mean wasn't super mainstream until Smartphones where I think yeah. I don't texted alive and like not so good at nine now on a flip phone it was like disturbing hug and I about it now I remember the guy I have my own under my desk and just elected to did you did you did do a good time aims simpler time at the millennial form a more scared. Only ninety yeah. It. Any way news so what what did we decide to openly as new found glory yeah it's San Diego it's Nemo podcast. And that. While I was too busy being actually email. And Jack go he had a very sad week and and and it's you know two new guy and it it was sad because my per Scots on the beach but then I made it marsh side. By literally like. Getting drunk on my kitchen floor by myself that's an island and to honestly. Did you cash in Yonkers mill I want public whereas I just so wasn't anything like late changing but it was Alec. Annoying that defining person like app purged. Like that I think I. That's what I was most at sent out with I have to find any person I like and it's a nearly three years to find any good at finding a hearse that you like is hard I feel like. Offer mean it is. Because I flicked through like in girly girl. You'd just like the purse because it's cute I don't I hate hopping to carry a purse that's why my purse is so tiny I can literally fit my wallet in there and that's it. But I wish I had like big pockets like do you have site. Heat everything in my pockets and not have to carry a purse or wallet chain yes these so much cooler. I was thinking about Adam wallet chains came back with logic like Robert Levine losing grip video and she's got as bad ass wallet chain them out while I know waiting for that to be revived old style. I measure had a delay it's you rocked on Halloween I definitely think we can make that at seeing again. I'm dialing eight TE NN money team high resolution yet on Al Levine. She's dead anyway as. Yeah we need an island because her clones probably. On her work on his dating Eddie from nickel back played dating or they Mary sorry they're married I was giving them the benefit of that now and. I just put out. Not a Christmas songs he knew that she edits the kind of like the clintons funny kind that is not cool it's a high Giuliani wins I listened to me I listen to like five minutes for a bit so that the country. It's not country but it's definitely seen something you would hear in polls. Makes me and makes me sad to help them saddened my heroes disappoint me exactly. Boys the world is like on my fear Christmas songs and I was like you know maybe I'll get some of or something like but now. It was clearly something that you'll probably hear makers should start by your picking up pie cake to family dinner for Christmas. Mine favorite Christmas songs you'll shoot your eye out on Blaine gets hands. Happy holidays you bastard blink an 82 witches it's both the Christmas song. Annaly Britney song yes well. No those you know I who songs match but I mean do you not only to that song are you most people raps against lake. Super early on now I don't I know easily because I'm tightly literally where yeah. Alloys away in the night I think am I changed my mind about this wrapping paper. And line wrapped in it to your happy paper honestly it's you like I was always up so lake. That I think is what destroyed the magic of Santa for me a little that was the fact I was always up solely. Wrapping presents because I would just week. And odd and even as a child I was procrastinating my life away so it's totally fine. No I just like a rediscovered the Michael Gorham man's version of I want our Christmas unlike obsessing again. I just got an instantly this is probably the moment where it became the saddest person I know I remembered like finding. My name I was probably like five years old and I found my Christmas list to Stan on my parents' bed. And that was how I knew. About I knew the truth about Santa and like hello my child is so angered and only six years old. The and that's when I became many guys that probably one of the Messina stories. That is actually very that's something that I'd like he should be sitting on therapist couch telling my god I now while it all started. Her put down notes and I was for it. At least in lock in on your mom and her boyfriend on the couch. As a child and going guy mommy are you okay and it. I don't. It's not only that back and say yeah I'll take it's. Really over that it's that sounds like you're scarred for no I actually I am pretty scarred for life. Who did you just got to pillow cover himself conflict. Anywhere I'm trying not to have flashback about who has not been my shining moments like. For a lot about it and alert was. Blake spent most pop punk nice in my life. Then I can call. Yeah I was super fun out of their pizza. I got pizza afterwards I have to have to beer and a half at Pete's candy here so. I'd won it PBR but they Wear out so I got a live near Allah or videos like we ran out last night. Dog people aren't really that they cannot have PD are exactly but I got its. And Amy orchards that you know I think angry orchard the bombs Geithner again. And and you tried like Africa's editor at least like threats of my motto in life. Like I didn't need this so bad after followed lately you know how sad I was after seeing all of boy be disappointed needs elements. I just kept looking over at your piece. And it's like. And her. Clay. I need to gain in an actual launch day need to actually not be the only one like jumping around and had. Banging and wanting to push people and French people and get published in its waited on and ended beer spilled on mean. So that's exactly what newfound loyalists and that was amazing so they played two shows. I think on Saturday which is and I and we and they played the first records sticks and stones and and the most recent one which Lance. Starts with an. I could not no one's nation as a hired hand especially when you'd literally asylum for. Sun apps is aren't especially when you have to get up for the next morning's snow knows the history yeah. Not as Honest Tea that plane and her gag factly but it was really cool and then all the kids come down to DC tomorrow. He can't their more probably more pop per hour okay the horse I mean that kids keep you mean each median year. Our age okay money is nice. Okay I'll take it. There was a couple little kids than and they brought them little kids onstage to sing songs and so school is no sign yet they did they are like little it's like 56 years old out like this in Munich it's a fairly equal children and whoever is raising those kids is you're getting married parent teen corrected me he you're an inspiration. But yeah out there where some Neiman kids like there was definitely some email church Eamon I march means rockets. It was packed house of blues tent never into a house of blues before so possibly as as a prequel and you especially her. That she'll like that think. Anyway it's so I was being eighteen the whole time payment Chad Gilbert that guitarist. Just divorced Hayley Williams. And so on like. Watching him examining his emotions. And if he does not seem bound Dallas at all. Like I know dude skin beat pretty good and masking their emotions you have. But he genuinely seems like he's totally fine. And then if you watch late anything with parent or in any performance is our music videos. She seems so sat as a teammate Kelly happy that I am whoo yeah I watched that she's become a completely different person now. So I was like why coup broke up with broken off what happened I basically went down this rabbit hole the next. Game I have it's a load the next day and say I'm imagining he's standing in the crowd the pizza pizza on hand and Andrea archers another. Just staring at chat Gilbert you know there was that still he doing man and just standing there like not saying you have no there was definitely some hot soup but the next dance like. I know this is old news 'cause when did they get divorced earlier this year not months ago like. I wanna panic in spring came out so I never really looked into it because they had a statement and they did a really good job understatement. Yeah it was a joint SP yeah they just said like we don't week and this is all over Tennessee about it that's gonna be it in the right external both agreed that late this it's both how we like they both posted the same exact statement which at us like good you know. They did a good job on that and. So US athlete on the ready. Steam. And it was and you really not a rabbit half mountain Vernon is no parent more fans so they are our definitely taking you aside. Apparently Chad Gilbert seated on I don't use married before. He is married to use singer in a band called eyes Lee. And a supposedly. She confirmed it. So she confirmed that he cheated on her with Hayley Williams when they married. So then he was with Hayley will entertain years and they got married and now people are saying that Chad Gilbert. Cheated on Hayley Williams and that's why they got travelers. And everyone is just saying that Chad is basically a relief. Skis the horrible person which I. I don't know and so obviously I can't I don't know if that's true he doesn't really seem like a bad person so I mean. From as far as I know but I mean. Al. I've perspective here yet take away like any sort of status either of them yeah. If I would see that couple out public I would be like heat there really must have a great personality and well I had heard yet he's not leaks super attractive and emulate I think she is a ten and literally on ten and I was just thinking about that the other day when I watched the cap be because like she does not house. Anything even close to like a normal standard of beauty. But like I have not ever met a single guy is not like. Healy aliens is everything less exact she's like so perfect in every railing you know like her hair is like. And her hair is always like cool colors but it's like cut weird sometime and like she never does like anything that's like super mainstream. Which is how credit to our lips is aware like pounds and make yeah lake. In if she die as it's like some orange I shadowy Al yeah I definitely Alli can you say exactly what did you say she is definitely can normal. Standard of beauty yeah they'd still like totally come lettuce is like super beautiful yeah it's weird to me because I Philly guys eerily like intimidated by that sometimes and but like every guy that I know like I don't know any guys this is Haley insist not a true. Great she is perfect she literally perfect. And then there's Chad elderly not ugly. Hot it's great grades. And well I don't know but I guess she was eighteen and he was Blake he's older yes. He's eighteen years older than perhaps only named men and started eating confuse 1820. Meters something. Sometimes they leave you age difference. And then there was like some kind of allegations that they had like underage girls coming on to their but it's all the time name it ends all. Haley go growl like tee it happens mandate and it is true of end he had definitely. That's not OK but it's. And I cannot miss it steeper like I'm already getting super riled up but unlike about like. Sending her idea and the like are you OK do I just don't happen now want to know if it's true like I was in a parent or. And thread so these people are like yes Haley yes Chad note apparently yes newfound glory now. So I don't know it might be different probably if I was on a new found glory threat yeah it. I feel like. Also new found glory doesn't have been acts. That type of band he's Zell. No pair more fans are a little meetings sometimes they crazy public are also it's here in my mind I'm like okay one teacher. Yeah land it cheated on his acts alive and she can if he in or you keep gonna cheat on yes exactly ailment. Sell I guess I mean that's happening in heat hasn't seen them doubt about it at all. He's an email podcast that's also nice and that my relationship it by its. I don't eat out I know then they tell her you seem to be enjoying the tour actually they were all like currently stoked on tour and it was actually really cool watching them play and they play all your old songs and it's. All of there was one really awkward nominee where they played the song called vicious love which is off the new problem. Which Haley alliances featured song. So well. I was actually like surprised. That they played it but they are playing their full disk auger feed and so I guess they have to buying it. Yeah I was watching him all kinds specifically I'm like are you going to be weird about. The one soliciting and here is all on an iron just let me see a single tearfully. Now just blinks the wrong way and I'll get a quick I'll take it. There was I'd seen. Single tiered they'll seemed super stoked. Chad we have some questions for Els had a I don't know what you're doing with your relationships. But if you just wanna stand her relationship with music then that school like yes let's and tightly and be supportive of blacks and still a very emotionally connected with you rate how well. With her. They captivity nothingness from yeah I watched that ands. What I did notice was she's been working on her good lutes. Really yeah and did you read that comment I actually did not read the online and it. Blake she's wearing make a body seem like a shiny sleek bodies in and it's death in there he nowhere. Lake I think. By. But it got a camera in how Mary is the highest. On the squat. School lot progress and now she's up images of at least you didn't your hard work does knock on notice and pay off. Anyways Chad your trees and against chance crazy and old. I am. Meaningless totally Comair he. Called her to. This honestly like I keep trying to find something wrong with her Blake. Just some make myself killed Petr about my well. Because she's literally a perfect person. And I like how it's beat what am I doing wrong to not happen her tease them. Like well I have yeah knights beat you so horrible leg admire you doing so well that I actually. She is perfect and it's she it's sad that she's in a dark place in her life because he. Later tests to greatly to so many people but Schatz at her from make in a way better now and then. Yeah. A little magnifying. And appreciative. The way that she has handled the break up in music. So yeah like I I did late thirty column it's definitely kind dark. It's incher it's an interesting problem because it's like they're. Most upbeat sounding instrument only battle earlier Ickes lyrically it's like their darkest it's lit like their most warming up the most email. Because I feel lake all we know is falling that that like tradition that she's. Kelly you're additional amount but there O'Leary I had an email but the daily Erickson a new problem. Definitely super dark I felt like brainy guys art tale. It means you I like that are angry and let that wasn't more of an angry album and insulin is Morse. All the emotions so you see this whole idea. Emo. Shannon's. Even oceans but yet newfound glory it throwback tourists celebrating its funny years it was on meatballs loved it's. And as much as you loved and that's. On the soul we were just laughing follow up lamb. They are talking about why they won't why they passed up on an infinity on high a throw back to her. Which when completed my eye if it is still many people love that album. And we're talking about how it was such a strange mix of songs that we're glad that they did some older songs at the shell. My aim is to hear at 22 totally different audiences which I think definitely came through and who was there and who is dancing yeah. Buy it sell it they didn't interview with Rolling Stone. That is. It's just shocking in a lot of way is. Not by its Pete Wentz has said that they pass on identity on high anniversary tour. Because quote a band like us can get stuck if we did not. It's a little shocking why it's a loop and we'd be doing for. Okay that's what I mean that's I was so many people Pete wins why don't you understand that. I call like I'll go to every single shy little. I follow you onto her I mean even like never ever is still still doing his throw back toward its been like a year he just keeps adding beats. People love it all the other kids so it's like so fine and like. Even Britney brown coloring agents put out new stuff like you can still deal. Yeah there is celebrating their entire it is visa like probably come line but the thing is newfound glory like. Well they're having each team. As much as all of hats so it's like you said. The artists still there talks atlases tailored to two different audiences. So what it would be hard for than to do throw back and they're currents down. So honestly probably used to throw back toward that's fine we don't need any staff will it really can change dot org dishing out and can mean. I'm I've seen way worse petition online and sound like I'm down at the moment I'll also in this interview though. So it they were talking about why they don't bring Emo bands on towards them like as opening act either. And that Weaver we were also surprised by that they had black bear is like a rapper dungy and Smith also rapper. Can't intensely on ever saying this off from what we know from Wikipedia. Is neither of us hitless in his home. I don't know Wikipedia. Leave of them as rappers so we're gonna assume that abstract. Since we also didn't get in there to see that openers specifically. It was definitely a purposeful I have not on the but Patrick stump. Said none of the Emo bands Nasr with us they hated ads and they wouldn't tore parts. Okay Zell in my turn dilate you're being really paddy right now is such a patty in avionics so pat and I anniversary tour thing like this is this is so petty and literally aimed. App probably Newfoundland if I had to take a stab at it. On the Jill. Said a joke from Volquez that I'm gonna sound like a jerk so. Neil they he was gonna sound like a jerk but continued on to tell like huge. Media outlet Rolling Stone that I'm going to sound like a jerk but we are still doing the band in making records we are not. On a ten year anniversary taller. We are still active band and that is not an easy thing to. Her. Hey AM. Mike is I'm I'm just over your likes and T lock she'd be third round okay. Do elm lives. Restricted to nip and glory and I can totally see it be tennis. I feel like back in the day it. Back then it was like how we feel about Gene Smith there right now. So I can totally see new fan Lorie shining callable layered. In other hot pop punk band Shania any Emo band back in the day. And now possibly as late it is now in answering. Cocaine stone magazine news now glory. That's great pick it. Like and you needed to go how mosh paid life and mountain. Want want a PR I have to settle anything or do things and not have a twelve year old with braces behind you screaming. Exactly. Definitely feel like I'm not even Nightline stuff happening and Martha the soccer mom doesn't analysts him. Now. Down either way. Is it just about money TU boy it's I. You care about you care about anymore are you doing here are gearing come we got the grizzlies and how he became a big because her feud you need them anymore and big here are free is his day you laugh at you as my my speed is dying. Guy and he adds and anyways hello I guess you don't expect eightieth anniversary of her nanny sort. From Bob boy ever. And if they do go on an anniversary to our Ali Ali cool guy and throw well I'll do all those things but like first I'm going to be like half. You said these things first definitely gonna do that and then I'm like troubling cry and be really happy and by you know I I just really surprised and also I would say that lake. To me sleeping the sirens is like this the next generation and Eamon that I'm not treat you it now. Is that pop punk now and then when I don't even know what you would cost half hot lunch eat well and and it's her I don't know they felt pressured that hot topic like that probably at it known what that is honestly. Yeah I used you know. And speaking of hot topic we had email gift guide area. Seen a gift bag because it's quiet man it's. And then it's on the first thing on hearing ladies in a person in your life so that they're still kind of sad but Paul and I asked that. Her. This is a book called anthology of email volume. And a volley once suggests. That there is going to be your volume to it's important. Actually does not. Here it way. Description relieve what it says if there was a course called you know one O line this but it would be honored required reading lists now. I guess it's just a book about. Yes. Make up you're wondering what now is get this puck Rhee got that definitely. So for that on you can pre order rates or if you think your child might be interested in becoming. An email. Get this out they get it right away anthology of Emo dot com to order I think and checked out okay then it's. I would love if I had a bass but I only have a shower. Dense black kissed and black. Barack Obama this is so pretty turns watered lack pitch Lackey could probably find I would have so much like. He did not have so much fun pertaining unlike dean means sake it's passed. Without black water cricket can really see that. That lake at this water is really dark I think I definitely unseemly click click okay. Perfect if you honestly in the water like this literally go to Lake Erie it's free. Is it black it's over real well don't you lock in and Blake. You could be immediately three inches of water and you won't be able to see your feet. At all is it like religion and illegally polluted and dirty word is couple hire us steered. Yes the Lily lake caught fire. All my guys it's still grows like I was swimming once Blake. You probably are gonna come out so I'll of that water with like some sort of infection annually dead fish. There was a dead body that washed up one. That's and I just then there ever been nearly two weeks prior was there and the lake is frozen and then it died and it dead body was like oh he's not in. Anyway. Rain so. I feel like. This shirt is made for you. This is may mean he can't it's not fade. It's not it's a lifestyle. Mom as a preacher as I like put my email her government and I am impacting back. We got bent to write love on her arms you the year through a phase that as I'm just saying if not is did you ever go through a phase with. Aloha. Honestly why you want need that wreaking sweatshirt and I couldn't find it for some reason I wanted to go. Online and worked for. The smiling alert. Was before I did that stuck in the side it's and yeah I that's what I looking at this on her intriguing to get this hot topic. Mike chemical romance linked to. Elliott what is says is this guy. My kennel owner edit and looks dole. I and it only got that I eventually come to I need a new blanket my keep that is easily Netflix addition. Yes perfect. Yeah this is so bad. You know nights. Jacket in the wind breaker it's actually sick every nineteen and nine on the back has belittled. Headstone being on the francs. Yet that's all I love like all there all of their merchant actually cool is brown assured that they got ill gotten a lot and so bout but I've. Don't know where I ran and not I know I mean that's like. I have pictures it's an answer honestly can't remember and Manson and depleted so long time ago announcing school. But it says that were like three times I'm like I can Wear this how hosts I have a wine that says the effort on and I liked he self conscious aware about an inner. This Thong T it's huge it's kind of hard to describe it it's an. Black cop buys and OK that's I need it's that journal. Our sketch and it just on the front says people to care he only got hired a hit halo I it was widget using this treatment list of people that want to kill. Trying to think of that is today this is again like I need to have you on like a therapist's couch. I kept telling him isn't injured sting as I scribble in my no let. And named her in public actually also says people think killed but it's covered up. 99 denying them like really bad Netflix. He and my god we should at this point in time be better than that hormone you wash up on a Coachella. Down a guy that was awful LeRoy it was called looking up at some sort of harmony with other highly how awful. Pretty back. Finally you'd take the rest of them because that 1% oh yup that to get OK so we actually skipped over. The jacket being an excellent. Make up bag it says yesterday's eyeliner to meet these smoky eye if you believe in himself. Which I've definitely done that that's really didn't buy it's great. Very motivational in a sad way. You can definitely hit to pass play keeping get guys. Just don't you follow us sleep with your eyeliner on and and it's smudged in the morning just so it. One more application of mascara and I figured it ago it's an accurately smoky played. I've some really get smoky eyes cannot live like botch up. I eyeliner that I thought and honesty than that make up happenings on accident when you're trying to make your make up our did it doesn't look at and. Is Menino you're gonna see nobody asked when your make yes that's always asked exactly archer. But he had jet that's from Jack manic. Also I follow her on its Graham and she has some really really really funny stuff. On the G deem the chances that Blake. I'm sorry for partying. Yes that like every email band guy wore that yes things I have one. But she is on it like made them she was an email kid like super scenes are all on my days. She's actually just like a scene queen yes she is seeing green and now she's just like an answer Graham model because the pressure is with my butt implants. And I don't count somebody. Buy it she has a shirt that says retired American males and yeah see I am not Leon Patton but like yeah right now retired so I guess is that. OK so many on Taking Back Sunday tell all your friends vinyl. A baby and their first album get them. I've I would never play it because it just like we prettier in the sleeve they actually played their records I don't know unless I hate our answer Nvidia. I have two and they're both framed. Yeah because they like special release things yes one of them as possibly take this year grant. And the hot we're told are the actual. Finalist supposedly clean year. And it was really limited you and I know who is OK I can't rapper I put in a frame that is going to be Matty adherence to her kids one day. Finishes and then the other one I have a. Rob crows gloomy place doesn't sound they're both actually relieved you know albums. At the weird about it albums currently it is tennis at that I have frames they pick it. They're just like there the next American player which I never play. And let's let this feeling of being hipster and take an answer and that you crank it I actually turn it off. It's actually got a record player I would only wanna play legitimately lake old. Records from like in 1920s sleek stuff that you actually have to play on a record players out because. It's just sounds right if you listen in lake. Music from today on record player. That's actually really interesting because listening to music from two and a record doesn't sound right because you know how it's supposed to sound and you feel all like hi Def stuff here's this year in yak. So it's actually really really weird island love if any on Simi Christmas present sister Roseanne I'll take any sister is at a album. OK I have a one of those numbers calling me during not 1% Oceania and interact. Sending 800 number hello. This. Church. Thought. Low key and I call you back my phone is literally about dying. Yeah I would be green. And so it's a 403 number and our leisure. I had about Ella and thank you. Sign. Roll and. Learn tests and fever bank. So I and we don't like it now. That's a night of his status because insurance policies yet I am asking you just call my mom about my insurance and my Beatles and my doctor's appointment thing and that earners I don't know how to do this yeah I could use common bond we need your. All and not pop up. I'm sitting here thinking that lake. You know you could have led some fun telemarketer. Like I don't know I was so I'll I wanted to it could be someone that I could give Matt and yell and who because I have so much thinking I wanted to use money yell at some Irene now. No major you could another bank I mean that's a whole reason I'm so. Angry today is because of insurance. And car stuck Indian bees we have a double no problem ride this is what it's like to be an Emo and tilts. Eva kids never stop being Emo kids don't hit graduate high school it's not find him. Adult is quite bad and yeah. Probably amount venting here and I'm also you should poly play on this. You know okay Christmas list. I would I would honestly put on here. Like just having my mom take care all of my turn things that can be like a fun little. Coupon actions. They have them on to all my mental thing for me and rat. Also we have coloring book for tots the world's most depressing. I think it does. Shown on the front is a black and salt but I would like to point out here that. And then email and is it's. He you guys come on and play it they're two totally I'm just saying lady calling me back I cannot answer you I'm sorry illegal voicemail only a 1% dean understand this is my problem not understand. How voicemails where. And a man. And we have a lot of things going on right now. Who was back canceled Jim. Hewlett plea that teens. Oh I'm I'm trying to be a predator and now. No he was actually him an. Cutting it to wind. Up. Know you try I don't know so sweet Brian and I haven't had coffee and yeah copying Knoll and he. Oh yeah. Still like and CU that hasn't caught like a natural and it. I do went in knowing how to do is lying or pat yeah it's Sunday. Only nine. Only rain delays and I'm in the tracks and stuff after and that's and that's going to be fun. I honestly I hardly got any sleep last night there's so whereabouts of like I don't think I've ever laughed as much over trying to hand you need to sell them so I'm Felix. Feelings hands on if you look. At this. It is paying that same feeling it's like a blow it could look at the nice and why you stabbing a book. Edited that book DC it's a symbol Matty ain't he so you wrote down your feeling it's a diary. Yeah it's out of your diary it does look like an actual black. They could of I don't know Honda made public more like a diary but like somebody could try harder. It's a book or your rates on your feelings and then stab it after. Boo okay in the last one is the email pain and patch bundle. A bundle at the Bob Dole and it looks like senses all my friends and now. There's also. Just an email bundled like I'll prices. I am a sensor things that's not. Selling. Selling. The here is that platter of the bundle which ordered. Safety check please let her. But it did back is an all my friends now usher at the tonight and eat now. And their ultimate guide to eat now. Which recent though her guy who yeah is violate the only way to get isn't that I don't know I think it's our separate it. So it's the I'm like. I'm really curious about what's in there I want an out I agree and we also have. Old school Haley Williams on the cover look at fears at all is and keep land planning for a variety and honor. We want the world back door we want a hot email Pete wins that we don't want to add winging it's I I okay. For every. I would be like police not be daddy ass army yes click of play but I have a preference idea that comes to the different leg when he asks the it denies that I was thinking it is not my ideal. Howl. Did actually Simpsons game. Why Ali yeah weird taste in girls like he'd dug day the type of girl you would think that he would be. Heads grow locker room of their married but his girlfriend now. She's really pretty but she is late you wouldn't think he would be users and she like a model yeah I she's super high like really like it's their likes complete opposites. That's estranged in outer bounds I was. Any thing. Levee and Chad Krueger these things that keep me up at night when Haley now a look at our lands and Chad Gilbert. I kinda understand. I get that life is like seems John only the same level of cool then you know. But I as such she's really pretty and pretty yeah. And like we passed the test of like OK guys that cool enough for each other. Buy it like I mean and I'm Chad from nickel. And then Ashlee Simpson and keep things like X. Is that Simpson still lie neighbors she might have reload mean she's still alive she just has a different it's. But lake nobody thinks that she died we eldest she's got a nose hugs. That's that's pretty out in the open and there. Aren't all I'm saying you want me to queen's you. But since my phone is dead. That's in the problem and that's the note initially died days. It's 1%. So we might have a death on the show today selling mine. We Manhattan and we might have a phone armed. The podcast. I could. I Q might have a girl grants and buying having the world's knowledge at my finger says no and and they are not the couple hours. If it hit guy. Today so we'll go ahead Arnold I just pulled up. The middle me I mean middle name. We don't have to make these productions placed him on the fly. The talent it's fine he'd guessed these he's nation's middle me Stanton to. OK so first off. He leave link sweaty let's say yes I ain't no requirement on the news and do you know. I don't I'm gonna guess. Haley Nicole. And it paid. Haley Nicole with Nicole being styled normally. Well yeah that's a scene there's two different lines Nicole only just deceit or Nicole got so AEG options that we have here is so Haley and especially if you. Haley Caitlin Williams he lead Nicole Williams called me at the end restraint. Haley Heatley and Williams that statement Haley Nicole Williams Nicole style normal. I I. Am pretty sure it's been Nicole Lee let's see age. It. OK so at the time and and not results immediately it. I need is did gratification and aides now we have to take the whole thing okay that's how they get yeah. Brendan blank theory is that right and Sam really eerie is that Brendan reining in the Erie. Is it Brendan net boy unit Erie. Is it Brenda in Michael's eerie. I would want Brendan Boyd but then I think maybe I'm just thinking of Brandon Boyd. That's it yeah idea that's on an actually vary from the players why. Is not the senior from in QBs. Brandon Boyd. I I think it is sun the say that's a trick question and I wanna say bring in man. This gift just keeps like knowing rain ends. It's just spreading eerie being like home when he just doesn't have a middle name boy you'd be like the ultimate. You know and discuss it buoyed when an important in a way. Bring in Boyd eerie. RA. Cell. He's playing lights this one I actually Virginia layered Sydney because. I don't believe that I never knew Pete Wentz is known name well it's not know why considering the choices and one of them has to be a real show. Vienna appeared. Reginald Arthur whence. That's like and I thought about ridiculous but actually they just keep going and where is Peter Jonathan Francis plans. Peter Lewis Cendant Wentz is prince with I don't know or Peter Henry. Where is Oslo. Wentz. This is on slower allows slow laps. Flat low. Lie it does that sound. And here. On the go with that line and play you'd think. And I think they all sound absolutely. Have you heard his kids' names like no one hour they have such weird names. An amendment glee and yeah. News unless you've got ashes and actually dissing us now. Saints. Saint yeah. But I think that Connie and can name their baby. I will say this Pete wins gave his baby that weird name first OK but deferred his first kid's name is Mobley. And it has a weird middle name I can't remember. It's no worse than chance fell. Having an act. Austin. Blink nights you know it's an item Austin night is something your. Options are pretty by Al. Austin Richard night Austin. Felony Steve Nash why. Austin Constantin. Night I hope it's our costs in Harvey I gotta go phony Steve could not negated. Okay Joshua Blake done from a slightly. It's. Says it Joshua Oliver done. Joshua John Dunne. Carolina. Job issue Nathaniel Diane or Joshua William done. All affairs as say I hope it's Oliver and like if I was gonna name it he was nice and and it's not Oliver then and I guess I need to talk to his parents. On the picture are you blink away Gerard leave it way too hard to Lucas away Gerard Jean's way. Or Gerard way and get easier this action packed up one. Like the way that Gerard leave rolls off. Play an army that's at him again Gerrard will eat chart Lucas Gerard Jean mister. Jeans. Jeans with big key. It's it's that the again if that is his name than they and it doesn't matter okay Melanie Martinez I definitely don't fun. I know who she is sort of she actually pretty you Booker honestly really cool. I feel like I see a lot about her lately and I heard one of her songs and I diet. I just like currently. She's a colorful and call a game Melanie and tell Martinez Melanie Greece Martinez Melanie and Mary Martinez or Melanie Katherine. Let's Nancy Grace. I know decrease. Adele Adele that seat for Riordan and his weird. Okay. Alex Alex gas Karen from all time some Alexander it's also really weird putting like Peter Winston like Alley and a half current. Alexander Edward. Asked aren't Alexander Sheen. Gas Paris Alexander William cast current or Alexander. Robert Allen. Amnesty William. Yeah I. I fight and we are that I don't know any ideas like you should know these people's middle names Wikipedia that doesn't usually go Sue Bird in depth about. It'll mean. And that's very fine most of mine from about everything. Keel and show nobody notices. You additional loan now I mean. Well we're gonna give him a middle name. Caleb near end he'll be Eli can Henrik he love you Joshua. Eli. None stage. Day. It and Lula OK. Boy in your sac. Injury show Steven your sack a gosh this picture on here's like through. Both. Those weekends those she'd gone well. If he's not even wearing I'll later I had. A case Andrew Steven your sac Andrew Francis your sac injury Anthony appears sack or Andrew Dennis years. I hope it's not an aunt and please don't change your mind tired. Outlook on hand actor. I won't feel the same and I can see Anthony. And Francis injured Francis and. Okay. Here we go results. Will. So we got thirty. Saying no and it is second down it's not giving you right there is. What I hear how does not you're still leave me hanging every year not do that to us all press yeah I like and I you know. Leg. OK we're just gonna get to the bottom. That's we just like look up all these people that omni inhaling a call with an. Stalled the CH sell you got that right. And then it heats. Winds. Peter Lewis. Kingston and it's the third he is a prince I mean remember pages. I don't know because they all again sounded absolutely absurd. Any Beers it. All you'll look dude did it. Yeah. Oh my god he is completely different person than mean now all. Don't that is getting his whole area like how his parents not know he's gonna grow up to be like a beautiful rock star and they stuck in the DNA hoped that he and that's why they human like you know we're gonna make this kid him. We're gonna make this game and it. Be like an IT guy. Who got now it's wolf. Nine was on there it's actually cared and Melanie Martina and so Melanie and L I saw. It can sell it. This isn't a little bit younger than us at the ash is like. Tears I enemy. To your act Danielle doesn't really had no feeling like crowd yeah I see how talented and successful someone is not a. Like any evenly feel that honestly it hurts so bad. Especially when like all go in my LC like cans that are becoming popular normally I don't mean and you look like your child you. And it's just it's all about. Josh dime from it when he won pilot in its. Own in Joshua William. And pray. And it's hikes gas card. Alexander William you get married I feel like his Twitter hit it. Now not a fan. He used to be a fan. Just can't got a Hummer that. I don't do that but they're Christmas song has kind of economically that's like a lot. America's eyes and plans kind of obsessed with all city fireflies. Remixes on YouTube. What's ahead Poland where he just says that land. I live now even is too late now believe you or I is. Do you love it cannot leave here I don't blow holes following and it's amazing and I. And it it doesn't. Sao RI images there is Bart and I hit a big it's sounds super normal and also the rabbit hole of the every time that Achilles approach now and it is time. Now and gotten a guy that god I'll use dude and they use so many pronoun in that time. Lake and yet these so many pronoun end if you're wondering what the probe announces. It is if you're one separate out is go watch the mr. bright side video and you'll find out I didn't even notice some of our program. Until I watch it actually Greek teaching a lot of people who make these ridiculously stupid videos on YouTube are actually really Smart and they just won a majority of their time working on the stupid idea of what it's like I woody is its talent going to waste has you know let out as a good minute fifty I don't and it makes me laugh until line and saw beings yeah exactly it has not been been aware. I have gone or less in it just goggle lives there. And with that. I think it's probably time for us to get sad and wrap it up all right we have that on the sat out. And your phone died so that's kind of sad and it iPhone is dead that's not enough her phone his dad. The in line there yep okay and Pete on the prints so definitely. I currently ranked by Pete plants in the matter by peat lands by Pete's. IP IP I keeps. By peeps go icy waves eight. A day I am adding is a nice day and now. Stay in the fifth fifth do you say they are playing. They've something I don't know hopefully Europe's that her.